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Apple iPhone 6 | The Next iPhone

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Apple rolls out another product in near future; it is iPhone6. It is sign of efficiency and continuous struggle put in by Apple team of experts who ever busy in adding new things to this world making it better and beautiful, full of comforts and luxuries. The iphone6 is going to be a wonderful product for the users; satisfaction for the engineers and good business for the company. This is the three dimensional activity that should always end with a success. There is yet lot of speculations about this device because till it comes in the market, hearsay and speculations will continue.


Operating System


Display & resolution

4.7-inch, 1704 x 960


5.43 x 2.64

Processor & Chipset

2.6GHz, A8 chipset


2 GB DDR3 RAM , Inbuilt 16 GB, 32/64/128 GB Extendable


8 Mega Pixel


1700 mAh (Expected)

2G Network

GSM All version

3G Network

HSDPA 2100, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO,

4G Network

LTE Market Depend

Release date

Coming soon. Exp. release 2014, Q3

Design And Display

As goes with history of Apple it continues its tradition; we can estimate about future from the events of the past. The immediate past in this sense is reflected in iphone5c can forecast the features of the new phone. We can expect a big, 4.7-inch screen with iPod Touch and new design language of the iPad Air and new iPad mini. It id going to be in a rounded design, and slim in dimensions and would be slimmer than iPhone 5c. The new set is expected to measure from 5.58mm (0.22') up to 6.1mm (0.24'). For other dimensions no authentic data is available, therefore we can only wait till some official or leaked information get available. There is a Touch ID fingerprint scanner installed as an upgrade in the set. Its power button is located on the right side rather than on top because reaching a big size set for the power button on top may not be very convenient. The device body is said to have chrome or some other surround. The new iPhone will be water-resistant. The screen is Gorilla Glass protected but it is slightly weaker.

It is expected to have new resolution -, or 416 ppi. It is safely to presume because of past pattern of Apple’s development therefore we can estimate it. That way shifting over to 1704 x 960 involves 3x shift of the base 16:9 resolution of 568 x 320. Apple is inclined to development of sapphire glass for use in smartphones, using very strong material for making the displays. Sapphire glass is much harder to scratch than Gorilla Glass.

Software And User Interface

Along with the development in technology iPhone 6 will come with iOS8. This operating system is consider to be the latest in the software industry for the mobile phones, since the handsets and OS are both the product of Apple therefore they have to be integral.

iOS 8 contains features like refined design, design language, interaction, animation, and core functionality.

iOS 8, Apple’s main focus is on health monitoring app; an important feature for necessity and interest of the users and includes features like: calories consumed data, heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, and glucose levels. The iOS 8 has easy and interesting mode of display.

Processor and Memory

Although no confirmed information is available yet there are speculations. The previous handset, iPhone 5s has 1.3GHz, 64-bit A7 chip, therefore going further iPhone 6 has 2.6GHz processor with A8 chip set, 2 GB Ram DDR3 (double data rate type three synchronous dynamic random access memory. It has in built memory 16GB extendable up to 32 GB, 64 GB or 128GB with microSD card. Since this is the latest upcoming handset, is expected to have capability of storing huge data bank.



Apple is not keen on mega pixel race but is going to maintain its tradition again going to sit out on the megapixel arms race to better concentrate on imaging quality with a larger, 1/2.6' sensor with larger, 1.75μm pixels, and wider, f/2.0 aperture. It will have an 8Mega Pixel camera, as compared to 1/3' one in the iPhone 5s. There is another rumor that 10Mega Pixel camera has also been suggested. Optical image stabilization has been ignored to reduce production cost and handset thickness, instead Electronic Image Stabilization has been preferred.


Sources suggest that the battery installed in iPhone 6 will be suitable for a handset like iPhone 6 with too many features and lot of power required therefore expected battery has capacity somewhere 1700 mAh to 2000 mAh, probably with more chances of 1700.

Release Date

The most of the rumors put the finger in September for this new next generation iPhone known as iPhone 6 but still there is no confirm date when the handset arrive and when the users are able to enjoy this iPhone. It is expected that the iPhone6 is more like to come with iOS 8 officials set the date for iOS 8 is September and most of the chance we have to see the iPhone 6 on the surface too but we have to wait until n unless the fixed released date announced by the Apple officials.


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