Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE Hands-on Review

Last Update 2020-09-15

As of September 15, Apple has unveiled Watch Series 6 alongside a cheaper option Watch SE (for children). Watch6 comes in two sizes 40 mm and 44 mm - the same sizes were available for Watch Series 5. However, the Watch SE is available in 38 mm and 42 mm. You can choose between various beautiful finishes, ceramic, sapphire, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc. A 40mm strap in ceramic is okay for me. Titanium is also a good choice, feeling light in weight.

Apple Watch SE has identical features to Watch Series 3. Watch SE Performance is twice as compared to Watch Series 3, thanks to the Apple S5 chipset.

Meanwhile, some attractive features of the new Apple Watch Series 6 are new timer faces, a dimmer option with an always-on screen, tachymeter for a better ECG, native sleep tracking, and blood oxygen sensor tracking. WatchOS 7 and Apple S6 chip are the biggest upgrades of Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE Prices

The Watch Series 6 GPS starting price is $399 while the Price of Apple Watch6 LTE is $499. Next to this, Apple Watch SE GPS Price is $279.

Apple Watch Series 6 LTE costs more than GPS only model, but it can do a lot without iPhone pairing like calling and texting, streaming Apple Music, and loading Apple Maps (thanks to Compass mode for directions).

Apple Watch 6 Design

Once again, there is no big change in design – a rectangular watch face instead of a circular one. However, Apple’s competitor Samsung has launched the Galaxy Watch3 with a better functional circular display.

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As we told earlier, Apple Watch Series 6 looks identical to Watch Series 5. But, you can get it in a new Dark Blue shade. The 40 mm version has a smaller display and is lighter in weight as compared to a 42 mm model.

Apart from this, it’s been a joyful experience to review the Apple Watch Series 6. Not a Fitbit like sporty, but the stainless steel makes me feel premium. Meanwhile, it also raises concerns for scratches on the front glass.

The Convoluted Arm feature is even better, and hence Apple Watch Series 6 brightens up at maximum level when I lift my wrist. It goes back to a dimmer level when lifting my wrist down. The sensors are doing a good job along with the arm’s movement, and I didn’t feel even slightly weird (as with my Watch Series 5).

Watch SE is not much different in terms of look, and I am seeing the same side-mounted physical buttons.

Splash Resistant

Not a rugged smartwatch, so you have to take care of Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE. Despite this, I loved both Apple smartwatches to see bearing up to 50 meters of water submersion. Two wearables support fall detection, altimeter, and swim-proofing.

WatchOS 7

As expected, WatchOS 7 is faster than the previous version. Also, it is simple to navigate just like the other Apple watchOS. Among the new features of Apple Watch Series 6, I liked "Automatic 20-seconds Handwashing Detection". WatchOS 7 also offers cycling directions, Siri natural voice command support, Swift UI, Xcode Preview, and Mobility Metrics.

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Health-Related Features

Bye, bye third-party apps, WatchOS 7 is giving built-in Sleep mode. Every morning, I can see my previous sleep record, and set a routine to get the desired amount of sleep.

There are four new Workout Types including Dance, Training, Core Training, and Cooldown. With the Apple Watch Connected, an initiative for popular gyms in the US, I can join reward programs. Also, I found a Fitness App (redesigned Activity App) that records daily activity, workouts, awards, activity sharing, and activity competitions.

Hearing is an additional feature in Noise App, and I am glad to track how loud I am listening to media, and when these high volume levels may impact hearing over time.

ECG and Blood Oxygen Sensor

Health is an important issue and Apple Watch Series 6 helps you to monitor it. The Apple smartwatch brings a Blood Oxygen sensor on its back, therefore, you can measure oxygen saturation in blood as the name shows. A blood oxygen level above 80% is okay, but below 80% is not a good sign. Watch Series 6 gets ECG certification too.

The Watch SE has also the ability to count down heartbeats and helping you to monitor health.


Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a good amount of storage. The internal memory is 32GB. You can end up with the installation of the necessary app, thanks to 1GB RAM.

The affordable Apple Watch SE has only 16GB memory, which is sufficient for notes and media files.

Battery Life

A smartwatch is of no worth if it falls quickly. Watch Series 6 promised 18 hours of connectivity with your smartphone. However, sleep mode is another matter, and you may have to recharge twice if going to track sleeping after entire day use.

Coming to Watch SE, it lasts more than the Watch Series 6, or in other words a full working day battery life.

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