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Nokia Lumia Icon, New Look With Better Apperance

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As the great expression goes, its preferable late over never. The timeless saying rings profoundly for Verizon in terms of Nokia smartphones, seeing that the transporter is always getting second servings in examination to its adversary in At&t. It was particularly made evident a year ago with the entry of the greatly expected Lumia cell phone for Big Red, the Nokia Lumia 928, which was a none other than a marginally altered rendition of the Lumia 920 preceding it – once more, a telephone started with At&t first.
All the more as of late, At&t kept on reapping all of Nokia's productive works with the Lumia 1520, a diversion changing Windows Phone in admiration to its specs and size. Following in convention, from what it appears, Verizon is laying case to an adjusted rendition – the non-number marked Nokia Lumia Icon. Taking just about all that we love about the powerful Lumia 1520, the Icon's bundle is somewhat more diminutive, because of the 5-inch presentation its pressing curious to see what happens. Aside from that, it would appear that there aren't any bargains with this over At&t's pride and bliss. All things considered, we should cross our fingers about that .


·         Windows Phone 8 Operating System

·         Dimensions:5.39 x 2.79 x 0.39 inches (137 x 71 x 10 mm),Weight-5.86 oz (166 g)

·         Display Size. 5.0 inches,Resolution-1080 x 1920 pixels

·         Processor-Quad core, 2200 MHz, Krait 400, Chip Set- Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974

·         System memory: 2 GB RAM, Built-in storage- 32 GB

·         Camera- 20 megapixels, Front Facing-2 megapixels

·         Battery Capacity-  2420 mAh


Design & Display

Contingent upon how you take a gander at it, the Lumia Icon is either a bigger rendition of the Lumia 928 preceding it – or a somewhat contracted down size of the Lumia 1520. Contrasted with other later Lumias, we can't say that we're completely enamored with the configuration here. Most importantly, it has a flatter/boxier trademark to it, seeing that its donning decreased cuts in the back packaging that are more repressed than at any time in the past.

Despite the fact that we like the durable metallic bezel illustrating the handset, which sprinkles on an insight of premium to the generally outline, it makes the handset sharp to the touch. Truth be told, its not as agreeable to hold in the hand because of the edges of the bezel delving into our hand. In examination to the Lumia 1520, the Icon is clearly simpler to hold with a solitary hand because of its more modest size, yet of course, those sharp edges joined together with its compliment plan, doesn't make it the most ergonomic thing.

At long last, there are just two shades accessible with this model, matte dark and white, which utilize the same polycarbonate materials we've seen interminably at this point. To be perfectly honest talking, its not a notorious outline – nor is it brave or front line.

Keeping correct to the outline dialect that is been decently made at this point, it emphasizes the same set of ports and catches around its trim – these comprise of its micro usb port, two-level screen key, force bind, volume controls, 3.5mm headset jack, and SIM opening. A changeup most definitely, dissimilar to past Lumia that obliged a SIM evacuation instrument to enter the SIM, the Icon's tray is effectively gained entrance to by essentially intrusive the compartment with our fingernail.

Beneath or more the showcase, we discover the common trio of capacitive Windows Phone catches, earpiece, light & closeness sensors, and a 2-megapixel front-confronting Camera. Sorry people, this one doesn't offer a micro sd card space.

Both the Lumia 1020 and 1520 are known to be not kidding Camera driven units, so it doesn't amaze us that the Icon is in the club also. Rather, there's an evolutionary change seen with the handset's 20-megapixel review Camera, which offers ZEISS optics, a wide plot f2.4 gap lens, optical picture stabilization, and double LED blaze. Inasmuch as the camera on the previously stated smartphones stuck out immensely, the Icon's whole Camera bundle is flush to the surface – bringing about an uniform back packaging.

So long Lumia 1520. There's another lord in the Windows Phone enclosure that is taking the crown for having the most point by point show. Parading a 5-crawl 1080p HD OLED showcase with Nokia's Clear black innovation, it brings about having a pixel thickness tally of 441 ppi – effectively besting the 368 ppi count of the Lumia 1520. It's undoubtedly definite, giving each and every piece more than enough sharpness and clarity.

Nokia has been known to switch up the presentations they utilize with their telephones, which is particularly evident here with the Icon. As opposed to following in the same way of the Lumia 1520, which brandished a LCD show, the Icon's showcase favors AMOLED engineering. The effect, obviously, is having oversaturated shades that in a split second get our consideration – all the more so when the color dark is really dark, not a shade of light black. Moreover, its survey points are breathtaking, since it keeps up its clarity whatsoever edges.

Under the settings menu, we can modify the color profile of the showcase. In this way, we can change both the shade temperature and immersion, giving colors a cooler or hotter gleam. Additionally an incessant characteristic around Nokia's Lumia smartphones, we can cooperate with the presentation while wearing gloves. It's a charming thing to know when it’s freezing outside, and in the meantime, its affectability can additionally be balanced for better precision.

Interface and Functionality

Playing around with the Nokia Lumia Icon, its made clear from the get-go that its running the same programming knowledge as the Lumia 1520 preceding it – Windows Phone 8 with the GDR 3 overhaul. Put something aside for a couple of Verizon marked applications, the bundle remains comparable generally, so there aren't any new increments or shocks here people. Similarly as with all different Windows Phones running the GDR 3 overhaul, the Lumia Icon profits by obliging significantly all the more live tiles on the Start screen, a smoother multitasking knowledge, screen introduction lock, driving mode, and considerably more.

