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Features to Expect from Apple iPhone 6

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1. iPhone 6 will come with iOS 8

Inside the Apple smart phone, many of features are the same as other smart phones i.e. HD screen, Camera, Apps and many other options are quite alike as compared to other mobiles but there is something that is unique with Apple iPhone and that’s the Apple operating system or what they call iOS. Up until now, Apple has created 7 versions of iOS over the past couple of years and each of these versions is better than the last one. This way when Apple announced that it’s making iOS 8 for 2014, people thought of that one as the inventions as Apple has made in past for 7 different times but this time it’s different. According to the officials of Apple, iOS 8 is going to be the biggest release ever. Let’s take a look at the key features of this biggest ever release in the history of Apple. 

Apple iOS 8 photo

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2. It will be equipped with sapphire:

Up until now, Apple has used sapphire in its iPhone 5 model of 2014 but this glass was only used in camera lens and for touch ID scanner but it’s expected that iPhone 6 will have a complete sapphire glass display that will make it nearly unbreakable as only diamond can put a scratch on a glass made with sapphire. Although it is going to be an expensive edition in the iPhone 6 features but if Apple wants to sell over 5 million units of iPhone6, it has to add something unique in the smart phone that other manufacturers aren’t offering even in their flagship models.

iphone 6 sphire glass type

3. It will come in two different screen sizes:

Before iPhone 6, it was a huge problem for the users of Apple as some of them like small screens with better handling and positioning in the hand where others like big gigantic screens to watch movies and play HD videos on the mobile but the issue was that Apple only released a single model of each of the iPhone with only one size of screen. The development in the design of iPhone 6 has made it possible for the company to design two different smart phone models for iPhone 6; one with 4.7 inch screen and the other with 5.5 inch screen. This way those who want gigantic screens can have the 5.5 inch screen model where the others that like to operate the mobile for more than 1 day can have the smaller screen with more power from the battery.

iphone 6 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches image

4. IPhone 6 will have a liquid metal frame/body:

We have seen iPhone models in plastic bodies, metal backs and even metallic rims on the edges of the models but liquid metal is something quite new for us. In fact, this concept is also unique for most of the other smart phone manufacturers i.e. Nokia and Samsung who are still using plastic or pure metal in the handset bodies. Apple has taken a step forward among all the other manufacturers and it has claimed that the iPhone 6 will include a liquid metal body that is made with metal but the touch and the feel of the body seems like a sleek and smooth plastic body. This way the smart phone will be harder and stronger enough to survive regular bumps and falls from 2-3 meters and still it will reflect a sleek plastic look with the liquid metal body.

apple iphone 6 liquid metal frame type

5. It will run on an A8 processor:

For your understanding, it is enough to tell you that an A8 coprocessor is expected to have over 1 billion transistors which mean more details and faster speed. Apple has done a contract with Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation and thus we have some potential leaks stating that iPhone 6 will be equipped with a completely new, faster, quicker and much efficient A8 processor which may or may not be equipped with artificial intelligence too. If this is true, keep in mind that you will forget the 2.2 or even 2.5 GHz Quad-Core processors for a long time and this A8 processor will prepare the ground for a whole new kind of processor that will do what we think is impossible these days.

a8 chip

6. Touch ID will be included in iPhone 6:

when we heard about the development of Galaxy S5, we got some rumors claiming that this flagship smart phone will be equipped with touch ID sensor technology which means users can lock, unlock and operate the smart phone with their fingerprints but as soon the smart phone released in the market, we found out that it was just a rumor and the technology is still under development. The same thing happened with the iPhone 5 when we heard some rumors that it will have touch ID or finger print scanning feature but it was again proved to be just a rumor after the launch of iPhone 5. Now that Apple is about to release its new iPhone 6 soon within 2-3 months, we are again getting these leaks and rumors that this time this smart phone model will definitely have the touch ID feature and although we are not quite sure about this, but we can just pray to finally see the feature in the iPhone 6 when it launches in September or October of 2014.

7. It will price the same as previous models:

The features that we have seen on the internet about iPhone 6, make it impossible for most of us to own this smart phone as we can expect the model will cost more than its previous models i.e. iPhone 5 or 5S. But the good news is that Apple has claimed to keep the price of their new flagship smart phone iPhone 6 same as the previous models. This means that if you got your iPhone 5 for $599, there are pretty good chances that you can again own a new iPhone 6 with better features on the same price. It’s really a relief to hear about the price of the iPhone 6 as most of us were really thinking about waiting for a few months before the price of this smart phone falls to a lower level. Apple has really done something quite fascinating here and even if they are claiming that this will be the smart phone of the next generation, they have kept their promise to provide an iPhone for every human being on earth or even in outer space if it’s possible.

8. Better Wi-Fi services:

You know that the Wi-Fi that you use on your smart phones these days, it’s very secure and easy running and you have to either go near the source of signals or arrange for a better connection if you want fast browsing and better performance with your internet. But now, Apple has decided to upgrade the Wi-Fi application on iPhone 6 so that users can enjoy better internet connection settings with convenience and better performance. It is claimed that Apple will replace the Wi-Fi 801.11n with 801.11ac which is way better than the previous version. With this development and update, not only you will experience a better internet connection but also you will be able to browse through public networks with more security and privacy.

9. A camera with better features and clearer result:

If you have used either model of iPhone, you can easily back us up here that using a better camera isn’t the main focus of Apple or is it. Yes it is true that when most of the smart phone manufacturers are using high level cameras in their smart phone models i.e. Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera or Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16MP, Apple is still using a pretty basic camera because it’s not their key feature to sell the units of their handsets but now they have changed their thoughts about this and finally decided to add a better camera in the next flagship smart phone model. This is why it’s said that iPhone 6 will have the same 8MP camera as iPhone 5 but the quality will be way better than that and this camera will also include more features i.e. OIS. OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization which enables the camera and helps the user to take non-blurry, sharper, clearer and brighter pictures with more details even if the object or the camera isn’t still. Just like that, there will be number of developments to the camera of iPhone 6 and we just need to wait for putting our hands on the new generation smart phone and see for our own eyes that what is new with the camera of iPhone 6.

Apple iphone 6 camera detail

10. It will be available in the same three colors:

Even if Apple releases its new smart phone model once every 6 months, it’s not going to change the basic color scheme of its smart phone models. In the time when Samsung, HTC and Nokia are using different colors for each of their smart phone models, Apple has decided to stick with the three basic colors for their new smart phone, the iPhone 6. This explains that just like any previous model of iPhone, iPhone 6 will also be available in three different colors including black, golden and silver with white contrast. This means you can decide what colors suits you the best and as soon the new smart phone hits the showcases of shops and retailers, you can just grab a model with your preferred color of the body.

apple iphone 6 color sample

11. NFC will be an important feature for iPhone 6:

With this feature, we can really see that iPhone 6 is actually going to make a huge difference in our lives. Suppose you don’t need to carry cash or even your credit cards in your pocket any more but you can make more secure payments with your smart phone anywhere in the world. Yes it really sounds tempting and with iPhone 6, it will be possible too. You just need to swipe your smart phone with the NFC payment terminal and it will transfer the desired amount to the machine just like a virtual credit card that you swipe on the scanner. 

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