Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaks and Rumors Round-Up

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is going to be the brand’s second foldable smartphone, but unlike Galaxy Fold, the upcoming device will have a clamshell folding design. In this article, we have gathered all the leaks and rumors so far about Samsung Z Flip.

The Journey of Samsung Fold to Galaxy Z Flip

Last year, rumors had been suggesting Galaxy Fold 2, a logical successor toward Samsung Galaxy Fold. But time forwarded, and we came at CES 2020. Some leaks from behind the secret doors at the event caused a sudden appearance of Galaxy Bloom, which was likely to be an apparent moniker of the next Samsung Foldable Smartphone. On January 12, a twist came in the story, and ICE Universe (a reputable tipster) surprised everyone by claiming the Galaxy Bloom to be a codenamed Galaxy Z Flip, a final product name for marketing. Time passes on, and we met the Z Flip later on January 28 at the desk of Max Winebach, writer for XDA Developers. On January 30, Galaxy Z Flip passed through FCC with LTE band, confirming there is no 5G option. We entered in February 2020 and caught the Samsung Z Flip in a leaked hands-on video. Right after two days of leaked hands-on, Samsung added the official page for Galaxy Z Flip on February 5, and later on, that page was removed. On February 10, Samsung Z Flip leaked in all of its glory (design) in a commercial video. Let's discuss in detail what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung Z Flip Release Date

Samsung is holding an Unpacked Event on February 11 for the announcement of Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. The event will take place in the USA, while live streams will get played over the world. We expected that Galaxy Z Flip would debut at the same time. On the other hand, an XDA developer, Max Weinbach, guessed the Samsung Z Flip to launch on February 14. There is no confirmation. It is also possible that Samsung would unveil Z Flip alongside the S20 lineup, and the February 14 could be the availability time of the Galaxy Z Flip in America. AT&T might be the first to adopt the all-new Samsung foldable phone. The pre-orders must start before February 15.

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We hope Samsung won’t delay shipment of Galaxy Z Flip, just like last year happened. Samsung Galaxy Fold was too late, even than expected by the half of 2019.


Samsung Z Flip Price

The Galaxy Fold was a $2,000 device, but that's not seemingly the case with Samsung Z Flip. According to the rumors, Galaxy Z Flip should be cheaper than Fold since it is adopting clamshell design, not costing dual displays expenses and extra cameras and fussy techniques of building a book rather than a flexible device. Anyways, Max gave a precise idea about the Price of Galaxy Z Flip, suggesting it to retail at $1,400.

Another report suggested the reason to cut down the price that Samsung aimed to ship 2.5 million units of Galaxy Z Flip this year. It is a much higher expectation than 0.4 million of Samsung Fold.


Samsung Z Flip Specs and Features

Ben Geskin on Twitter posted a Galaxy Z Flip hands-on video, according to which, the foldable smartphone has an Infinity Flex Display, which may be occupying 6.7inches on front. Resolution should be at least FHD+. The same source revealed that Z Flip has a single punch-hole selfie lens centered on the screen. There is an external 1.06-inch AMOLED panel for notifications. Galaxy Z Flip showed off with dual back cameras aligned horizontally next to that secondary notification panel. In the folded form, there is a visible hinge making it feel to viewer joining the two splits screens.

A German website, WinFuture, listed the Galaxy Z Flip with some key specifications. The listing revealed Samsung Z Flip would power by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset, not the latest SD865. The node is 7nm, but still, it is unfortunate for some consumers breathing on the advanced technology. Take it with a pinch of salt, because it’s not the official confirmation. According to the WinFuture listing, GPU performance will get enhanced by 15% while RAM and Storage will be 8GB and 128GB. Some other memory variants listed too, 8GB/256GB and 12GB/512GB. The next 12GB RAM option is hard to believe for us, whereas the other two are healthy suggestions.

Coming to the optics, Ishan Agarwal (a reputable leakster) in his tweet guessed a 10MP selfie camera (as of Samsung S20) for the Galaxy Z Flip. Also, it is said that the foldable phone will have 8K video recording capability. It’s too much if the Z Flip would do so. Reciting Max Weinbach again, there will be dual 12MP photography cameras (wide and ultrawide) on the back of Samsung Z Flip. We are unaware of the resolution, but the orientation of the dual cams has already spotted in the leaked video teaser (as we told above).

Inside the Samsung Z Flip is a 3300mAh battery, according to the WinFuture, not a 4000mAh as per rumors. Both weird and wireless charging options will be available and said to support 15-watts.

At last, Samsung is rumored to launch a 5G version of Galaxy Z Flip in its home country, South Korea. However, the other regions will only get the LTE version of the Samsung foldable smartphone.

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