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Samsung Gear Fit Review Overall Compact Monitor

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The Samsung Gear Fit is a gadget that appears as though it hails from what's to come: with its new-formed bended show and to a great degree light foot shaped impression, it would appear that a contraption straight out of a Star Trek dream.

At its center, its a cross-over between a smartwatch and a wellness tracker, revealing to you the time, and in addition following your steps.

The Gear Fit has a couple of traps up its sleeve too, in the same way as a heart-rate screen and a training mode that can set the activity pace for runners and cyclers. It likewise promises to last up to 5 days on a solitary charge. Will the Fit satisfy all its guarantees? Furthermore would it say it is truly the best of the two universes of smartwatches and wellness trackers, or a handyman, yet ace of none? How about we discover.

Samsung Gear Fit Specification:


Display                        1.84” Curved Super AMOLED (432x128)

Additional Features        Pedometer, Exercise, Heart Rate, Sleep, Stopwatch, Timer

Notifications                  (SNS, Call, E-mail, Apps) Schedule, Smart Relay, Media Controller

                                  Changeable Strap

                                  IP67 Dust and Water Resistant,

Connectivity                  Bluetooth® v4.0 LE

Sensor Accelerometer,    Gyro, Heart Rate

Dimension                     23.4 x 57.4 x 11.95 mm, 27g

Battery                        Standard Battery 210mAh

                                  Typical Usage 3~4 days, Low Usage up to 5 days

Design And Display

The consolidation of a cutting edge bended showcase and an amazingly light moderate body, makes the Gear Fit feel determinedly outworldly. Furthermore in the event that we needed to figure where Samsung drew persuasion for the Fit, we'd rush to recollect the eyepiece of Star Trek's Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge or even Robocop's clothing. The Gear Fit without a doubt resembles a device from a science fiction motion picture.

Wearing the Fit is additionally not at all like wearing other well known wearables, for example, the Samsung Gear or the Pebble smartwatches - its to a greater extent an armlet than a smartwatch, and on occasion you basically overlook you have it on you, its essentially that breezy, weighing short of what an ounce (27g). In correlation, the first Pebble weighs 1.34 ounces, while the Samsung Gear 2 tips the scales at more than twofold the Fit - 2.4 ounces.

While the Gear Fit has an emphatically subtle feel, its looks are only arresting. We've worn the Pebble for months and we've attempted the Galaxy Gear for a couple of days, yet none of them has gotten even near the oohs and aahs the Gear Fit gets when you wear it. After Google Glass, this is presumably simply the second wearable gadget that starts such real enthusiasm from onlookers, however dissimilar to Glass, it doesn't have that bizarre, 'Peeping Tom' vibe.

The real form of the gadget comprises of honestly ordinary materials - its basically plastic, with a silver blueprint that you may mix up for metal its not - its only plastic with a chrome completion, and its all hard assembled. Those advanced finds are sponsored pleasantly by the Fit's assurance from the components, so you can undoubtedly give it and not stress over it getting wet in the sprinkle. It's Ip67-confirmed, which implies that its ensured from dust and it can withstand submersion in water of up to 3 feet profound as long as 30 minutes we might not hazard swimming with it in salty water, however.

The showcase is a showcase of what AMOLED can do: it has a pleasant ergonomic bend to it, and the profound blacks and extraordinary difference add to the experience.

The most entrancing some piece of the Gear Fit is the bended showcase with its particular long rectangular structure, giving the entire gadget its unique and cutting edge wristband styled look. We are taking a gander at a Super AMOLED touchscreen measuring only 1.84 inches in inclining, with a determination of 432 x 128 pixels. This makes as an exceptionally sensible pixel thickness of 244ppi - not super high-res, however all that anyone could need for clients to make out considerably more modest content on the showcase.

Samsung Gear Fit

The screen itself looks flawless: a showcase of what AMOLED innovation is equipped for with incredible differentiation, profound blacks, rich and immersed, eye-popping shades. Normally for AMOLED, review points are likewise extraordinary, and the picture doesn't little of its vibrancy regardless of the possibility that you look at the screen from a to a great degree limited plot.

Since the Gear Fit is intended to be utilized for snappy looking data, you'd frequently utilize it outside. Fortunately, you can alter the presentation to high shine levels to see it better on much brighter days, yet in less testing conditions, keeping it around mid brilliance accomplishes the occupation and permits the Fit to last more. Lamentably, it can't alter its splendor naturally, so you'd need to physically set it to your enjoying.

