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Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus deep comparison

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Sometime the world of business behaves in a funny way. We feel the competitors have gone mad and their wits have gone astray. In depth philosophy is different and the true point of view aims at something solid. As an example we can say that Samsung seemed to be emulating the Apple device iPhone 6 while producing Galaxy Note 4 and many other examples can be quoted.

However Samsung was doing something serious while designing Samsung Note 4 and preparing for competition with others particularly Apple iPhone 6 Plus. It had an upper hand by way of experience and knowledge of the XL form. It also had the knowledge of market pulse therefore tried to outdo Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Despite all the efforts of the Samsung iPhone 6 still has the place in the market and is doing a good business. Let us see in a comparison what both have and what both lack, if at all they do.

Make and Appearance

The aspect of beauty is a matter of consideration in producing a piece of art. When technology produces the master pieces of human ingenuity it needs to be as beautiful as the imagination itself. Both have tried to meet this criterion in finishing it outside with the best suitable material and best suitable shape.  Both have come up to the expectation as developed by the hype given to them in the media before they actually arrived in physical shape before us.


Samsung has used polycarbonate body for Note 4 and decorated it with a metal frame all around. The back has the look of faux leather giving a look of real leather. However it is just matter of observation that stitching shown on Note 3 has been neglected in this case which might have given a more realistic look. On the other hand Apple iPhone 6 Plus have a graceful look with aluminum unibody adding beauty to its look and the premium effect.

Talking about the other dimensions, Note 4 is provided with a larger display as compare to Note 3 and gives a wider look, whereas the tallness has decreased. Its rival, Apple iPhone 6 Plus is slimmer and lighter than Note 4. The differences are just negligible but when we are talking about comparison we got to point out the very minute differences as well. Both the phablets are big enough and cannot be handled single handed because of their size. Both of them have the essential buttons or keys of power and volume located within the convenient reach of thumb on the sides of the devices.

Display and Resolutions

One clear difference between the two devices is of display size. Galaxy Note 4 have 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen having QHD resolution that is 1440x 2560 pixels resulting in highest density of 515ppi. It is really a very high density and leaving absolutely no blanks. In fact this is the highest so far and does not exist on any device.


 Upon examining the Note 4 display we found the pixel density is well calibrated at low color errors and outstanding color temperature of 6596K. It is not common with all the Samsung AMOLED devices. There is something typical with this Note 4. We find no weakness in color display on the screen of the device. The outdoor use is not difficult at all.

The rival iPhone 6 Plus has comparatively  smaller, 5.5-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, or some 401 ppi. This display also gives excellent and pleasant viewing experience. Like Samsung Note 4 this is also well calibrated and has no color errors but slightly less ideal in temperature of 7318K. The colors show in slight bluish hue and slightly dimmer than the optimum visual effect. This 5.5 inches display gives us the maximum level of brightness with convenience in using it outdoor.

User Interface and functionality

 Both the devices have used the best available operating systems in powering their devices. Samsung Note 4 is Android based and uses 4.4 KitKat with a layer of customization and proprietary functionality; it is used their own developed system TouchWiz as they have used in Galaxy S5. If you are familiar with Galaxy S5 you would defiantly find out what improvement is there in this device. it has same strong points and weak points and galaxy S5 operating system. However Note 4 is loaded with more features and capabilities like running two apps at a time in two different windows meaning multi window feature, same health monitoring apps and Smart Stay feature displayed in the screen; the screen does not dim as long you are watching it. It also has finger print sensor as integral part of home button whereas the heart rate monitor is located next to the LED flash at the back of the device.

iphone-6-plus-vs-note-4 operating system

The one extra feature it has a iconic S-Pen stylus with many features of its own like Air command that keep the apps in to layers on top of everything. They are activated when the pen is taken out of its housing. This pen is also featured with giving a feel of actual fountain pen using minimum pressure while writing. It gives the same feeling while using it on the screen on the phablet.

