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Huawei Nova 4e Deep Review

Last Updated on Mar 22,2019 Published on 2019-03-22 19:51:15 By: Liam Hems Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5


Not so long is taken just a few month behind Huawei has launched its earliest smartphone with the punch hole infinity O display, which was the Huawei Nova 4, Now the corporation Huawei has officially unveiled ‘Nova 4e’ On March 14, 2019 at Damei Art Center in Beijing, and on March 16, Malaysia which could be said a pre-flagship version, firstly 32MP Selfie Camera receiving smartphone by the brand at price for $299. This scrupulous device is called the Huawei Nova 4e but in some market regions recognized as the P30 Lite. It is really a good-looking and an amazing handset not only in price ground but also in specs comparison from all pre-existents of its kind.

Its predecessor Nova 4 was warmly welcomed by lovers due to punch-hole cam-fixing on front face, the same fiction work is implemented in this special addition of Nova 4e (e-economy) therefore unsurprisingly it has become a high attractive via adding meticulous feature, and unique exterior, as if it could be taken a flagship level device. 


Since if we put aside the its surname than clear come in our look the purposes of Huawe Nova 4e’s plan to place it further in affordable rack of handset that to be seated very soon lower the Huawei Nova 4, as expected, it represent after that as the standard smartphone will hold extra ripened juice in specs and you have to stuck to our page for its proves, which is a fit-pan according opinion.

Huawei Nova 4e Display

Our beginnings prefer the display section. Against the large punch-hole bearing screen as present and you have acknowledged in the Huawei Nova 4, the Nova 4e picks for its panel a differentiate 6.15inches panel with an extra predictable notch in design for Selfie camera. It’s not an odd-giant notch but pretty smart like a dewdrop designation, so one couldn’t argue in unpleasant mode. The Nova 4e display screen has acquired TUV Rhineland Eye Comfort Certification which is deliberated for eye comfort during long use of viewing, playing games, and live streaming. On the other hand, the side area of the smartphone is surrounded by the massive bezels, applying the bad impression being larger with 84.2% screen-to-body ratio getting less than Huawei 4 receiving equal 86.0% screen-to-body ratio; however  we are saying it as a alongside comparing of both for certain explanation. At a halt point this issue not as vast to be not ignored since the display is unmoving neglect of spice as Full HD+ panel with firm screening angles and shows-off firm vividness too like the nature.

Performance of The Nova 4e

For the soft ware fabrication, the Nova 4e got powered by a Kirin 710 processor that’s a warm companion of 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM storage. The Nova 3i and Honor 8X remains proverbial in specs over view, due to equality in the processor and storeroom choice which were identical in their era previous year. The leading dissimilarity is of that it’s achieving of additional RAM and promoted features somewhere else which you would acquire in a morsel by price.

The Octa-core CPU used in Nova 4e contains 4cores Cortex-A73 ticking at 2.2 GHz speed while the remaining 4 cores Cortex-A53 clocking at 1.7 GHz rate, that is some weak from its predecessor Nova 4 so, it will surly disturb the daily tasks smoothness if will minor but will at point according facts. The ground-breaking graphic handing-out tech got motorized by GPU of TURBO 2.0, a high level performance enhancer in a faster speed scenario, with 6-game changer for silky and extra influential gaming experience. It can say without hesitation after a full analysis, but the practical experience during its company time the presentation division not have produced any interval point. Regardless of owning analogous in dark-in-puts the phone is raised-up in a pair of new spaces. Huawei Nova 4e will support six games according pre-settings, without the supporting apps like PUBG , Legends, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, Vainglory and NBA2K18.

The Camera Section

The largest notable part is in the camera department. Next to, the flipside, honored by equipping a triple-camera setup although it utilities are incredibly in the same way to the Nova 4 but high in MPs.

There are blessingly present for esthetics consol, a 24MP main snapper with an f/1.8 aperture holding wide angle of lens, a secondary one at 8MP ultra wide camera and a third one at 2MP  for depth effect supplying sensor. Expand viewpoints with the Huawei Nova 4e’s Ultra-Wide Angle at 120° of  three lens detain extroverted scenery in spectacular photographs, nothing left behind and sides to tees your dreams with unlimited facilities.

 By the side of the presentation area, the nearby cameras didn’t give the odd impression for the most part of decoying, although bearing in mind the illumination of surroundings, we never imagine as it’s an extraordinarily fair in tests in any case. At a halt, you will positively note down that the camera performances are attractive in energetic-tone and you will be bring together absolutely to appreciate the ultra-wide camera to a telephoto option. The boost is given with prevailing AI-scene detection tech, while the camera would distinguish 22 unusual sorts of objects. The Manuel settings supply opportunity for the pre-set in colors, lights and distinction for the auto adjustment of alluring photo production.  

The Salfie Snapper

Each and every appearance is diverse and unique. The tech charts  shape the aspects and crafts a traditional endurance for which always best side shows-out  in your front scenery, therefore Nova 4e receives critical nomination in view of the fact, it is a Selfie-expert device, and the Nova 4e truly has come with a huge 32MP selfie clicking is equipped in up front, glaring from the display notch. The smartphone occopies extra strength of MPs compare to the pro Nova 4 , now once more headache again in the environmental light conditions which creates difficulties for ideal photography. But for conversely, the camera accomplish tasks via the support of 4-in-1 pixel silo which is theoretical to perk up shots performance in tad-light. The Nova 4e Salfie-cam could classify in excess of 8 categories in click-duration.

The Battery and colors

There was a worries period for the disappointed in this smartphone’s battery faculty though, before the official arrival of the device. Happily  the  3,340 mAh sized room is an upgrade sector which is larger than the Nova 3e, and the same juicing capacity as of the Nova 3i; however the dreaming of being in 2019 was a massive one compare to last year’s low-capacity, proven as disturbance awarding during live-streaming.

After ignoring the matters belonging to low capacity for the cell phone, and telling the actual-life of the battery, rather than it’s a modestly tough to calculate with the short time spending with the company of Nova 4e.  There is 9V2A Quick Charge packed with. There is significance notification that the smartphone move toward the 18W fast charging through a USB-C cable, As if it has obtained this first-class which was too kept inside that previous Nova 3e.


 The first most impressing craze is the build quality.  The Nova 3e,s memories has come into actual life again as a fair able-bodied handset, the second I think the Nova 4e takes things up a notch. Its back is now gently curvedly impressive edges is it’s so much more relaxed in the hand-holding, and the metal crew is currently lustrous so it bestowed  supplementary exclusives to boot for. Thirdly being a extra-ordinary pretty smartphone with especial attractive eye-striking colors. Excluding odds, we at rest experience similar to the Nova 4e’s astray is first-rate that in actuality would grant it expensive realizations.

Nova 4e Price

As a whole though, the best thing about the Nova 4e is its price. The 16th of March 2019 fixed for the device’s presence on sale points, the mobile phone put on the market price for $299, which looks an unyielding retail for the hi-fi variety of specs offered in it. On all right ways, it’s the best Gun-shot explosion device for you to rush-buy. The Nova 4e is transaction for $50 a smaller amount than the Nova 3e presentation rates.

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