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2014 is the year full with surprises. This is the year Mobile Word Conference event was held successfully. Most of the smartphone manufacturers introduced their giant during mobile world conference and some companies revealed their monsters after the event and till today many handsets came on the surface to give the special tear to the users.  The giant handsets have their own place and there is no doubt that these handsets not only grab the markets and clutch the money from the users pockets and give the benefits to the company in the form of company revenue but also give royal tear to the users and users do not think at all after purchasing those costly handsets. From many of them after taking the complete idea from markets and estimate the revenues of the companies we pick some handsets. According to the users they are the best handsets till yet in the year of 2014 and according to the companies they are the best sellers. Let’s enjoy the details of the best selling smartphones in 2014 below.

Samsung Galaxy S5


 The handset is one of the best sellers of the company according to the revenue statics. The handset was announced in February and was available since April 2014. The Galaxy S5 comes with many better and improved features. Users can say this is the much better handset in comparison of predecessor. According to the Korean Media agency the handset gets popular among the users 30% faster than Galaxy S4. The handset hit 125 regions at the same time. Samsung fixes $640 price tag at the time of revealing the handset. The handset has all the things and fulfills users’ need to the best and maximum extent.  For more information please see Galaxy S5 official page.



HTC One M8 Also is known as HTC M8, One Plus and One S. the handset takes the official place in March and was available in same month. The handset comes in metal body with low weight as 160 grams. This is the Android based handset and available in $700. The handset has a many good features and users are fully satisfied with this handy handset. The handset has 5 inches large display and protected with Gorilla Glass 3 which keeps the handset away from scratches and other damages. There is no doubt that the handset is well configured. For more information clink HTC ONE M8 page. 

Nokia Lumia 1020


Nokia Lumia 1020 (AT&T) is one of the biggest handsets from Nokia. The handset has a glossy plastic body and easy to carry because of its less weight. The handset only carries 158 grams weight. The company launches their pure view phase 1 and phases 2 camera feature in Nokia Lumia 1020. The handset has a 4.5 inches screen. The main thing in the screen is the screen has a Scratch-resistant ability.  The handset was available in $600. This is the windows based smartphone so the windows 8.1 is the basic and default operating system of the handset. If anyone wants to know more about the handset please see Nokia Lumia 1020 page.

Apple iPhone 5S


Apple doesn’t need any introduction. Their all products are good in use. Most of the users prefer Apple products and the Apple users don’t want to switch another smartphone easily. Apple iPhone 5S is one of the best seller presented by Apple. The handset is equipped with all the latest technology and because of the features the handset still stands in hot selling smartphones line. The handset has a 4 inches display and has 112 grams weight. The handset is protected with finger print scanner. The Apple iPhone 5S runs Apple’s own designed operating system known as iOS. Version 7 is work in the handset as operating system. The handset is available in $580 and truly this is no cost for this amazing handset. See the complete information of Apple iPhone 5S in webpage.

Motorola Moto X


The handset was announced in August 2013 but still many users prefer to buy Motorola Moto X. the handset has many things to offer to the users. This is another Android based master piece of technology. The handset is available in $300. This is the cheapest handset available in very affordable price. The handset has a 4.7 inches AMOLED screen and has 130 grams weight. Have a look of the complete specification of Motorola Moto X in the website.


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