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Samsung offers a wide range of smartphones every year, but some of its stars born to shine always. Galaxy A50 and Samsung A70 are two of those devices amidst hot Samsung smartphones of 2019. Being a successor, Galaxy A70 inevitably comes with better specs over A50, but the question is, “Would you need to pay $350 for A70?” “OR, Is the A50 with $250 price label sufficient to meet your requirements?” Let’s see how close the two phones are to each other.


Design and Display

When you take a look at A50 and another at A70, there you see no highlighting difference between both except display size and format. Both they have Infinity U-notched Display, Gorilla Glass 3 front, UD Fingerprint Sensor, and Triple Vertical Back Cameras. Samsung’s A50 shows 19.5:9 widescreen while A70 gives 20:9 a bit wider one.

As it says bigger the Display, more comfortable to watch and browse - but perhaps this rule does not apply on everyone, as many people love to keep a perfect match for their hands which is neither too big nor too small. For example, Apple is the second-largest mobile vendor, and its markets with its middle-sized quality iPhones about 5 or 6 inches.

Coming back to the topic, the Galaxy A50 is not too big or small, measuring 6.4inches of Super AMOLED Display, whereas the Samsung A70 sports a 6.7inches phablet-sized Display of same S-AMOLED technology. Well, now it depends on you what you like the more. Both they carry FHD+ stuff and offer sufficient content on screen.

OS: Both the two Samsung phones have similar software and interface, Android 9.0 Pie wrapped in One UI.


25 MP VS 32 MP (Camera Battle)

Galaxy A50 and A70 have equal optical sensors (quantity-wise). There are three rear snappers, and two of them are 8 MP (f/2.2) ultrawide and 5 MP (f/2.2) depth sensor. This is a somewhat similar camera configuration between A50 and A70; therefore, both they offer almost identical shooting performance for ultrawide and depth-detailed images.

Unfortunately, Vision for both does not remain the same all the time, especially when it comes to wide-angle primary camera lenses. It is the case where two fighters share their different story. Samsung A70 topped with a 32 MP (f/1.7) main optics while Samsung A50 follows the successor with his 25 MP (f/1.7) primary photography lens. Don’t forget both the two devices powered by Samsung and so they create crispy, vivid, and rich-colorful images, which are bright as well as adorable.

Video rec: A70 lets a user create 2160p videos at 30 fps or 1080p at up to 240 fps, while the A50 is comparatively less-capable and can produce only 1080 pixels streams at 30fps.

Some future updates could help A50 to record memories at a higher rate, but for right now A70 is ruling Samsung A series. Sadly, there is no OIS support for any of them.

Selfie Combat (Round 2)

After leaving the A50 behind in photography battle, Galaxy A70 is ready to collect praise for its worthy selfie offerings. There is a single front-facing optics, but the Samsung’s A70 with a 32 MP (f/2.0) high-res selfie camera roasted the Galaxy A50 that features a 25 MP (f/2.0) selfie notch.

Pictures look natural and splendid, edges covered finally, and however sometime feel oversaturated, but at last, the A70 wins for the camera over A50.

Both the Samsung phones have AI Cam support, and they recommend FHD video calling experience.

Exynos 9610 VS Snapdragon 675 (Performance Test)

Here is an entirely different case, A50 is using Samsung-owned platform Exynos 9610, whereas the A70 is running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 675 chipset. We can say it a major difference between the two gadgets. It is tough to separate one for the better performance, both they are smooth and fast, and further, as per theory the Exynos 9610 of A50 is a better 10 nm one than an 11 nm SD675 of A70. Let’s we should take the help of benchmarking reports for an accurate, precise calculation for overall performance.

According to AnTuTu marking, Samsung A50 scored 142,827 while Galaxy A70 achieved 167,518 for total efficiency. As we expected the theory got reversed and the 11 nm chip powered A70 proved itself slight better than 10 nm processor based A50. The equivalent seemed Samsung two phones are not the same at all.

A reason behind the A50’s lower innings is perhaps a 4 GB RAM, which is not as mighty as of 6 GB RAM by A70. Anyways, both they are sufficiently fast and offer eight-core CPU for executing multiple tasks.

Play PUBG or other heavy animated mobile games like fortnite and you feel both the excellent for the graphics offered by Mali-G72 and Adreno 612 respectively possessed by A50 and A70.

Life Endurance

Give a big hand to Samsung A70 for carrying a mammoth 4,500 mAh Li-Po Battery, which walks a few steps ahead A50’s 4,000 mAh Li-Po one. Let’s compare the matrixes. With a Galaxy A70 unit, one can talk on 3G up to 37 hours, browse or play online streams up to 13 hours, and watch videos up to 17 hours. On the other hand, Samsung A50 provides 24h 3G Talks, 12h web-browsing, and 15h video playback time.

Another advantage by A70 is a 25W Faster Charger, which saves more time than the 15W supported A50.


Earlier Verdict

Both the Samsung smartphones are brilliant and very similar to each other, but the champion of a wrestle mania is only the one, and that is Galaxy A70. Though we send some hate on extra-large 6.7-inch Display, it is still better in other departments, especially for the camera.

Verdict on Price

Honestly, if you love being sharp in everyday cell phone needs and don’t want to spend more than $250, the Galaxy A50 is a perfect choice. There are many common traits between the A50 and A70 i.e., AMOLED Display, a Selfie and Three Photo Cams, and a Long Life Battery. So, why you spend an extra one hundred dollars just for a few upgrades. Somewhere the differences are considerably not much higher such as 6.4in and 6.7in screen sizes, and core performance. As a mid-ranger for such low price, the A50 is an excellent alternative of Galaxy A70, which costs a total of $350.

Consider do you need A70? If you are still confident, and no issue to spend $100 over A50, and feel like you are a heavy user and want to more upgraded smartphone (like 32MP camera over 25MP, 6GB RAM over 4GB, and a bit longer 4500mAh battery) with 25W fast charger over 4000mAh and 15W charger, then of course the Samsung A70 is for you.

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