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HTC Desire Eye Deep Camera Centered Device

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

HTC Desire Eye seems to be a camera focused Smartphone and HTC has concentrated all its energies to make the camera feature standout fro all other features of a Smartphone. The most highlighted aspect of the Smartphone is the pair of 13 MP cameras, in front and at the back.


When we first see this Smartphone we have more questions about it than the answers the handset provides. No doubt it has given a jump to Smartphone technology by providing same capacity cameras.

This is not the first camera phone of its type or quality; there have been many others but putting a powerful front camera has really interested the people who are potential customers of this device. They anticipate a better photography with this new camera phone.

Generally the HTC uses the name Desire for ordinary phones that are not in the premium quality. This Desire Eye Smartphone has a powerful configuration like Snapdragon 801 CPU, larger battery and 13MP camera, along with a Full HD 5.2-inch screen. This is a high profile configuration which makes us think about the category of the device.

Probably the background of this smartphone is to replace the HTC One E8 having all this features of configuration but has inferior design. May be company is clear about the status of this device. It may be the flagship smartphone by HTC.

The HTC Desire Eye might be made of polycarbonate and certainly it carries attraction in its design. The rounded casing is pleasant to hold because of its matte finish rather than being smooth and glossy. It is well balanced and very light.

The design is a two color combination; a red/white or blue/black option. It is taken from HTC's 'Double Shot' fabrication that was tried in the Desire 820.

The Smartphone HTC Desire Eye is a nice piece and more premium than expected. It is also IPX7 rated. Don’t bother if it drops into a bucket full of water, let it stay there for some time and you will find it is pretty safe and unheard.


The designers have done a wonderful job and have proved to be forward-thinking designers. They left the charging port uncovered and have eliminated the chance of any hurt from water. This uncovered port allows no seepage inside the handset and maintains its water proofing. Only Sony would do such a thing like this.

Similarly the little covers over the nanoSIM or microSD slots are also strangely hinged again for the purpose of waterproofing.

This handset is slightly bigger in size and you feel it while holding it in your hand but does not look odd. May be the largeness of size is due to whopping camera compressed into it on the front of the phone and also kept the Boomsound speakers that have been a mark of distinction for the HTC phones for years.

Although the speakers opening are not very big and a placed in a very thin strip form above and below the screen yet the sound out put is pretty good and comparable to HTC one M8. Hopefully this experiment will be implemented on One M9 and big bezels would be dispensed with.

Photography is another important aspect in any mobile phone and with developing technology into smartphone this aspect is also developed. The front camera placed in the device is quite big and impressive to know that the camera is powerful but at the same time it is depressing to know the results are not as good and later the users feel disappointed and talk ill of the brand.

To totally discard this camera aspect is not exactly what we mean. The quality of the pictures may not be as good in low lights as compare to iPhone 6 or HTC One M8, yet it is not all that bad.


Since the handset is specifically named “Eye” and has been provided with 13 mega pixel cameras on ether side and the big marketing point company has highlighted is the powerful cameras, therefore this specific point has been highlighted. If it had an 8 mega pixel option with features optimize low light results, it would have been more appropriate.  

Despite the short comings there are some fun moods as well. One interesting feature installed in HTC DESIRE EYE a “Crop-me-in” which gives you the flexibility of front facing picture being turned in to rear facing image. It will keep changing your image in funny manner and shall keep you involved pretty long and you remain busy entertaining yourself.

The other interesting feature is in the selfie mode. This feature could be seen in Galaxy S4. You can split the selfie in to two halves and join it the way you like. It would be fun to share such pictures.


The overall opinion about HTC DESIRE EYE is not really bad. Maybe HTC only focused on the camera alone. It has a bigger screen and bigger cameras and gives you double short color. Maybe 13 mega pixel cameras on both sides seems unnecessary and may not be very attractive for all the consumers. The front facing camera is the main focus of objection which could have been better with less capacity but better results in low lights.

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