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Best Features packed In One Smart Phone Oppo Find 7

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Oppo are the new in the field of smartphone manufacturing. They are the China based manufacturers. There is no doubt that they got the fame amongst the users in very short time. Oppo announced one of their big handsets known as “Oppo Find 7”. This is the giant of company and company expects a lot form this handset. Oppo puts all their best efforts to make the handset best and competitive. There is no doubt that company chooses and puts finest software and hardware combination inside the handset. Besides this smart combination the handset has some main and prominent features. Let’s have a look at the stunning features of the handset.

Astonishing display


Find 7 is not only the handset offering QHD display. There are many who serve the same display but yes Oppo Find 7 is the first smartphone compressing the high resolutions of pixels in 5.5 inches display. The result the handset provides 538 pixels per inch density. There are no other devices present in the markets till yet who offers that much pixel density.

Oppo Find 7 provides 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. The handset screen is made up with gapless screen technology along with TOL module. The full form of TOL module is Touch on Lens. The technology used only single glass sheet called ITO (Indium Tin Oxide). Films are directly attached with protective glass layer and the result comes as slim, light and powerful module of working. Because of this technology he handset display is also workable from wet or gloved hands easily.

Design and make Quality


Quality is one of the main reasons for getting popularity among the users. Oppo meat the users and achieve their target with their quality design and make of the handset. Oppo designed the Find series very carefully and this is the reason Oppo Find 7 has no flaw on its design and make. The handset is quiet similar with the elder brother and comes in metal frame. The handset comes in two versions; one version has QHD feature and the other one provides 1080 pixels resolution. The QHD version back cover designed with carbon fabric and 1080 pixels version is come with brush metal back cover but both versions are equally good and reasonable.

Extendable On Board Memory


Like the others Oppo find 7 also supports the external memory. The card slot present in the handset for extending on board memory via microSD card. Before this handset Oppo Find 5 and Oppo N1 both come without card slots and that was one of the major drawbacks in the handsets. After seeing the effect of both handsets Oppo regret their mistake and they provided the card slot for external memory in Oppo Find 7.

Existence of SKYLINE Notification Light


Notification light is not the major feature to be considered in any smartphone, but the existence Skyline light change the users minds. Oppo Find 7 smartly uses the LGF light. The light is made up with LGF films which allow the smartphone to make tumble of glowing light. The light shine comes from the middle of the screen and flows towards the phone borders and the bottom side of the handset when any notification awakes the handset.



Oppo always try to equip their handsets with great camera features. The company knows that this is one of the main focusing points of the users. However the handset does not have a swivel camera but there is no doubt that the handset has a really smart camera. The find 7 has a 13 mega pixel rear camera with Sony EXMOR IMX 214 sensor. The camera application of the handset is totally changed from Oppo N1 but handset has a solid camera. The handset also provides 5 mega pixel front facing camera for video calling.

Ultra-fast charging Option


We already told our users that the handset comes in two versions. The ODH version of the handset is equipped with 3000 mAh battery and the 1080 pixel resolution version of the handset is energized with 2800 mAh battery. The Oppo Find 7 has a smart VOOC charging option. Behind the technical terminology the handset best fast charging capacity. But the question is that how fast Oppo Find 7 gets charged. Answer is here if the handset is off because of low battery the handset gets charged up to 75% within 30 minutes and 5 minutes charging provides 2 hours talk time. This is really the bump.

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