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Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL Smartphone Review

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On May 15, 2109, the Asus has announced will be marketed on Jul 17, 2019; the Zenfone 6 following the previous line of incredibly successful past years, 2015 topper named the Zenfone 2, but now the revival of the brand again will collect the same flame or will not, a question mark still there.

The Zenfone 6 keeps an arrangement of a dual camera that depends on a unique motorized tech, rotating at 180 degrees and it turns into the dual front camera to take selfies. There are so many additions that one can imagine for its interior.

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Asus efforts come up to end after being an outcome of their effort in the form to construct a high-quality phone for users with mechanism tech. That keeps a bezel-less display, the most recent performances, a big battery, and excellent cameras. These contributions developed the device into flagship on true bases.


Asus Zenfone 6 interior gets spice with Aluminum frame, coating of Gorilla Glass on both fronts, 159.1x75.4x9.2mm body dimensions, 190g overall weight, two colors as Midnight Black and Twilight Silver. The display claims 6.4inches  IPS LCD panel with Gorilla Glass v6 by corning, 1080x2340px aspects measures, 19.5:9 aspect ratio,  and 403ppi; the camera based on Motorized tech with the dual arrangement, main module at 48MP is traded by SONY owning IMX586 Quad Bayer sensor, and f/1.79 aperture, also includes PDAF. 13MP Ultra wide lens maintained with an f/2.4 aperture, and fixed focus, the Dual LED flash to come trendy for the 2019 devices.

4K Video recording with full HD+ at 60fps with EIS, also up to 4k at 30fps with EIS addition on the ultra wide lens, HD slow-mo video at 240fps to 480fps, comes possible with the primary camera. Zenfone 6 uses OS Android 9.0 Pie, chipset named Snapdragon 855 build at the 7nm procedure, octa-core CPU triple sections of cores arrangement, and Adreno 640 GPU.

Memory comes into three different arrangements Up to 8GB RAM, up to 256GB, 6BG 64GB or 128 GB coupling plus UFS 2.1 storage, and dedicated microSD card slot up to 1TB.

The energy feed comes with the company of 5,000mAh battery, 18W Q-Charge, 4W fast charging, and the 10W reverse charging.

Connectivity options fit as dual-SIM, Wi-Fi, Galileo, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, and FM radio. A USB Type-C port fits beside the 3.5mm jack, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and stereo speakers.


New Zenfone 6 Design

Asus has hunted for the eventual phone user a patch-up of screen size particularly its width. It contains a 6.4inches display panel keeping a 19.5:9 aspects ratio; it offers a lot of screen estate without being too unwieldy.

The smartphone feels relaxed to hold regardless of the not irrelevant weight of 190g. Which fetches for users more shot on a big deal of main concerning features, the Zenfone 6 for large terms-on display fits a 5,000mAh powerhouse facility inside. Asus also picks a curved back for the mobile which thins it for ease hold.

The un-box includes Qualcomm’s Q-Charge 4. And Asus also bunch such as an adapter collection in the box. A 30-minute charging time awards up to 35% fill for a flat start.

There is a notable fingerprint sensor on the rear front. It gives a simple solution against the trendy UD sensor of nowadays.

The 6.4inches display screen of the Zenfone 6 is LCD traded by IPS of 1080x2340px display resolution. Criticizing of knowledge came with its company, proves it a luxury panel.


It is too a bezel-less display panel, there is minimal bezels presence, on the top and bottom sides, and a faintly backup of the chin. The notch-less panel appears no ugly notch or punch hole which was for the selfie purpose, this issue come to a solution with the rotating camera tech.


The back story of the motorized dual camera legislatively, briefs that the brand engineers developed the tech for having a good well for the front camera, and it indicates selfies with the same quality like of the main camera shots. Marchy-camera tech works differently.

It gets fit of a tiny marching motor that works as a heavy lift, yet it was a pretty tough task to put such a system in a smartphone body. Asus brings under use 100,000 (100K) actuations, for the pop-up system.


The durable performance of the Zenfone 6 is classified, you also can use the Marchy camera for the face unlock. You come to touch the screen-lock, get them on the key press of your device, it auto-activates, and you can follow the method.


The Zenfone 6 holds one more unique feature as the Smart Key, that’s a dedicated key for hardware that launches the Google Assistant, which could use for the customization of many things. It can identify single and double clicks or the long press. It locates on the same row of volume/on-off keys on to the right side of the phone frame that is easily accessible for one hand use.