Now we talk about iPhone 6 Plus. It uses Apple’s own operating system iOS8 which is not very different from iOS 7 that travelled through evolution from iOS 6. They give the same effect to visuals looking flat and translucent and very attractive.

Apparently it looks Galaxy Note 4 has more features and allows third party apps for customization as per users wish. It allows notifications bar and widgets etc. on the contrary iOS8 is void of these features and does not allow third party apps and does not allow cluttering of the display and over loading the system and draining the battery. It gives neater look and feels good. Apple iPhone 6 Plus has better finger print scanner which is touch type rather than the swipe as in Galaxy 4 therefore easier and convenient in use rather than making a special effort of swiping it for identification.

Processor and memory

 There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 4 is the most high line device of the Samsung and there is nothing surprising that the company placed high level hardware inside the Note. Yes we are talking about the most moderate and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor or an octa-core Exynos 5433 for which will be available according to the regions with four Krait 450 cores 2.7 GHz speedy processor with Adreno 420 GPU for graphics. This is not enough Samsung placed 3 GB of RAM for the immense performance of the device. In the case of iPhone 6 Plus company embedded dual-core, 20nm Apple A8 chipset, based off the 64-bit ARM architecture with the speed of 1.4GHzand placed PowerVR GX6650 GPU and placed 1GB of RAM.

iphone-6-memory -vs-note-4

Comparing the hardware capabilities Galaxy Note 4 has upper hand over iPhone 6 Plus in terms of functionality and performance. The software load of galaxy Note 4 is rather too much on the hardware components for example Quad HD display of the Note 4 is a massive load on the processor to produce the desired and demanded effect by the software. This is particularly so with graphics and heavy apps like games. On the contrary Apple’s dual core chip feels easy while performing these functions. The second effect is that TouchWiz interface on the Note 4 still is heavier than Apple's UI. Apple iPhone 6 Plus Plus performs faster as compared to Galaxy Note 4.

Now talking in terms of memory Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have 32 GB on board pre installed memory in the device which is available to the use and it is further extendable to 128 GB through external microSD card. On the other hand the competitor iPhone6 Plus is more flexible and versatile. It has many options in memory volume and offers in 3 sizes; 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. However it cannot be extended but you can select the device of the desired memory while purchasing the device. The in built integral memory of the device is faster and more reliable than having it extended externally via microSD card.


 Galaxy Note 4 has a multi featured camera. Samsung has already experimented and implemented in S5. Samsung has utilized all the technology S5 camera in to Note 4 and has made it even better. Note 4 is provided with 16 mega pixel rear camera and is equipped with fast f/2.2 lens and has LED flash for this. Samsung has put in this Smart OIS that makes the camera unit optically stabilized with digital image stabilization. It produces good result of images and eliminates the effects of shaky hand and produces a tremble free effect while shooting a video. The shutter speed is fast and processing time is much less therefore the camera works with perfect efficiency.


The front of the phablet is equipped with fairly generous, 3.7-megapixel selfie shooter with a wide lens of f/1.9. Now is the time when the selfie craze is on the full swings. This is made easy by galaxy Note 4. Just place your finger on the heart rate monitor at the back and take the picture very conveniently.

On the other handset the iPhone 6 Plus camera is slightly conservative and gives reasonably good results. It is an 8 mega pixel iSight camera with f/2.2 lens and a two-tone LED flash for more balanced night shots. It is pretty fast in focusing and has Apple's own OIS implementation in the background. However it has only 1.2-megapixel selfie shooter is located at the front. Despite being less in capacity gives good image quality. Overall result of front camera is also very satisfactory.



Both the devices are high quality products of well known companies. They need a sufficient power to remain alive and functional and need a powerful battery. Samsung has not given out any details about the battery except that we have one piece of information and that is the capacity of battery. It is 3220mAh battery. Amazingly it is not bigger than the predecessor. On the other hand iPhone 6 Plus has a battery of 2915mAh.  

We know the companies are aware of the battery requirements and they have fulfilled these requirements to the best satisfaction of the users.  


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