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Apple IWatch with everything new

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It has taken years of research and hard work to develop a device that we now call Apple iWatch. Lot of secret research and lot of experimentation had been behind this final product. Today it is declared publically and announced as Apple product to be in the market for everyone who knows about it or does not know the amount of intelligence put into it. Thanks to the internet that has already given lot of awareness about this device. By now, before its public appearance readers and future users already know quite a lot.

The Apple IWatch is product of minute attention on each and every aspect of it. Design has been the main focal point and the various sizes and other minute details. Many models of this smartiWatch are there in the shops to fit the taste of every one in selection.

This piece of technology called merely a iWatch contains lot many features. It is not only the iWatch or rather it is not the iWatch but a wireless communication device with so many features and one of them is that it is a iWatch. We cannot count a few, say 10 and say that is all this device contains but these are the most outstanding features mentioned here for the information of the users. There are features that will serve no purpose to the users because they are technical and remain hidden from the users. They should be interested it is waterproof and you can wear it in rain or in the swimming pool. It will not receive any harm if submersed in water. The most important highlighting feature is its miniaturization.

Not the dial; it is ‘Digital Crown’


To make the interface readable and understandable, it should have a size readable but a small screen can hardly afford enough space for the icons and characters to be zoomed and handled. This was the big challenging task to make it zooming in and out. Apple finally found out the solution and invented the digital crown that makes it moveable and allows zooming and scrolling through tiny details on the interface.

This is done with tap and press. The iWatch knows the difference between tap and press. Tap selects the icon and the press brings out the details about that icon. With this tap and press the interface reacts and shows the relevant details on the ‘dial’ which in fact is not the dial. It is digital screen of an electronic device meant for communication.

A new face of communication:  


How to use different apps in the iWatch is difficult in its miniaturized shape. The engineers have found out the way for the common users how to communicate with this tiny wonder of technology. The display size is so small that one cannot imagine typing on this small space with extremely small icons and place to type. The Apple has worked out a solution to communicate with this device.

The linear actuator technology enables this feature that is haptic feedback. The iWatch vibrates when you get a message or some other motion to tell that you have a message from someone who was thinking about you. You can also sent the message same way to any one. You can send symbols instead of typing a message with difficulty and waste your time.

Health and fitness informer


The Apple IWatch has two exclusive features dedicated only for your health. It tells you when to stand up and move around if you have move from your seat for the past one hour. It will tell you the effect of your daily tiring routine from morning till evening in the office. It has a heart rate sensor to keep informing you about your health issue. It will tell you the effect of exercise. It will prompt you to many small things you must do but they have big effect on your health.

IWatchface: live, animated


Recently there have been a wave of smart iWatches and they all are made with lot of imagination but the new look given by Apple to this device surpasses all in beauty and appearance. All Andoid based wearable devices have the beauty in them. The difference is in their appearance whether you have some inert and static picture or some living and animated picture communicating with you. The Apple iWatch has animated high-resolution pictures that come to life. It is like one static painting and the other living moving and breathing picture. The difference between static and moving makes it more beautiful.

Strap size fits all wrists


Apple has experimented with care about the size of the strap. It is not an ordinary iWatch the strap of which can be changed. They have found out the solution in two sizes that should fit all wrists. The iWatch has been provided with two sizes of straps that should be good enough for all. They are 38mm and 42mm.

Bands in different materials and shapes


Apple wants to measure up to every body’s liking and choices. They have provided bands in three varieties and different leather bands; a link bracelet, a Milanese loop, and high-performance fluoroelastomer made band.

Apple Pay will work with Apple IWatch

The IWatch will solve your problem of carrying cash. It has the facility with reliability to pay at different places. The iWatch is integrated with Apple Pay system and software. To quote some examples you can pay at retailers like Starbucks, McDonalds, Apple Store, and many more.

IWatchKit SDK

The Apple IWatch is open to developers to transform and develop updates and apps for this iWatch. It is just like Apple iPhone. Apple is flexible in accepting apps for this iWatch. This feature works with a dedicated iWatch Kit SDK.

/iwatch-communitATIONApple IWatch compatible with iPhone 5 and later

The Apple IWatch is not an isolated device from others. It will be sort of an accessory to the iPhone, and or its complete functions. The new wearable Apple iWatch is made compatible with iPhone 5 and later models. However iPhone 4s and earlier models need upgrading before they are made compatible with this iWatch.

Apple IWatch will cost you $349 and more

Ask yourself what should be the cost of this technology pack? It may be shocking to know that the price is beyond ones capacity if the iWatch is examined from technology point of view. They are expensive devices. Apple has set a high price for this device may be starting from $349 and may go up to any height depending upon model and material.



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