There lays a power key on the right side of the frame, above it places a volume rocker, which can also bring under double use for the camera’s marchy control,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

On the left side, we find a slot for the triple cards, two Nano SIMs cards and for a single microSD card.  Although the phones already have used this type tries but Asus it comes as good addition. On the bottom, frame locates a port for the USB type C and also looks mic, the 3.5mm hole for jack and the loudspeaker place is too here.


Software for Zenfone 6

AS for the Software aspect, significant advancements are re-anticipated in the Zenfone 6 evaluate to earlier Asus smartphones.


The ZenUI 6 owns a clean Android feel, unlike the Google Pixel smartphones. The Zenfone 6 has packed by Asus, a critical change in software optimization. All pop-ups about system optimization toggled to the bottom for ease excess. The dedicated Key on the right side by menu it opens the Google Assistant. As much of the features present in the in previous of ZenUI, which emerges to be tricky, are now missed, for example, the UI Theme, and the ZeniMoji.

Out-of-the-way from the actuality that the bloatware was too removed, the Asus experts roomed all Android Pie features still as Digital Wellbeing and Adaptive vividness which deeply concerns with the good preferences during night time.


Android, on the other hand, has optimized the speed for shortening the access to the keyboard view, the transitions, and animation appearance.

There also launches Dark Mode on display to find the status bar icon to manage the control by icon, and there lays a sign for scrolling into the UI.


The Power Master present on Zenfone gives you easy use for controls on the auto start of the apps and traditional background limitations.


Mobile Manager tolerates for the clean-up of memory, but further significantly, it creates an option to remove the unnecessary backup files in the internal storage. Asus makes it possible to stay quiet behind the scenes and could only appear when you arrive at the advanced sector of the Phone Settings, along with this there is a lot that is Asus has concealed as a surprise into the parched software.


 Access to Private listening features allows a celebrity to messages through an audio file, on putting the phone on the ear will auto play the pre-recorded audio from side to side of the earpiece as an alternative of the loudspeaker.


You occupy a regular clone-apps prop up which let to keep two times loading of identical social media on one phone.


The volume’s adjustment for the ring-tone of the phone depends on the background locality. Asus has created the choice for the phone calls recording. There comes an innovative Screen recorder which permits to record active scenes on the display screen in company with audio commentary.

Asus's preferred OptiFlex system for faster speeds of up app instigate duration. Performances based on AI tech, it makes a selection of app handling molds and put into practice sophisticated figures, to make the apps journey faster. The Zenfone 6 brings under use the most up-to-date version of OptiFlex, which does combine work with joining hands to built-in Adapter feature of Android for the battery. At the present moment, the OptiFlex merges the promotions of Google and Asus apps bring into being optimization tech into one.


As a final point, the phone holds up DTS Headphone X and High-Res audio for the abounding in unboxing the same as well.

The Zenfone 6 will acquire Android Q updates firstly in August this summer. Also right to use to the Q-beta, and Asus is dedicated to updating the Android R on its entrance.

The camera section of Zenfone 6

Where is the front camera when there is no notch or bezel on display panel? So fit-and amazing, the primary camera on the rear camera by a marchy tech it turns into selfie camera, and also as first class as the back side. When you come to touch the Key in active the camera app, the central camera unit on rear consists of a 48MP sensor together with an ultra-wide 13MP sensor, flips frontward, so is named Flip Camera.


The flanking craze is observed for the Samsung Galaxy A80, but that Samsung keeps auto-slider mechanism which is the flip-around camera, now in this device, it is either front facing or forwards, Asus tech looks better firstly by experience.

Here the Taiwanese brand has explored a true creativity package. The Marchy Camera rotates around with its unique tech. It comes really quick; it holds a gear system which could be treated restricted all over its 180-degree revolution to the required angle.


The control of the camera which holds a lot of prospective options, some of them could be controlled inside the app. Firmly Press-and-hold the selfie camera key, there will appear an on-screen slider, that is superlative for receiving down inferior for shots of scenes.

 Asus implements for this mobile a new mode called Motion Tracking method which locks on-top-of a focal point, and when we shift the camera approximately during real-time, mode maintains the focal point in the frame with its pre-adjusted movement. It becomes a fantastic feature, even if the fast poignant subjects don’t come under this mode.

