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Make way for the latest in LG Technology - Say Hello to the LG G4

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Today’s D day, and LG have released their butt-kicking, super-premium-looking, great-specs-sporting LG G4.

With Samsung Galaxy S6 sales not doing as well as anticipated, it looks like the South Korean giant is in hot soup after LG unveiled their latest high end premium smartphone – the LG G4 on Tuesday.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love the Galaxy S6 but when we see a better model - it’s in with the new and out with the old. If both models spotted the same specs then it wouldn’t be much competition now would it? But the fact that the G4 is rocking three main advantages kind of makes us look at the Galaxy S6 and shake our heads. So we took some time to have a little one-on-one contest with the two fighters and see which one would come out on top. Read on to find out.

LG G4 Dual SIM

Two Heavy Weights Battle It Out

Now picture this, in the red corner we have the heavy weight LG G4 and in the blue corner we have medium weight fighter the Galaxy S6. Weighing in at 5.47 ounces, LG G4 is definitely the heavy weight in this ring as the Galaxy S6 only weighs 4.9 ounces. Bigger is always better and at 5.5 inches for screensize we are not complaining against LG’s G4 when you compare with its rival Galaxy S6 which is marginally smaller at 5.1 inches. There is competition even in the battery department, check this out - The G4’ has a 3,000 mAh removable battery over the S6’s 2,600 mAh non-removable wireless charging version. We don’t mean to continue with the assault but even front cameras on the models are also marginally different - 8MP vs 5MP respectively with the G4 being the 8MP sporting handset. Okay enough with the barrage, so similarities they share – they both have 3G RAM, both rear end cameras are 16MP shooters....and that’s about it. Ok, we know we said we were done with the assault but one last one, we can’t resist this - the G4 has extendable memory via a microSD slot, plus their removable back covers are hand stitched leather cases as opposed to the S6’s metal and glass non-removable back. Phew! There you have it!


It also bites that the Galaxy S6 is barely a month old and already newer better models are entering the market. I guess you truly can’t hate the player, it’s the game you must hate. And in this tough cut-throat smartphone world only the best will survive.


The official price for the LG G4 is still to be announced but the phone was made to rival and go up against the best in the smartphone industry at the moment namely the Apple iPhone 6 and the HTC One M9 so we are pretty sure you will be paying a pretty penny for this nifty gadget. Offers on Amazon and other online retail outlets show that the phone will be commanding a price that truly shows that it’s in the high end category of smartphones. In the UK alone reports say that pre-orders have started being taken with people paying £500 and expecting the phone to be available from May 26 onwards, but this is still to be confirmed. Just to throw it in Samsung’s face once again, but the price tag on the LG G4 is marginally smaller than its own Galaxy S6. It’s small things like this that give one phone that margin difference in this market. Should Samsung be worried right now?

Features Worth Mentioning

The LG G4 is set to come out in a range of colours, with the main ones being the ever charming metallic grey and the ever sassy gold, and for those who truly want to stand out of the crowd, the super classy black leather hand stitched option (and you will pay slightly more for this option). In the past LG used to have plastic backings but this year at least with this model they have tried to bring something new and fresh hence the hand stitched leather backings which reportedly take up to twelve weeks to create as opposed to the normal covers which take four working days. Then again you are looking at only the finest here. The thread, according to our sources, is apparently brought to the manufacturers from Germany and it’s non-other than the famous Gutterman thread, so you best believe that this leather backing is about being the finest back end cover on the market!

The display of the phone is pretty well thought out too. At first glance you may be surprised to see the slight curvature of the phone, but this is a deliberate design tactic supposed to help keep the phone intact should it happen to fall onto the floor. The curvature will give it that needed break from landing full faced on the screenface and potentially damaging the phone. Pretty clever if you ask us. Comparing the G4 with its predecessors however we do see a bit of relegation especially in the chipset area where this time round we are seeing the Snapdragon 808, dual-core Cortex A57. LG asserts that this chipset is faster when compared to the Exynos 7420 but we are still to see detailed comparisons to believe these claims. LG claim that this chipset was opted for because it helps with the overheating issues that other previous models were encountering. And also likes its predecessors, the G4 is running on Android - v5.1 Lollipop to be specific. The built-in memory stands at 32 GB and as stated above, the microSD slot makes this phone that much more awesome. You will have no problems connecting to 4G LTE networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with this gizmo.


We want to hear your views. What do you think about the LG G4? Would you purchase it if you had the chance? If not, why and which phone would you go for?

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