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Razer phone review, The best choice for mobile gamers

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Razer Company is well known for its gaming laptops. And now the brand is entering in mobile market. Recently the brand launched its first smartphone called Razer Phone. It is a gaming smartphone based on Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) which is perfect in performance. It comes with powerful and high-end features like 5.7-inch IGZO display with the 120GHz highest refresh rate, Snapdragon 835 chipset, 8GB RAM, dual cameras, enhanced sound quality, and Quick Charger 4+ support. It is a true gamer that offers user to play heavy games and get smooth performance.



Body and Design


Razer Phone is made of metal unibody so don’t worry about its rigidity. It measures 158.5 x 77.7 x 8mm dimensions and has 197 grams weight which means it is not light. It has some different, proportioned and simple design, no bezel less screen and nothing curvy. The Manufacturer crafted the device in such a way that most of the front part is covered with a 5.7-inch (16:9 ratio) screen, and two stereo speaker grilles are equipped on the upper and lower sides of front facing touchscreen. Each speaker has its own amplifier. The Sound is supported by Dolby Atmos technology so you have no need to worry about the sound quality. It is certified by THX-DAC. Now you can enjoy pleasant and louder sound easily. The bad fact of speaker grilles is it attracts pocket dust particles so it is some difficult to keep away device from rubbish. A selfie camera and notification LED assembled in speaker grille above the screen. The Power Button assembled on the right side of smartphone. Fingerprint sensor is equipped under the power button. There is a tray having two slots, one for Nano-SIM and the other for microSD card.

On the left side of Razer Phone, two round-shape buttons are available to control up and down volume. There is some distance between both volume buttons. The brand thoughts this act of keeping some distance will help you to press volume buttons while gaming. A microphone is available on the top side of the handset while the bottom side has a USB Type C port and another microphone.

Coming to the back, there is a Razer logo in the center of the rear of smartphone. The Razer logo is also known as Chroma-compatible logo. Dual camera lenses embedded there horizontally. A LED flash is set beside the dual camera setup. Overall look of smartphone is not much beautiful but it is a new thing for users to experience a different design smartphone.




Razer Phone measures 5.7 inches diagonally. The IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display technology is used to get the desired brightness level without much power consumption. The contrast ratio between white and black is very good. It has wide color gamut support and 1440 x 2160 pixels resolution to show you contents, pictures and movies brightly and apparently. You can reset resolution to FHD and even HD mode.



 Currently, it is the latest smartphone across the world to get 120GHz refresh rate. You can enjoy animations smoothly. Usually the smartphones have 60GHz refresh rate and the Razer Phone brings the twice of that frequency. You can also set 60GHz refresh rate. Actually, it is tuned for gaming that’s why the smartphone having the 120GHz Ultra motion display. According to a benchmark test, the phone scored 2.328 of sunlight contrast ratio and gets middle place in RGB smartphone series. In our opinion, it is the superb display for gamers to amuse them.


Chipset and CPU Performance


Razer Phone is powered by Snapdragon 835 SoC which is the most powerful and latest chip of the Qualcomm. It is coupled with Octa core CPU to give you much smoother performance. The high-end chipset is used to manage workflow and share more load of processor. In the multi core test of Geekbench 4.1 the Razer Phone got 6728 score, whereas, in the single core performance test the device scored 1931 marks. Antutu 6 gives 179357 score to Razer Phone for its overall performance. The conclusion is that you can run programs with extremely fast speed without overheating or hanging.



There is the highest Adreno 540 GPU to give your animations a perfect look. You will get more beautiful and sharper graphics. It will be twice your fun when you are gaming or watching. You can get a great browsing experience on Razer Phone. It can push your multiple multimedia apps of 30fps. One thing is not good that it consumes more battery juice so by selecting the lower frame rate of 60fps you can save your more battery life. It will also helpful to reduce CPU burden. Well, it’s not a big issue you can also keep enjoying media files at 120fps mode.




The Razer Phone has 8GB RAM memory which enables you to download and save more apps. It ensures that the device won’t let you down. To test the multi-tasking performance, we played some multiple heavy games like Asphalt 8, Arena of Valor and BADLAND2 we observed that the performance is smooth and steady even the background apps are not falling the gaming speed.

Sometime your favorite game is not supported by your display resolution but now you have no need to worry you can select either of 720p, 1080p or 1440p resolution. It is supported with Game Booster which makes your gaming experience worthy. The 64GB storage is available to collect huge data records. It is enough sufficient to save your massive pictures, contents, videos and softwares. This is not only, Razer Phone houses a microSD slot which can be expanded up to 2TB while generally the memory is expandable maximum up to 256GB even in high-end smartphones. So let’s store more files without fear of run out of space.


Dual Camera and Selfie


Razer used weak camera technology in its Razer Phone. It is the first time for the Company to enter in smartphone market so it may be a reason that the brand is facing difficulties for the optical performance. Though, the Razer Phone has dual 12MP camera snappers on its back but their performance is not much impressive. Both lenses are equipped decently. One of them is wide camera and the other is telephoto camera. One of those lenses has f/1.8 aperture while the telephoto lens having f/2.6 aperture. The handset supports 2x optical zoom like other ordinary smartphones. There is no mode, no filter and no panorama.



There is a toggle for guidlines, HDR and dual tone LED flash. Even there is no automatic setting and you need to set the HDR every time when you want to use it. The good fact is that the device captures fine-looking HDR videos. You can capture some beautiful images if you will be successful to prevent camera from sunlight. On the other hand, an 8MP front facing camera doesn’t have much additional features. Even the beauty mode is absent. But, its performance in the normal daylight is fine. You can shoot your good-looking selfies.


Software User Interface and Connectivity


Razer Phone runs Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) which works very well. Nova launcher has installed on top of the Android software. It is a beautiful interface which gives premium look to your configuration. The launcher brings new themes more of them related to games. Infamous Toast theme is there as well. The software gives quick access to DOLBY equalizer and supports split screen. Connectivity contains 3G and 4G Cat.16 band which means up to 1GBps download speed. It accepts single Nano SIM and supports dual band wifi, old bluetooth 4.1, and USB C to sync data and for reversible charging.





Razer Phone is powered by a 4000mAh battery provides a long lasting time for playing. It has 62 hours endurance rating at 120GHz and 63 hours endurance rating at 60GHz. You will get satisfactory talk, browsing and video playback time.

It provides more power while running heavy apps but it can't support your playing activity for a whole day. For instant charging, the device is supported with Quick Charger 4+. It can be charged from 0 to 70% in just half an hour.




  1. Amazing display with highest refresh rate
  2. Excellent for gaming
  3. Good to enjoy louder sound
  4. Long lasting battery supported with Quick Charge 4+
  5. High-end features and fine for everyday usage




  1. Ridiculous look
  2. Aggressive and weak cameras
  3. No headphone jack
  4. No color choice only in black

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