Wearing Band

The Gear Fit timepiece is effortlessly separable from its band, and that is uplifting news, as it implies that you can undoubtedly change those groups. The Fit touches base with an energetic, rubbery dark band, however extra ones might be acquired independently, and Samsung is putting forth light black, blue, green, orange and red colors. The rubbery configuration is the one and only you can get right now, and since the Gear Fit has a curious and rather remarkable structure, there won't be numerous other custom groups at the starting. With time, however, we could at present see such custom groups from outsider frill producers.

Interface And Functionality

The Gear Fit runs on something alluded to as a 'continuous working framework' (RTOS), as opposed to on Android or Tizen. A RTOS is a much less difficult stage than is appropriately customized to finish particular errands, however does not have the adaptability and flexibility of more unpredictable Oses. Put essentially, you can't put applications on the Fit - its RTOS is restricted to what Samsung has as of recently preloaded. There is additionally no product improvement unit (SDK) for Samsung's wearable, and consequently, there is no possibility to get to designers to code for it. What Samsung has completed, however, is discharge a SDK so designers can permit their applications to send notices to the Gear Fit.

Why has Samsung picked the constrained RTOS over wealthier stages like Android or Tizen? The response likely lies in the way that such a barebones OS can make do with extremely lower fittings that devours next to no vitality. This is the thing that permits the Fit both to be conservative and to last three to four days on normal, something that different gadgets with color presentations will discover hard to match.

An alternate issue of the Gear Fit is its constrained similarity - the band works just with Samsung telephones, and not even every one of them. At this moment, the Fit is perfect with 17 Samsung gadgets including the most recent Galaxy S5, the S4, S III, Note III, Note 2, and others.

The interface itself is not difficult to handle - its dependent upon touching and tapping, much the same as on a cell phone. At the time of this written work, Samsung has effectively included backing for both scene and picture introduction for the showcase. Beginning models of the Gear Fit had scene help just and that made it a bit hard to peruse, however with picture mode now accessible, there are no more such issues.

You open the Gear Fit by either pressing on the single physical key on its side, or by bringing your hand up in a characteristic movement towards your eyes, in the same way that you'd do when you take a gander at an accepted watch. The opening with movement works affirm more often than not, however there is a slight deferral until the screen turns on. This is a bit of an aggravation when all you need to do is check the time. It's likewise exceptionally irritating when the screen declines to turn on, and you need to rehash the signal again and again. We tried whether the screen would erroneously turn on when you walk, and we can say that it just about never does, however in the event that you're working out or working out, case in point, it does periodically turn itself on, mixing up your developments for endeavors to open it. Still, with all its peculiarities, turning the screen on is our favored system for waking the gadget since it doesn't oblige you to utilize both your hands. We should specify that the screen turns off after a couple of seconds you can switch screen timeout to up to 5 minutes, yet that might decline battery life, so you might need to wake it up every time you need to look the time, climate, steps or something else.

Notwithstanding the principle screen, you have four extra menu pages that you can swipe between. Each of them houses three symbols. Here are all the capacities on the Gear Fit: notices, media controller, pedometer, activity running, cycling, climbing, heart rate, rest, clock, stopwatch, find my gadget, and settings.


Under the hood, the Gear Fit is controlled by a noticeably humble ST-Microelectronics chip passing by the Stm32f439 model name. It's a Cortex-M4-based result that is even more a microcontroller than a full-fledged processor. At a greatest backed clock of 180mhz, this chip is far less capable than what's utilized within different wearables like the Samsung Gear (the rigging runs at up to 1ghz), yet in return for this, it devours a staggeringly low measure of force.

Special Features (Fitness Trackers)


The Gear Fit is more than simply a lovely bended screen that you can wear on your wrist, however. It has yearnings as a wellness tracker, and your trip with it towards better wellbeing begins with setting up a profile. You'd have to tell the Fit how old you are, what's your sex, and additionally how your stature and weight. After you're finished with this, you can begin getting fitter.

Pedometer - this is the characteristic that records the separation you go by staying informed regarding the steps you take, an unquestionable requirement have characteristic for any wellness following device. Remember that the pedometer does not record your steps unless you begin it first - at exactly that point, it will begin running out of sight. For us, that is outright abnormal for a gadget with yearnings as a wellness tracker: such characteristics are relied upon to be turned on of course - it bodes well for the client to need to stress recalling to turn on wellness following characteristics on a... wellness tracker!

Heart rate screen - while pedometers are at the center of most wellness trackers, the Gear Fit's mark characteristic is to some degree distinctive. It's got a devoted heart-rate screen, a characteristic that is lost on most other famous trackers.

The innovation of measuring your beat, or your heart rate, is not entangled - a committed sensor pillars infrared light onto the veins of your lower arm, and it reveals to you your beat by figuring what's reflected back. This straightforward component, notwithstanding, ends up being fiddly in genuine living.

