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LG G WATCH R Hands On New Piece Of Technology

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The curiosity of human mind kept the pursuit of perfection on the move and effort for reaching the perfection is always continuous. This communication technology has probably been benefited the most. Starting from a conventional telephone link with a wire we reached wireless communication and now to the world of mobiles and smartphones adding new features into these compact devices. Having made the smartphone the human beings diverted its focus to new innovations in to this field. It is not only the curiosity but also the force of competition in the business world that each manufacturer is trying to outdo his competitor. Creation of smartwatch is an example Motorola started its with Moto 360 and gave an incentive to others to work harder. LG came out with its Android wear device the G Watch. Initially it did not impress the technical people and they just found it to be a rectangular sort of thing on your wrist having Android operating system inside.


Taking the example from G Watch LG developed and made a better design given a better physical look and another model of Smartwatch and gave it the name LG G Watch R. this combines the tradition and the technology. This round face conventional watch is actually a smartphone inside. LG took two years to reach to the final shape of LG G Watch R and it gives the look that something is being done in the Android wear smartwatches.



The LG G Watch R is a beautiful combination of art and expertise. It has beautifully combined glass and metal, stainless steel frame surrounds the glossy screen smartwatch. Basically all designs of this watch are the same however there is a verity of leather steps which is in different colors, width and look. It looks bigger when fixed on the wrist of the user than the rectangular shape of watch. LG has used different analog faces to the G Watch R befitting the different occasions the users is likely to wear them. Inside they are all Android Wear.


Though on the face of it, we see a round shape traditional watch with beautiful dial giving a look of conventional time piece. It has 1.3 inches screen having 320x 320 resolution and a strong looking bezels. The screen is bright enough touching 300 nits of brightness and has the plastic OLED screen. It has the better look than the Moto 360 which is a rectangular shape and gives the look of a strip fixed on your wrist. LG has given it a better look by giving it a shape of conventional watch. They say no space has been wasted in this round shape Android wear. The display is also improved and given a better look than Samsung Gear Live and the original G Watch.  

 Software and User Interface


The deep inside operating system is Android based but Google is going to take it to further improved level by releasing Android L. on the face of the watch in the smart watch mode you have the tiny icons. Each icon when tapped enlarges and the appropriate application is activated. In this mode the users does not find any difficulty to operate any application and get the desire result.

Hardware Combination

The inside story in all the smartwatches is the same. They all have an operating system capable of running different applications and then coupled with such hardware that makes its working smooth and that we called processor. LG G Watch R does not deviate much from other smart watches. It also has the same inside story. It is powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU and 512 MB of RAM. It has 4 GB on board pre installed memory. It also has the option of connectivity on Bluetooth 4.0 to make transfer of data easy and possible.

Essential Features


Apple has joined this race and accelerated the strives among the rivals. LG made a different move and produce it in conventional wrist watch shape. It does not have the corners and the cuts that maybe annoying for some as incase of Moto 360.

One of the outstanding features of the smartwatch is inclusion of barometer in to this smart watch. Previously we had this feature in Nexus Galaxy but now it has been compressed in to the smartwatch. This barometer feature allows the sports men who are in the hiking to enjoy better. The same feature used by Apple which counted the stairs you stepped up and this can be done in the LG G Watch R.

The other feature in this smart watch is heart rate monitor. It monitors your heart rate and lets you know where you stand. Whether you need the heart rate monitoring or not this component keeps working and you can have off and on look on it just for interest sake or for a specific purpose for example to note your heart beat after a workout or climbing the mountain. If you really need this feature for any specific reason it can be helpful.


It is a watch and a watch has to function round the clock. We do not want it shutdown because it has a starved because of no energy keeping it alive. We wish to see the screen always glittering and telling us the time. Beside that it is a smartphone as well and we want it functional every time. LG G Watch R has a battery of 410mAh to provide the energy to the smart watch for 24 hours.

 Price and Release Date


The release date for LG G Watch R for UK, France, Italy, and Spain has been set in early November. A few other European countries may also be included which be presently do not know. However the North America is also included in the list but at a later stage. The price announce by the company for this Smartwatch has been fixed $330 approximately.

Bottom Line

 We have seen the specifications of the smart watch and the additional features that it has. Prima facie it an impressive innovation but truly it will not serve a practical purpose for a common user. It is more of a show piece of technology then a practical utility device. However we wish good luck to LG and the potential owners of this wonderful device.


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