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The Reduced Quick-Toggles:

The quick-toggle collection in the notification bar has been reduced to show all the shortcuts in a single line up top. An additional down swipe gets you all the quick-toggles, Android M style with just one more add-on. There's an edit button in the down-right corner. Now the quick toggle screens are paginated, and you can add as many as you want all thanks to that edit button. Once you press this button, you enter the edit phase where you can add as many toggles as you like from the list of toggles provided and arrange them the way it suits you.


The notifications allow you more interactivity with the notifying apps now. A swipe down on any notification brings you more option from that particular app, a swipe right lets you decide the notification settings for the app and a swipe left clears the notification.A swipe down for majority of the social apps brings you options to reply to, comment on or like that particular notification straight away from your notification screen without the hassle of opening the app.


All of your recently opened apps would appear in the recents screen slightly more enlarged than before as part of Google's more interactivity program. If you press the recents button from inside an app, that app slides down to build more room for the app that had been there before this app to allow you efficient multi-tasking. It must be noted that now, there are just 7 recent activities that can appear in the recents menu and we think that it's more than sufficient. Also included in the android N is a double tap to the recent button feature that helps you to switch between 2 recently opened apps.

Oh! And did we mention there's a "clear all" button in the recents screen now? Finally!


Long-pressing the recents button opens the multi-window screen where you see the last 2 opened apps divided by a sliding bar and you can decide the space any of these apps take on screen via that sliding bar Google has done much, it seems from this develop preview's optimized recents screen and multi-window support, to help its user multi-task easily.


Google has optimized its software on 2 fronts: runtime and graphics. This accompanied with a speedier graphics compiler give users the performance of their dreams. We expect this software to run on the most mediocre devices in the smoothest of ways.

VR compatibility:

Excluded as of yet, but expected to be a part of the android N soon enough, is the VR mode. This mode lets your device be VR compatible by splitting its screen and lets you enjoy android experience in 3D. Imagine downloading normal videos to your cell phone and seeing them in 3D via your VR mode This mode would be an invaluable addition to the android N if Google plans to slip it out soon enough. Else, maybe we'll get to see it in android O; which, too is acceptable seeing how quickly Google updates its devices.

Final Verdict:

We feel that some of the best features of the android N have already been around a long time. HTC and Samsung have been using the shorter quick-toggle screens for a long time now. LG and Samsung have been the hub for multi-window multitasking since forever. This is why we can't see what the excitement for the new android N was all about. It had to be smoother than the previous versions otherwise developer critiques would have taken it down so there's not much improvement in that front either. However some religiously Google fans out there are hailing this device worldwide and are worshipping the "clear all" button that Google has been generous enough to let free for its android N's recent screen.

We intend not to spoil this for them and so we add that Google's UI has always been famous for its simplicity. Including the necessities without over complicating the software is an art only known by Google and this is just what they have managed to achieve with this update. Though Google had been capable of making this embrace with necessities all along, it may only be right to forgive them for this delay.

Better late than never!



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