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How top smart phones will look in 2015, top technologies of future

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There is a possibility that some of us may miss the simpler times when there were no cell phones or any of the latest technologies but you have to understand that most of the technologies aren’t for the people older than 70 years and if you think people are getting dumber, you should Google it on the internet.

We are seeing a new technology every now and then for the past couple of years and as we are running faster towards the end of 2014, we can say that up until now, we have seen some of the most remarkable technologies especially in smart phone industry. And, we are sure that that’s not it because with each day, we are seeing something new in the market.

smartphonetouchology 2015

We still wonder how a manufacturer was able to put 41 megapixels camera in a smart phone and we are encountered with the world’s slimmest smart phone with just 5.5mm thickness and that’s not it as we see a new and unique technology every day.

So it’s kind of our job to give you some milestones to expect from next year and prepare yourself for what you are going to see in 2015. Take a look at the technologies that we have enlisted below and you will know what is going to happen in the near future regarding the smart phone industry.

More core power up to 32 cores:

There was a time when the only task a mobile had to do is to make and receive a phone call and the customers never give a damn about how faster they can call and how quick it takes the cell phone to receive one but the time has changed. Now people actually care about the response time of the smart phone against the tasks and operations and this has led us to the day when a single core processor isn’t in business anymore. We are seeing Octa core and Hexa core technologies in the smart phones by Samsung and HTC and it’s just a matter of time that we break all the boundaries and build something with an exception. We are not talking about just a few cores but the technology can lead us up to 32 cores in a processor which is most likely to be done in the next year or at least we will hear about it in 2015 but it won’t take the developers to mass produce the technology for common users.

Better screens for daylight:

It is almost crazy for most of us that we can watch HD movies on a smart phone screen indoor but as soon we take it out of the pocket in sunlight or outside in daylight, it doesn’t seem that good as we can’t see the graphics on the screen much clearly and most of the time we have to guess what we are doing with the mobile as we can’t see anything clearly. Maybe it is not a big deal for upper class consumers who never need to take a step in direct sunlight but it surely is a big problem for the other 95% of the customers and it’s a relief that even if it took the manufacturers that much of time but at last they are trying to fix this problem. There are sure rumors in the smart phone market that next year, the customers will see a complete different type of displays on smart phone; the screens that will work as fine in the daylight as they do inside the houses and under roofs. In fact these smart screens will be so better that it won’t make a difference that either you are watching a video inside or outside in direct daylight when you can see the sun directly on your mobile’s screen.

Flexible screens:

Yes you are right that we have talked about this technology hundreds of times but it never took place or no smart phone manufacturer has tried to build this technology but we can say one thing for sure that 2015 is going to be an extraordinary year for smart phone displays or should we call it flexible displays. Yes it is right and you will be able to fold the screen of your smart phone to keep it in your pocket or even roll it like a piece of paper to just keep it in your hands. It doesn’t sounds that tempting with smart phones that actually fit in your pockets but assume the same thing with a tablet PC that you can put it right in your pocket by folding the screen. We know that Samsung has done some remarkable work in this field but we haven’t seen anything besides basic prototypes but we are talking about real smart phones with real bendable displays and you just need to wait for the next year when this technology will be at least ready for mass production.

Waterproofing evolution:

We are currently seeming dozens of smart phones with the IP67 technology which is basically a technology of waterproofing a smart phone but we are talking about real time and huge changes to this feature as the smart phones of next year won’t survive without this element. We know that there are dozens of models from Samsung and Sony that claim to be waterproof but you should understand that these models have limitations. For example, you can’t put the smart phone right under a faucet or any kind of running water or also you can’t let the phone stay inside the water for more than 30 minutes. Now you can understand that it doesn’t seem that tempting when you know that you have privileges but they come with certain limitations. We are not saying that IP67 isn’t a good technology but it’s the best as we compare it to the previous technologies in smart phones few year ago but we are just saying that these features can be improved and they definitely will but you just have to wait for another year before seeing a smart phone that you can actually put under a running stream of water for as long as you want.

New password technologies:

We expected Apple to include a fingerprint ID scanner in iPhone 5 but due to some reasons, it didn’t happen and now that we are getting very close to the release of iPhone 6 which is claimed to the smart phone for next generation, we can expect that this technology will be included in the next flagship smart phone by Apple and it will allow us to use fingerprint instead of typing numbers and alphabets on the screen. But don’t you wonder that even if this technology is added to the smart phone, it won’t make such a huge difference as fingerprint scanning is already a big part of our lives. Yes it sounds a little boring but what if we to tell you that you will unlock your smart phone just by looking into it or just by speaking to it. Yes now you want the details as it sounds really interesting. There are rumors and some potential leaks that developers will be ready to launch some kind of new technology for unlocking the smart phone next year and if iPhone 6 comes with a fingerprint scanner, we can say that it’s going to be something else for next year. 

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