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Samsung Galaxy A10 Review

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Introduction: At last Samsung decided to beat its competitors on the ground of mid-price-range, coming over the good boundary The Galaxy A10 was announced come to include A10 on the last week of February 2019. Its shipment and availability were arranged in March. The option to wireless and Q charge for the device is neglected, though it is available in many of its range.

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The brand’s Galaxy A10 could become a killer phone for the same tires of 2019, even though the severe photographer may find its night-time cameras’ diggings of sticky while taking shots.

The Samsung's Galaxy A10 could be the initial but less than flagship phone for the running 2019, however, it’s before now clear-one rumor of the finest phone for the second quarter of the year. We say this while the Galaxy S10 series could be a better worth to buy in front of the Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy S10 5G is trying to step forwards right along the corner, but Samsung loves to all spectrums to win against Huawei’s concerns that is warming markets with cameras innovations that Samsung has brought under via S10’s photo-shoots expertise. Therefore the A10 is also not free from faults, but its 6.2inches  IPS LCD capacitive screen, all-day battery life, and combination of camera features are cosmological.

This point is also not upsetting that the Galaxy A10  is the only of Samsung’s phones to have a 32GB storage option and a terracotta termination for the 2 GB. Samsung seems to be clear to make the end of it’s no dictionary.

While looking at the Galaxy Fold’s introductory price and Huawei’s P 30 Price, the A10 looks like logical as a mid-range phone to be purchased now a day, devoid of a vacant out account.

To love to have your nomination in the standard natives the Galaxy A10 is a good a plane on practical point for only about $127 and losing a second camera on both fronts, a tiny notch room in screen and slight battery timing.


Short Specification

The Samsun Galaxy A10 smartphone is featured a 6.2inches display panel, IPS capacitive touch screen with 16M colors, and the display is infinity O type which contains waterdrop like notch.  Also, a screen resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels, aspects ratio  19:9 along with the 271 ppi density and the 81.6% screen-to-body ratio is indicating solid edges. It runs on Android v9.0 (Pie) OS. The handset is motorized with Octa-core are arranged as 1.6 GHz, Dual-core + 1.35 GHz, Hexa Core for CPU, it was paired with 2 GB of RAM. To the extent, the battery concerned reaches 3400 mAh. Accompanied at the well stacked rear camera is concerning this mobile at 13 MP. The sensors contain Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, but as bad-luck, it doesn’t own a fingerprint sensor. Galaxy A10 graphical presentations would make gaming run on smooth lines because the phone has equipped a Mali-G71 GPU MP2. Internal storage at 32 GB accompanied to the option to enhance the library up to 512 GB via dedicated MicroSD card slot. Samsung’s A10 Design is one of the most decent areas with Blue, Black, and Red colors option that brings to mobiles in real natural looks. Galaxy A10 mobile phone is 7.9 mm slim and light weighted for 168 grams measures. Connectivity has dual SIM, LTE internet, WIFI, blue tooth 5.0, USB 2.0, 3.5 jackholes, and FM.

Body Construction and Colors

Samsung is fractional for silky finishing which is reflecting light in curious conduct. The opinion inviting unit for the 32GB version is Blue, and it is certainly bonus dazzling like tinted lenses of light, same also the Black and Red, in the low or the bright light. This color appearance is nice and subtle.

Inclination like slippery in at once is observed about the A10 body’s outer shell, also in the condition when its put on by chance falls over some not rightly leveled shelve. The buyer should be on the after the unboxing to spend extra for a case to a sleek one.


Display of Galaxy A  10

The addition of an Infinity-O notch for the Galaxy A10 is, in fact, a puncture in the display screen to construct a portion for the one and only Selfie camera. The oval outline exerts a pull on more ever compatibly as of else the solo lens of the Galaxy devices, but you should clear that notch-less display is good in actual fact besides.

