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Samsung Gear Live VS LG G Watch, Comparative Review

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Samsung and LG both are giants in the making of electronic products as well as the mobile industry. Both have a high reputation amongst the users. According to the recent research both companies have lots of consumers who only prefer to use their products even a bit costlier than the others. Recently both giants revealed the smart watches during the Google I/O held in San Francisco in 26th June.

The both smart watches named “Galaxy Gear Live” and “LG G Watch”, both are the first wearable devices by the companies, they run the Android operating system. The more interesting thing is that the companies did not merge their own designed interface with the operating system as before they did. The wearables are still available for the pre orders but in a couple of weeks the wearables hit the markets soon and users are able to enjoy the features of this little piece of technology.



Samsung Gear Live

              LG G Watch




Operating System

Android OS

Android OS


37.9 x 56.4 x 8.9mm

37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm


59 grams

63  grams


Super AMOLED touch screen,

IPS LCD touch screen


1.6 inch

1.6 inch


1.2 GHz  Dual-core Colors

1.2 GHz  Dual-core


512 MB RAM, 4 GB on board storage

512 MB RAM, 4 GB on board storage


300 mAh battery, Stand By 7 days

400 mAh battery, Stand By 8 days





Jet Black, wind red

Jet Black, White


Design and Display

The both wearable have a simple display size as 1.6 inches and same measurements 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm in dimensions, but they both have different displays. Samsung Gear Live is equipped with their own designed Super AMOLOED touch screen and LG G Watch is featured with IPS LCD touch screen. Besides the displays there is one more different seen in both of them. The LG G Watch is quiet heavy in comparison with Gear Live. LG G Watch has a 63 grams weight and Gear Live has 59 grams in weight. Gear live is 4 grams less in weight from LG G Watch.

Software and User Interface

 The both wearables run Android based operating system without any additional features. The smart watches are equipped with very basic functions but the functions are equally sensitive than the other operating system. Companies do not add their own designed UI and prefer to use the Android’s own design UI.

Processor and Memory

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live both are powered with 1.2 GHz Dual-core processor which gives the enough speed to the smartwatch and give them to efficiency to behave in a balanced manner. Both smart watches have a 512 MB RAM along with 4 GB on board storage which is enough to record the daily schedule and keep the record in the right place. This is the smartwatch and a wearable device there is no card slot present on it.



 The both wearables are equally good by functions, but in the account of battery LG takes the plus points. Samsung Gear Live is energized by 300mAh battery which gives the 7 days backup time to the users after full charge but the LG G Watch is equipped with 400mAh battery which gives the 8 days backup time to the users. LG G Watch provides 1 day more in comparison to Samsung Gear Live.

Price and Colors

 Samsung Gear Live is available in two colors Jet Black, wind red; LG G Watch is also available in two colors Black and White. Users have an open option to choose the color according to their mind and their fashion taste. This is not enough the both wearables are available in same $199 price. There is no doubt that the companies fixed the reasonable price for their wearables. The smart watches are available for the pre orders and the product will hit the markets in couple of weeks.

Hopefully both gadgets will make the good share from the markets and provide the good results to the users.


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