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Im watch, The Real Smart watch for iPhone and android Smartphones

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

No matter how many watches have hit the markets so far there is no possibility that they haven’t come across i am watch up till now, be it Samsung Sony or some other manufacturer they must have taken some kind of inspiration from I’m watch because it is one of the first touchscreen watch that came in. We are now in a time where wrist bands and wrist watches are the next big thing, things have turned smarter with time, wrist watches that can be controlled with one swipe of our finger, wrist watches that don’t just tell us the time but they tell us a lot more than then that, they can tell us our heart rate, they can tell us how many steps we have taken, they can tell us how many calories we have burnt they can tell us a lot more than we ever imagined. They can connect to our smartphones and give us so many unlimited details.

I'm watch is a large watch with 1.54 inch color LCD screen ( 240 by 240 pixels ) all closed together in an aluminum body. The device is bulky and heavy and it weights around 2.9 ounces which is pretty huge. The watch is larger than a lot of smart watches available. The watch is very expensive and it is manufactured by some Italian company. The watch will take some time getting used to because it is a bit complicated, first there is an I’m watch logo placed on both the sides of the strap, that is weird also the wrist band is very wide, weirdly wide.

im watch red, white, blue

I'm watch can connect to your android and iPhone devices via Bluetooth and you can find apps through which you can connect to Facebook twitter and other social media sites. It can also show Picasa images which is a cool feature. I’m watch can connect to google and give you updates as well. This watch has applications of its own too which is a great plus point, this watch has been on top for a long time.

The watch is pretty pricey, it costs around £219, US$361 

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