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Fast Charging Capable Smartphones, Charge 50 Percent battery in 30 minutes with thier rapid chargers

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The smart technology in smartphones has added many new features that we had not known earlier. Too many applications and very fast speed of processors definitely require some power source in commensuration with the energy required to run the system efficiently. Along with the smartphone technology we have much improved batteries fitted in the handsets, despite that we can imagine the power drain on the battery particularly in case of heavy files and applications. Video game on the mobile phones requires continuous display, animation and sound, all three need the power for uninterrupted functioning. The smartphone manufactures not only improved the batteries but also kept in view how quickly it could be recuperated for the usage.

New technologies have been developed to recharge the batteries in the minimum possible time. To competition amongst the mobile companies has further accelerated the race for improvement in the charging system of the handsets batteries. The recharging time has been tremendously improved and reduced the charging time from hours to minutes. It is not only the time duration that has been reduced in charging time but also the new method of recharging have been invented and now put in use. It is stunning to see the battery being charged wirelessly and in minimum possible time. Here we have selected a few cell phones using new technology of charging the batteries, though none of them uses wireless charging system.

Oppo N3


Oppo N3 is the latest smartphone recently launched. This is the handset which made up with the material used for making the space material which increases the durability of the handset body.  Oppo has considered the importance of battery life in the mobile device and has introduced and used VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-Step Constant-Current Charging) starting from Oppo N1. It allows the super fast charging ability to the device and now it has further been improved in case of Oppo N3. It has 3000mAh battery which by itself is massively powerful and further it can be charged at a fantastic speed giving 75% full charge just in 30 minutes and that too with a smaller VOOC charger. If you feel you are short of time, you can charge only for 5 minutes and use the mobile phone for 2 hours call.

Oppo R5


Oppo R5 is quite a thin handset measuring only 4.85mm thin and this dimension gives it a title of the slimmest handset of the world. A personal touch has been given to its body by hand rubbing by the factory workers to give a super fine finish. It is very smoothly rounded bezels unlike iPhone 4 sharp edges. The slim body can accommodate a slim battery in the available space. Oppo R5 is energized with 2000mAh battery to run the entire system and uses VOOC 5-amp rapid charging just like Find 7. It is a quick charging system and replenishes 75% battery power within 30 minutes and in case you need quick result and no break for re charging,  5 minutes charging will again give you two hours of talk time which is pretty good result. Although the charging system is common as with other Oppo handsets but this is included in the quick charging devices efficient in battery life and fast in recuperation.

 Motorola Droid Turbo


This is the latest arrival from Motorola after Nexus 6 with latest features and advance technology claiming to surpass others it has been recently launched and the strong point of this handset is the battery power. It is energized with 3900 mAh battery. This is the biggest handset with many features and these features consume battery while using. This smartphone has a fast charging feature known as Turbo Charger. This charging system charges the battery for 8 hours in 15 minutes and this is the quickest time of charging till yet. This is the biggest advantage of Motorola Droid Turbo.    

Oppo Find 7


Oppo Find 7 is a current handset not very old, just released in MAY and is well established in the markets. Find 7 has all the features of the smartphones and performing very well in all respects. In this review we are only talking about the battery aspect of the handset it is energized with a 3000mAh battery which gives sufficient backup to the handset in stand by, talk time and music play. The same VOOC charging system works inside the handset for charging the battery as in N1. It can charge the battery at the super fast speed giving 75% recharge only in 30 minutes. In charging system it is similar with Oppo N1.   

Oppo Find 7a


Oppo Find 7a was announced in March 2014 and released in April with all the smartphone features available in $499 as a mid range set. Like all other smartphones it has connectivity on 3G, 4G and LTE and many in built features. All these features definitely need power to function smooth and uninterrupted. It is energized with 2800mAh battery which is sufficient for a long time on stand by and provides reasonable length of talk time but the drawback is there the battery is non removable. Its charging system is also VOOC charging system giving a quick boost to the battery recharging; probably it takes the minimum time in full charging and recuperates the battery up to 75 % in half an hour time.

Bottom Line

The developing technology has given us wonderful things, as in present case the smartphones with many new features which we could not imagine just a decade before. The technology has developed not lop sided but in square front in all dimensions. All these electronic devices run on electric current in self contained battery. The users always want the battery to last as long as possible but it is only a store house for limited time which needs time to time recharging. Thanks to modern technology the recharging systems have also been developed and now we have super fast charging systems which do the job of hours in minutes.       

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