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Apple Iphone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S5, which one for you - Mobile57 Review

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The two rivals are back in action, and this time they are back in action with the same name, apple announced their flagship phone in an individual event but Samsung didn’t do that, they turned every announcement of a new addition to galaxy S lineup, The galaxy s5 news was broken on to the media on Monday and it has been in the news since them the competition has grown and these two devices are not ready to settle for less, it’s like there are two separate countries going for a war but only one can walk away as a victor.  The iphone5a has been very popular and is ruling the market at the moment but once Samsung galaxy s5 comes in its going to be one heck of a competition until the release of iPhone 6 that is, till then Samsung and apple will be pointing guns at each other. 

The galaxy s5 is newer and Samsung had about 6 months to make it better and to take advance, physically it is a lot larger than the iPhone 5s.Let’s compare the specs of both the phones.


The Samsung galaxy s5 comes with a 5.2 full HD screen, super amoled 415 ppi display

The iPhone 5s has a 4 inch screen 1136x640 ips LCD display with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. So we know in terms of screen iPhone 5s is a great option but in terms of being better Samsung takes the limelight here.


If there is one thing that apple knows better than everyone is the design, the designs of iPhone are amazing and that’s the same case with the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5s comes with a two tone back that has aluminum and glass and it looks great but they tend to repeat because we saw the same design on the iPhone 5.

apple ipone 5s vs samsung galaxy s5 image

Samsung here is lagging a lot behind, they haven’t worked on their design and is still sticking to the plastic back like the old galaxy's that came out before, the design is no doubt attractive and solid but still not up to the mark.

Operating system

The operating systems of both the phones are one of the major differences, the iPhone 5s runs on the new ios7 which was launched by apple a few months back, it is aesthetically beautiful, slick, organized and has taken the best ideas from android for the control center but the rest is mainly the same.

While as Samsung galaxy s5 is concerned, it runs on androids latest version called kit Kat 4.4 and has the company's touch wiz interface. It may not be aesthetically beautiful as ios7 but it has a lot of extra option, is customizable and is open.


The iPhone 5s has an average battery, it is not so bad neither it is so good, the phone comes with 1570  mAh battery pack, it is said to last for weeks on standby but when you use it, drops really fast.

Samsung galaxy S5's battery is far better, it comes with a big 2800 mah battery and also has a powerful battery saver mode which can bring power to minimum whenever it’s activated.


Apple iPhone 5s uses s dual-core 1.3GHz 64-bit A7 processor and 1GB of RAM 64 chip processor makes it a lot faster than the previous iPhone.

Samsung galaxy is far ahead on this page too since it comes with a 2.5 GHz quad core krait chip and 2gb of ram.


One of the main reasons of the success of the iPhone 5s was its unique feature called the finger print scanner, all the user has to do is rest your finger on the home button and the phone will be unlocked, so password typing is a thing of the old decades. Then m7 motion processor is there too which works as a fitness tracker registering all your moments without doing any harm to the battery.

S5 may have borrowed a few pages from the books of apple and one of those was the finger print scanner of its own, it also has a heart rate monitor that keeps track of fitness and works very fast because it has a download booster. The phone is also dust and water resistant so throw it in a bowl of water and it would still be good to go.


One of the main and essential feature about any cell phone.

The iPhone 5s is popular and known for its superb camera it is said to be the best camera phone around thanks to the 8 mega pixel beast which has the best picture quality with borrowed sharpness from s4 and low light performance of htc one. The true tone flash does an amazing job with the colors and it can shoot videos on 1080p and has a front facing camera which is 1.2 megapixels.

The Samsung galaxy s5 has hit the iPhone rather hard by taking out a 16 mega pixel camera, double the pixels if you notice. It is extremely fast can take pictures in just 0.3 seconds it also has a real time hdr mode which shows how the image will look after going through hdr. It can shoot pictures at up to 4k and has a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera to take amazing selfies.


No doubt the iPhone 5s is an impressive phone but right now the wheel is on the sides of Samsung, until iPhone 6 comes out. There is going to be a tough competition, iPhone 5s is pocket friendly well as Samsung galaxy s5 is ideal for videos, and web browsing because of its screen.



Apple iphone 5s

Samsung Galaxy S5


123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 (mm)

142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1 (mm)





4.0-inch LCD

5.1-inch Super AMOLED


1136×640 pixels                            

1080×1920 pixels


iOS 7

Android 4.4.2 with Samsung UI




SD Card Slot


Yes Upto 128GB


64-bit A7 chip

Quad-core Snapdragon 801





Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, HSPA+



Front 1.2MP, Rear 8MP         

Front 2.1MP, Rear 16MP


Yes, version 4.0          

Yes, version 4.0

Motion Processor

M7 chip

Heart Rate Monitor

Fingerprint sensor



Water Resistant


Yes, IP67 rated





Apple App Store

Google Play Store


AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mob

April on AT&T, Sprint

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Charger           Lightning connector

USB 3.0

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