Past the common set of applications we're acclimated to seeing on any Windows Phones, we're commonly welcomed by the exhibit of applications from Nokia's portfolio. The goodies in the mix include such things like the awe inspiring Nokia Here application with free turn-by-turn route and logged off maps, Nokia Mix streaming radio administration, Nokia Cinema diagram for making enlivened Gifs, and Nokia Beamer for imparting your telephone's screen through a web program.

At this point, we're acquainted with the standard here. Realizing that, we're somewhat prepared for a change of view – however actually, Windows Phones with the GDR 3 overhaul are still few and far in the middle of. It accomplishes the occupation, more so than other non-Lumia Windows Phones, yet at the close of the day, its in any case reused experience we've savored first with the Lumia 1520.

Processor and Memory

Matching its close kin, the Icon is controlled by the same bit of silicon within the Lumia 1520 – a quad-center 2.2ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Soc coupled with the Adreno 330 GPU and 2gb of RAM. Its execution is truly telling, recognizing that this processor is utilized by a considerable lot of today's high-close smartphones, so we're grateful to know its responsive with about every operation. A few applications may stack a spot slower than its counterparts on different stages, however that is mostly ascribed to the stage – not the telephone's equipment essentially.

More organizations are increasing present expectations regarding the matter of space limit for $200 on-contract telephones, so its reviving to realize that the Icon is honored with an adequate 32gb. That'll go a long for some individuals, particularly when there's no expandable memory with this.

Internet & Connectivity

Gaining entrance to the web on a Windows Phone unit happens only by means of Internet Explorer, and the Lumia Icon is no special case. We don't prefer the absence of decision, yet fortunately portable IE is a great browser on its own, and with 4g LTE ready for, the web is a joy. Best of all, its significantly more point by point 1080p screen adds icing to a generally regular searching background for Windows Phone.

Being touted as the head Lumia cell phone for Verizon, the Icon is loaded down with all the connectivity characteristics of its peers. The posting incorporates 4g LTE, agps with Glonass, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, double band 802.11 air conditioner Wi-Fi, and NFC.


Turning our consideration regarding the camera application, its precisely like the one we've as of recently seen with the Lumia 1020 and 1520 – so its the Nokia Pro Cam application of course. The layout, impersonates that of most advanced cameras these days, where we have a solid choice of choices and manual controls to browse. With the recent, we can conform the white parity, center, ISO, screen pace, and presentation to attain the best organization. There's a shrewd mode excessively that arranges different pictures post shot, for example the absolute best, movement shot, or movement center, however the lion's share of fun shooting modes are uncovered through the different "lenses" that are connected to the camera application – or simply utilize any of the Nokia marked photographs applications that are preinstalled.

Concerning the camera apparatus, its the same set that we saw as of recently on the Lumia 1520 – though, the Lumia Icon doesn't have any genuine lumps or bulges in the back. Pressing along a 20-megapixel Pureview camera with ZEISS optics, optical picture stabilization, wide edge f2.4 opening lens, and double LED glimmer, its doubtlessly a genuine contender in the camera coliseum. Much the same as its kin, it catches two set of pictures – a 5-megapixel oversampled one that is best for imparting through person to person communication, and the higher determination 19-megapixel one that could be reframed later on to our enjoying. Having such a high megapixel tally, it implies that snapping pictures and sparing them take an extensive measure of time. For our situation, around 8.5 prior seconds we're fit to snap the following shot.

This is in reality a snapper to observe, as its fit to form sharp looking pictures outside when lighting is in abundance. Out of all that, its the sharp visuals caught by the higher determination 19-megapixel inspects that demonstrate to its detail predominance over other cell phone cameras. Inasmuch as fine items might be tricky to recognize with the 5-megapixel oversampled shots, they're more than noticeable to the eye with the high-res ones.


Having a more modest figure than the Lumia 1520, we see the Icon's battery hacked down also. To be correct, there's a 2420 mah stuffed within, which isn't anything to gloat about. Setting its splendor to the medium setting and utilizing our battery benchmark test, the Lumia Icon hauled out 4 hours, 50 minutes of battery life. That is really normal, much more when our certifiable use brings about a robust one-day of juice from a full charge.

Additionally, its worth noting that it emphasizes remote charging without the requirement of a case – its based on, without adding any extra thickness to its now streamlined 0.39" figure.

What Expert Says?

Verizon clients who are jealous of those Nokia Lumia 1520 managers over on At&t have nothing to be envious about any longer now that the Nokia Lumia Icon is inbound. In spite of the fact that its not so much an amusement evolving apparatus, the Icon has the greater part of the goodies to make it prized offering on Big Red's lineup – considerably more when its unmistakably the best Windows Phone in the bearer's lineup. Finishing things off, it offers the same muscular specs as its respected kin, however in a more diminutive bundle.

One confounding decision that truly bewilders us is Verizon's on-contract valuing for the cell phone. The point when the Lumia 1520 started with At&t every one of those months prior, it left the door with a forceful $100 on-contract value – providing for it a considerable measure of consideration for its esteem. In examination, Big Red's Nokia Lumia Icon is striving for $200 with 2-year assent ions. Unquestionably, the Icon is the best Windows Phone cell phone on Verizon's lineup at this time; however in the meantime, we can't assist to imagine that cutting edge Nokia Windows Phones is upcoming. For what it is at this moment, the Icon is a honorable offering in face of other lead cell phones. For all the grief we have over its on-contract value, its off contract cost of $550 is really great thinking seriously about all that it get.


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