 The additional point is the sensation of owning a hefty display panel with bottom-mounted some slim bezel. Excluding the screen’s brightness lit, the environment of the display is a vital component. The lop-sidedness of a Drop like cut turns into more perceptible. The Infinity-O Viewing panel is preferred one by the Samsung to put on top of the mid-range of A-series. The explanation to the Full-Screen is tight spot till now, get rid of it is only possible when the camera equips in the pop-up mechanism.


The display on the self base comes striking, with a 6.2inches IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen and 720 x 1520 pixels resolution. The open-air content study is magical, the screen is really too much dazzling, even if the vividness comes low and light mode gets on. When it is getting as well brightness the wind-down mode shifts to next-scale. The area of display belonging around the Selfie camera lights up on auto bases when you are switching to click for a selfie.


Android Pie

The phone is operational with matchless the Android 9.0 (Pie). The Icons look are large, the circles are flat to get used, since lots of the maps could be changed, from the color Gallery to the profiles of apps.

app menus

The easy excess to the apps with no footprint to pass through folders, more fit Go-To menu or pilfer the spare of screens. Make great changes in screen icons with the app, smaller or larger icons in the app with the easier objective to strike, and also easy-read with lacking craning neck or staring with narrow-eyes.


 Navigation keys are shifted on defaults, but the quick settings menu could save the screen by rotating gesture navigation in the settings menu. It has become a difficult adjustment, but it’s constantly nice to find choices.


Pure and fresh mode in the setting menu is known as Kids-Home that opens a confined profile to take shots and download apps. Besides the older could also rotate eyes and laugh at, could search for the password, and change the device’s language settings.


The Camera Section:  There is equipped a Selfie camera on the front side on the Galaxy A10, but it couldn’t give facility of face unlock which is its weak point. The only password or the dots map for security.

Samsung has become successful in having the cameras on both sides, front and rear. The Galaxy A10 is getting Samsung’s saying like that for AF and portrait video.

Samsung has included plenty of its fundamentals to boost-up their single camera, on the  A10’s back of 13MP and one 8MP on the front.


Photo session is very good and classic taken as a whole, but the protest for low-light mode should be mentioned. The camera takes a shot using either of the lenses by clicking the icon on the display screen. When the shoots are taken by the standard 13MP and switched to close-up for an isolated factor, it deformed the image a little and on the notable point, that object appears a modest prolonged.


Portrait mode: This option is said as Active-Focus, portrait mode capturing get a positive consequence on the Galaxy A10. The usual blur slider applies pustule colors and effects. The intensity of effects could be adjusted early or later of taking the shot, just via a toggle to a diverse effect. Spot colors are not playing each time on equal levels of smoothness but it is on the whole collecting nice images, and striking the effects. Dissimilar to the last year’s Galaxy smartphones, it only puts in the library the Live-shot. 

We are recommending tips for the menu setting that will conduct for the arrangement of the shot to that of the focus area for auto-take of the photo when they all are aligned.

 It is easy to bring it under use just entering back into the main menu for its on or off control. Availability of an on-screen clip is making the facility much suitable.

On the A10, you have to develop an account and turn it under use of alike sort and the direct post of clicks on to Instagram with no leftover of the app via Instagram Mode could bring in excess.

The thanks go to the HDR set-up for the smooth video recording, a marvelous smooth control of movement may be availed on turning on by choose of settings icon when required.  

If your shoots are in Raw calculation than put them into HEIF format, HEIF is a frozen area for the cutting of extra-space for saving much more in storage. The A10 phones have a 13MP  f/1.9  aperture lens. That will adjust aperture automatically when needed.


The A10 mobile-phone gets a surprising Night mode feature, aiming to capture most obvious and clear shots in low-light timings.  Night Time Shot has added in the camera and boot automatically into mechanism only if Scene-Optimizer is on.

The assimilated device, it shows your minor control above the features, when they are bringing under use. The single suggestion for this is the tad icon like the new moon, clutch to the camera firmly for a long while, and here you have to work with durability to obtain the environment so as to bring to new moon click.


