Nokia 105 2019 Vs Nokia 220 4G

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Have you overlooked the featured mobile phones and shouldn't something be said about Nokia? It's not possible for anyone to stop himself thinking for those cherished Nokia cell phones and their excellence, straightforwardness, and moderateness.

Nokia 3310 2017 and 3310 4G had been sold in a large number of units in the previous two years, which showed there are such a large number of fans still exist the world over with gigantic requests and enthusiasm for those Nokia's highlighted cell phones. Live up to expectations, HMD Global (which currently owned Nokia) released two new featured mobiles this July, Nokia 105 (2019) and Nokia 220 4G. So we have arranged a comparison to differentiate them and let you decide which one you should drop or buy.

Availability and Price

Such a broadly spread worldwide organization Nokia allows its customers to make a buy from all over the world. The International Prices of Nokia 105 (2019) and Nokia 220 4G are $15 and $40, respectively.

Body and Design

Traditional-Bar form factor but a unique look each side Nokia cell phone has. Nokia 105 is a reduced gadget estimating 119 mm of tallness x 49.2 mm of expansiveness x 14.4 mm of thickness, and tipping the scales at 73 grams (weight incl. battery) the gadget made you feel it one-hand user-friendly, particularly while holding and messaging. Coming toward Nokia 220, it is marginally greater from all points of measurements 121.3 x 52.9 x 13.4 mm (H*W*T). It is somewhat overwhelming at 84 grams or as it were only weightier than 105.

Both Nokia gadgets have a small 4:3 screen and underneath a physical alphanumeric keypad however of different types; the Nokia 105 has an elastic console which we discovered simpler to tap and snap, though Nokia 220 gets a plastic-elastic keypad which is somewhat sticky for composing.

Solid plastic and polycarbonate used to outline Nokia's 105 and 220, and they are water-repellent however not IPX appraised. Luckily, both they convey a 3.5 sound attachment with the goal that clients can appreciate mp3 and parcel of musically fun.

The greatest downside of Nokia 105 is the absence of a camera, there's none; be that as it may, Nokia 220 has, in any event, a back camera of 0.3MP just to fill necessity right now, not for heavenly photography. 105 gets an electric lamp or a basic light above top-head, on the opposite side 220 offers a LED blaze to light up the environment.

Show and Software

The least expensive evaluated phone Nokia 105 shows distinctive and fresh perspectives at a littler 1.77inches display having support for 65k hues and 120x160p goals (113ppi thickness), however not adequate for viewing HD films but rather some old media content just as mp4 recordings as the 105 claims a pre-introduced video player. A comparable story Nokia 220 has, however it is only huge at 2.4inches thus 240x320p goals (167ppi) and 256k hues support, in this manner we can say it better against its kin. You can enlist 5 to 7 contacts for each site visit with Nokia 220, while the 105 offers fewer subtleties in the undersized screen.

Keep in mind those two featured gadgets have the same display type, TFT.

Do you know there are two diverse Nokia-owned working frameworks for 105 and 220? Nokia OS Series 30+ and Feature OS are two in charge of the most recent 105 and 220, separately. The previous programming is quicker in execution, while the later one gives an increasingly delightful interface.

Memory and Battery It's

Here some fascinating estimations are finished by HMD. Nokia 105, which is a least expensive featured cell phone just with a 4MB locally available memory, can set aside to 2,000 Phonebook contacts and 500 SMS. On the contrary side, Nokia 220 with 24MB inbuilt capacity is equipped for sparing just 500 Phonebook sections and fewer messages and messages in the SMS box.

So don't depend just on specs, the same number of times hypothesis gets turned around in pragmatic life. Well… the real purpose for this may be the nonattendance of the camera in the Nokia 105 so the all-out memory used to store just messages and contacts, or some other sound documents, however, Nokia 220 room separates into sparing phonebook passages, sound chronicle, and camera snaps and shots, which consumed more space.

For getting a charge out of customary versatile recreations like Snake Xenzia in cutting edge mode, the Nokia 220 is prevalent as having a 16MB RAM, and furthermore, it offers other basic diversions too for entertainment only; before begin players will download those playoffs. Discussing Nokia 105 (2019), it is likewise fueled by Nokia sports and a pre-introduced game for smooth play, yet unfortunately upset for lacking 4MB RAM won't let you download different amusements, and if you compellingly do this, there will be an exhibition slack in this manner slower execution.

Everybody knew Nokia handsets are strong, and they offer bewildering longer life batteries, yet this time rivalry held between two Nokia animals. Nokia 105 2019 is energized by an 800mAh battery that conveys 619 hours of Standby and as long as 14 hours Talk Time. Presently it is Nokia 220 turn, the device keeps running on a 1,200 mAh battery which appears redesigned when we take a gander at 648 hours of Standby, however, the 220 phone depletes more rapidly than 105, and it gives 6 hours talk time just, while both are kept on GSM organize.

A small scale USB 1.1 for charging reason, not to sync date, offered by Nokia 105, while Nokia 220 brought to you a micro USB 2.0 for both charging and data transfer.



In this office, Nokia 220 (2019) gains fans support for giving them a chance to interface on quicker 4G network, there's an introduced program, facebook, and WhatsApp, and significantly more conceivable with a featured mobile phone, because of Nokia. Losing the battleground, Nokia 105 (2019) is restricted to 2G-network.

Note: None of those two gadgets qualified for 3G, even 4G-proficient 220.


Nokia 105 is neither a bad deal nor a better one, only adequate to go along normal needs, yet we pick you to purchase Nokia 220 for 4G, and different favorable circumstances more than 105, for example, a great estimated show, and additional bits of memory for all the more gaming fun.

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