Exercise mode running, cycling, climbing - while the pedometer is a free capacity of the Gear Fit (it runs actually when the Fit is disengaged from the telephone), the activity mode - unfortunately - is certain to your cell phone. So as to begin following your cycling activity, case in point, you'd require a telephone association with get your area. We jump at the chance to go on short two wheeler rides without a huge cell phone dangling in our pocket - tragically, in the event that you need to get some activity information, that is not conceivable with the Fit - its not a sincerely self-sufficient gadget. In the event that you have it joined with a telephone, however, it benefits an occupation on following your outing .

Slumber screen - the Gear Fit likewise stays informed regarding your slumber, yet much the same as all past characteristics, you need to physically begin that dozing mode everytime you go to bunk. We recently longed the arm jewelery would naturally discover when we go to rest, however oh, its not doing that.

What does rest mode do? Very little right now. It doesn't incorporate with S Health yet we anticipate that Samsung will bring such help soon, and it just reveals to you to what extent you've "dozed" the time since you pressed the "begin" and "stop" catch, and the rate of "still" hours throughout your slumber. No slumber cycles, no definite breakdown, nothing. We do want, however, that Samsung will enhance the restricted slumber capacities of the Fit in the exact not so distant future.


The Gear Fit may not help outsider applications, yet it reveals to you warnings from numerous types of diverse applications from local email, to schedule, Facebook, Viber, and all others that have actualized the characteristic. Such a rich warning framework is welcome, as other well known wearable's similar to the Pebble, case in point, can't get warnings from all that numerous applications, in addition to some have an issue with non-Latin content encodings. None of those issues are available on the Fit.

It might vibrate and light up when you accept a call or a quick message. For calls, you can reject or dismiss and send the single predefined content answer: "I'll call you later", however you can't really chat on the Fit, not at all like the Gear 2. For quick messages, you can read the entire message on the shrewd armlet, and you have a couple of predefined answers that you can send straight from the wearable. The same holds valid for email – you can read full messages, and additionally send speedy predefined answers through the Samsung email application. Notices for outsider applications like say Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail or Viber happen in a very much alike way, however dissimilar to calling, SMS and email that are viewed as first-gathering applications, you can't answer to these warnings from the Fit.

At long last, we should say that erasing messages on the Gear Fit is an unnecessarily convoluted undertaking. Envision a circumstance when somebody sends you a couple of lines on Facebook - in Facebook's accepted interface this might consider a solitary message. Not on the Gear Fit, however - each line will be considered a separate message and you'd need to erase each and every a to clear up your warnings box. We trust Samsung figures out how to settle this at any rate for prevalent applications like Facebook within a brief period of time.

Battery life and charging

The Gear Fit boats with a 210mah battery, however battery limit alone won't let you know much about to what extent this new sort of a gadget keeps going. Samsung guarantees that you ought to get 3-4 days between charges, and in the event that you utilize the Fit infrequently, you can anticipate that up will 5 days. We discovered these authority numbers matching our certifiable experience, as even with our more extreme tests, the Fit kept going in excess of three days on a solitary charge.

Charging the gadget, however, is a fascinating methodology. To make such an out worldly plan conceivable, Samsung needed to fall back on a few traps. The most eminent one is that you won't discover a charging port anyplace on the Gear Fit. It's only not there - rather, Samsung incorporates an attractive cut on embellishment that you append to the base of the Fit. The sole reason for this attractive cut is to add a microusb charging port to the gadget - with it on, charging happens as on whatever available gadget, with a standard micro usb link.


The Samsung Gear Fit value is situated at the immoderate $199 (€199 in Europe), almost twofold the cost of section level wellness trackers, and higher than even the pricey $130 Fitbit Force and $150 Nike Fuelband+. It's likewise costlier than the $150 Pebble smartwatch. In the meantime, however, such a high cost for the Fit is not unjustified - its sincerely a hybrid gadget bringing both a smooth, out common configuration, and a lovely, enlightening AMOLED show that others need.

Expert Opinion

In the wake of testing it, we can reason that its not as correct as a committed wellness tracker in numerous angles, yet its not route off either. The particular traps the Gear Fit has, in the same way as a heart-rate sensor and instructing mode, are additionally a bit all in or all out. All things considered, its not the ideal tracker. Furthermore at that - nor it is an impeccable smartwatch - the screen is not generally on, and waking it with movement does not generally work. In addition, it doesn't help any applications that might augment the inherent practicality.

In the meantime, however, with all its blemishes, the Gear Fit is one of the first gadgets that provides for us a taste of a science fiction dream we've all been envisioning with its bended screen, lovely show, and a rich warnings framework. We're not there yet, yet with the Fit, Samsung is on to something, and we at long last feel we're en route towards that dream.


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