According to our opinion low-light shoot is being paid the boost which actually required. The striking outcome is available like the Photography master Huawei phones. With the well-lighted point of view in judgments that A10’s photo-shoots are receiving a minor up-down on average of the challenger smartphones brands.

This little variation is sufficient to magnetize the most mobile- phone consumers, however, the winner of low-light photo-shots opinions will favor of spectrum on Galaxy A10 sell-points than other.


Frontage Optic for Salfie

The Galaxy  A10  is the lonely of Samsung mid-range phones to provide the buyer the in display camera for Galaxy A10 of 8 MP, as the quite a lot of smartphones holding two front-facing camera optics, and this characteristic should be liked due to the increase of the healthy viewing infrastructure.

Selfies are splendor overall, like that of the P 30 Lite camera is taking crunchy shots, mainly at night-time.  The owner can put on nearly all of the identical possessions for the selfie camera the same as the chief-lenses.



The battery is extraordinary life wise on the Galaxy A10, it is 3,400mAh.  The use of cell-phone for longtime media uploads, internet downloads, maps steering, and a mobile hotspot, or involving to some other activity an activity that drunk much of battery juice.  

The A10 kept on from near the beginning morning to the undersized moments of the night, in spite of regularly normal use with reserves looks comfortable. No worries about running low and that's not something I could say about last year's Galaxy S9 even when it was fresh out of the box. It also lasted an average of just over 17 hours in our looping video drain test in airplane mode, which is excellent.


It's expected for battery life to shorten over time, so a year from now, you may need to rely on your charger more. but starting at a higher bar gives me hope that the S10 Plus' power management will do well by you over a typical two-year lifespan, if not longer.


Software Performance

Performance on the A10  is solid and seamless, using Exynos 7884 Octa processor. Gameplay was nice and sensitive on my baseline testing game, In which that the punch hole notch wasn't as distracting as he thought it would be.



Benchmark testing also put the S10 Plus ahead of the competition. Overall, I expect a progression of speed from 2019 devices, or at least the ability to process complex computational tasks like advanced photography, without lagging.

Price Section

Galaxy A10 Plus improves on the Galaxy S9 Plus in every way. If money is no issue, you'll prefer the A10 Plus, but performance gains may seem incremental if you don't use all the camera tricks or Wireless PowerShare.


 Apart from the classic  Android argument, the biggest differentiator is the triple cameras and the different takes shots on portrait mode, It has more dramatic lighting choices, while the Galaxy A10 goes more for a textured background. Samsung's phone has far more storage options, much longer battery life and a headphone jack.


galaxy-s10-plus view full gallery

There's plenty of competition, but the Galaxy S10 Plus is well-positioned to remain one of the year's best phones.


Juan Garzon/CNET

Google Pixel XL: The Pixel phone far surpasses Samsung's in low-light and night shots, and its portrait selfies are better. Screen resolution is higher, too. But the Galaxy S10 Plus counters with phenomenal storage options, more camera flexibility, much longer battery life, and Wireless PowerShare.


LG V50: A 5G phone, the LG V50 has higher screen resolution than the S10 Plus, and is on par with many other features, at least on paper. We haven't tested the just-announced LG V50, so we can only compare specs. Samsung's phone has greater storage options and a fingerprint scanner on the front rather than the back. Without knowing the price, it's too soon to lean one way or the other.

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As there occurs a contrast to else smartphones, It could be promoted from any previous Galaxy phone. The underside has common elasticity by the camera shots on the Galaxy A10 than with the P 30 or some of Nova device.

The app of Night mode as one exclusion in both the Pixel 3, S 10-series, Mate 20 Pro by Huawei, and P 30 Lite having fanatical night-mode which with ease approve the Galaxy  A10. While on to If night-mode is making its features then there will be a future era for a wait of more than now innovations.

Going towards the Low-Light shot capturing than it is the earliest choice to deal for you, with alongside benefits of the Galaxy  A10, to contest the map of further night-modes could make the A10  the acknowledged winner between mobile phone's marathon.

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