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Upcoming Google Nexus 6 2016 Maker, Specs, Release date and Price

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As we known Nexus is the sub brand of Google. There is not only the reason to facilitate the users with the premium device, in fact, the main purpose is to launch the Nexus device every year to introduce are aware the users with the new version of Android system and for making the smartphone the Google collaborate with the mobile phone manufacturers. This year they launched two devices which are made up with the help of LG and Huawei and the handsets known as LG Nexus 5x and Huawei Nexus 6P. Before this LG made some other nexus devices for Google but Huawei attempted the making of Nexus smartphone the first time and in the first try they made the premium device which achieved the award of best smartphone of the year and compel the Google to hire them again. According to the recent rumors, Huawei again serves the Google for making the Nexus smartphone for 2016.

Expected Specification

We cannot say anything before time but we have a light of rumors and as per the rumors suggest the upcoming Google Nexus 6 2016 will come with the latest Android N operating system. Though the initial of OS is not confirmed yet but according to the Chinese analyst, the N suggest the Nutter Butter which seems the upcoming OS version and also known as Android 7.0.

It is also said that the upcoming Nexus 6 2016 will be featured with Snapdragon 820 chipset which seems logical because the Huawei Nexus 6P is powered with Snapdragon 810 chipset. As we know the Snapdragon 820 chipset is compatible with Adreno 530 GPU which gives the 40 percent better and efficient performance to the users is also worked inside the device. It is also expected that the upcoming smartphone will carry the Kryo CPU which has a digital signal processor and enhances the working speed of the handset. We are expecting to have another revolution from Huawei if they make the Nexus 2016 device and as the name suggest that the handset will be 6 inches in size which are also make the sense because the Nexus 6P is available in 5.7 inches display and the rumors suggest that the upcoming device might support the 4K display resolution.


 There is no information available about the battery capacity of the handset, but it is expected that if the device is the feature with Snapdragon 820 it also supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, for super-fast charging with a compatible mains adaptor. Besides these specs, we are also expecting to have the smartphone with external memory which is the lack in Nexus devices and if the Huawei is the manufacturer of upcoming Nexus 6 then they will defiantly serve the users with external memory because the Chinese manufacturer is well known in the making of premium devices. 

Expected Version

Besides the Nexus 6 another version of the device is also expected and which is known as Nexus 7 2016 Tablet and it is expected that the tablet is also made by Huawei. As the name suggest if the rumors become true the device is the large display device might be 7 inches in size.

Release Date

There is no confirm date of release available, but it is expected that the device will be released in September 2016.

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