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Improved and Better Features Of TouchWiz Review

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Samsung recently announced the handsets Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. There is no doubt that the smartphones come with many good and improved changes, but the one notable thing is that the company not only improved the mobiles but also improved their own designed users interface called TouchWiz. The new TouchWiz is come with many good features and the company makes the interface and light in weight and move easy in use. Before these improvements the TouchWiz is packed with many features and some of them are not being is the use and even common use do not know about the functions in details. So company decides to change the interface and make them more users friendly and compatible with Android. Here we are going to discuss the improvements found in new TouchWiz interface.

Split Window

There are number of manufacturers present in the field playing with Multi-Window features for their Android phones user interfaces, but Samsung change the trend in a very good manner in case of TouchWiz.  They give mode in the interface which allows the user to split the screen between two apps up to 5 apps in hovering window mode and they work simultaneously on-screen and users does not feel any problem to perform Multi-tasking.

Single Hand Mode

Single hand use is one of the important features for smartphones who have 5.5 inches size. Single-handed mode disparities are communicable with many manufacturers. Samsung has its own pattern for their TouchWiz and makes the handset use easily than ever.

Call minimize

The smartphone are the organizer now and it also seems a pocket diary. Most of the users find difficult to find any information during the call. Now Samsung make the function easy just pressing "Home" on a stock Android handset will hide the call status window and line up in the notifications tray, while the same action on a TouchWiz handset will minimize the call screen to a small portrait, which always stays on top and allows us to access the full window in an instant. The Note Edge the notification shifted on the Edge panel. This feature allows the users don't need to go back to the caller screen to hang up.

Hide the Applications

Sometimes users want to hide some applications with the others. New TouchWiz allows the users to h hide the application in a simplest manner and the access of hidden applications are also simple so it is quite important that the users will lock the apps drawer with the protection.


Quick Toggle customization

TouchWiz allows the users to choose and customize quick toggle tray that they wish to list and even also change the order according to their requirement.

Quickly close the apps

 Many time users wanted to close the apps they are using and when they go to shut the apps the mobile takes time. TouchWiz allows the users to keep their RAM free in a quickest manner. Users just need to press single button one time and all the running apps get shut and the RAM of the handset gets free from unnecessary burden.

Keep Calculator History

 Users are useful to use the calculator on their smartphones and sometimes by mistake they type the wrong figure or forgetting to type a number while calculating something. Samsung add the new feature in their users interface which allows the users to save the calculator history what they use last time even if the apps is close by mistake the users will get the same history there from they got discontinued last time.

  Volume Slider

The Android interface allows the users to control the volumes for the ringer, media playback, and alarms separately this is good but TouchWiz has an upper edge again and Samsung provide the another slider for controlling the volume and users can easily adjust the volume in the slider without open too many chunks.

Power saving modes

The handset features consume lot of power and for facing this issue many giants gives the power saving option. Samsung also gives the feature on their TouchWiz and have two options in this feature present; Power Saving throttles CPU, darkens screen, makes it monochrome, etc. and Ultra Power Saving keeps only a bare minimum of features and apps available which are lack in normal Android interface.

These are the features which are quite impressive and improved in new TouchWiz and users can enjoy the handsets without any hazel. However the features are small in use but they have a great impact on the handset performance and even save the users time and they don’t need to wait a while before performing the next tasks they can easily do as they want.


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