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List of smartphones come with curved display

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The world of technology grown day by day and the whole world get compact and we are far from anywhere in just our single touch. In this busy life smartphones play very important role and give us the chance to communicate with whole world for our place with the ease and convenience. The mobile phone industry also developed in the large scale and manufacturers are busy in research and developments. The curved display is the result of a very long and refine research and takes too long to developed.

 Two years back there is no concept about the round display but in 2013 the new history of smartphone were wrote and the first round display smartphone was out and now the curved display is becoming famous day by day and not only use is mobile phones in fact the same technology used in TV and some other devices. Here we have a list of few smartphones with us which open the new door of technology for the users and open the good business gate for the manufacturers.


 Samsung Galaxy Round

 Samsung is the pioneer in the making of round display smartphone and they were launched their first curved display smartphone in October 2013 and the handset known as Galaxy Round. After Samsung many other manufacturers followed the same pattern but the credit goes to the Samsung to introduce the curved display mobile phone.


LG is another giant and the biggest manufacturer. After the success of Samsung they are also in the same path and were launched their first round screen smartphone LG G Flex. The new change in the screen of the handset is the display has a curved in a vertical shape which increases the silent beauty of the smartphone and make the grip of the handset more easier. The G Flex 2 is large in size and has 6 inches big display and the other plus point of the handset is the screen is not simply curved in fact the handset is bendable 

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

 Again Samsung came with another edge display device known as Galaxy Note Edge. The device was released in September 2014 after 1 year of Samsung Galaxy Round. The Galaxy Note Edge has a QHD display which has a curved from one side. The specs and the hardware combination of the note is same like Galaxy Note 4.

LG G Flex 2

LG released the sequel of G Flex in this year and the new handset is called G Flex 2. The new handset was come with many good changes. It has 5.5 inches display which provides 1080x1920pixels resolution and like the predecessor the handset has a self helming ability and has the same flexible quality.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Now another edge is in the field with the giant specs. Yes this is Galaxy S6 Edge. The Edge version was come with the regular version of a Flagship Galaxy S6. The smartphone was announced during MWC in March and now the users are able to buy the handset this month. The new improvement in the handset is the screen is curved from both sides. Beside that the handset offer some other advance features with the good hardware configuration.

 Curve screens are basically experimented handsets they add nothing to the technical functionality of the smartphones but they due change the look of the handset but recently Samsung again set the new example and made the curved edge useful. The flat screen edges are curved from top and bottom thus given the curved shape to the smartphone it is true the curved shape eliminates shine from top and bottom and make the readability more clear and easy.

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