Moreover, there appears a Pano mode which takes control of improvement of the rotating motion of the marchy camera. There no comes into view any need of the roast your hands in the direction of a panorama shot, and you only press the start key and other all job the camera will do itself till you don’t cancel the mode. The most vivid result shows with 180-degree panorama. It introduces some else listening of the device but the till-now-times the multi-frame mode of panorama feels most.

The marchy camera has a defensive tech when accidentally happening slippery drop the phone by auto-retracting in 0.1 seconds to guarantee its pack and no damage will there.

A rotating camera does bring its share of burdens, though, including the fact that Face Unlock is so much slower than in past you have practiced. The mechanical process also means the gear system and motor makes a little bit of noise and some physical grinding in operation. You can add additional sound presets for added entertainment to mask this fact. This device keeps in the pocket no OIS as Asus tells that this feature implementation is impossible due to design restrictions.

We confidently feel some points in software terms yet. The rotation is little and fussy for the manual march, whereas a preset for positions up to 90 degrees during tap isn’t existing. However, here is a real potential for a selection of bonus features, like together with lapse and alliance contained by third-party in apps reloading. None does match to this mobile phone in format section against else marketed smartphones.


The primary mode is fancy mode; let’s take a look of identical cameras which are lucky to be fit in. Asus comes to pick a graceful dual sensor complex, the core sensor of a 48MP traded by Sony one of its kind, offers a bigger size, an attention-grabbing color case slant and a wide-angled with an f/1.79 aperture to bring an upbeat of excellence latent, while the wide-angle lens selection for a 13MP sensor with mechanical container alteration to give shots lower imprecise.

Apparently, 48MP is a big and trendy size of most devices, but as a result of the default, the camera can take shots leveled to the 12MP sensor. The MPs by Sony sensor suggests mock-up by four MPs will work for a final picture, and it will draw as of wider color in sequence, and remaining MPs to remove finest hidden features, edges sharpening and for color optimization. At least that's the theory. You might use full resolution for the craft of massive portraits, but there are further ways like multiple frame mode should operate sampling method up to 109MP.

We can take shots approximately via Asus HQ and can zoom into the ultimate finding, having detail and masses of dynamic range to stability exposures.


Performances benchmarks

The best hardware performs well for software boost site analyses prove this judgment. As mentioned; On Basemark OS 2.0, the Asus Zenfone for overall performances achieved 6, 64,979 marks. Basemark X, it stands behinds the OnePlus 7 Pro’s 45413 but Asus Zenfone received 645291points. GFX 3.1 Car for on-screen Samsung Galaxy S10e’s 40 positions is reliable against in front of Asus Zenfone’s 636 scores. GFX 3.1 Car scene claims for overall off-screen Value favors Xiaomi Mi with 942 points and Asus’s Zenfone on the second position with 642 scores.

AnTuTu 7 awards first position to Asus Zenfone 6 for 377024 scores, GeekBench 4.1 gives for single core test first row to Samsung Galaxy S10e 4518 while second row to Asus Zenfone occupied by 63505 scores, on the other hand, GeekBench awards multi-core test marks only Xiaomi Mi with 911181 and OnePlus 7 Pro with 10943 points stands in front of Asus Zenfone 6 Zen Power Boost points at 10800 scores.



Big and notch-less screen

Huge battery capacity for ultimate longevity

Fine experience of clean software

Marchy and Flip Camera (best in selfie cameras)

SD855 as Flagship spec

Smart Key addition



Missing of an in-screen fingerprint scanner

The screen is LCD instead of OLED

Flip Camera potential is un-experienced

Weak Google Night Sight


Verdict and price of Asus Zenfone 6

The Asus Zenfone 6 is an all of a sudden is an impressive flagship by the brand became a runner-up in the smartphone family. The Asus isn’t a major expert in the vocabulary of volume; it looks as a reorganize for a new start of the brand, which has to turn into a beautiful thing for the audience.

You will get some particulars as an in-screen fingerprint scanner, a fast-charging, or no more cameras for superior and killing flexibility. However, here will you get a massive flagship with some eye-catching points, a gigantic screen with none of the notch commotion, and the current Qualcomm chipset. It has achieved a huge battery faculty ahead of some other flagship ever own. It adds a clean reserve of Android software which completely astonishing by a brand in the past. You should run for its ownership. Along with a price tag of $635 for the standard 6GB RAM / 128GB storage variant, this price range is too groundbreaking.

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