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The Smart-phone market is increasing viciously on the antagonism, the advertise partition has to turn into new trends for several vendors, but from brands, each one is on a trial to be market their individual exclusive resultant via factions, for example, the Chinese producers prefer to instigate sub-brands.


Taking a contrasting to other mobile phones that are stepping to articulate their ranking from the exterior, iQOO’s passion for ranking individually could be imitated by the facts. In this paragraph, we are going to discuss the topic Vivo’s iQOO, an innocent babyish sub-brand. All the conditions like the launch, pre-order, shipment and the availability come into being in March 2019. The vivo iQOO has toned a fresh eye-catching design innovation which is too dominating in hardware’s mixture-selection; therefore it could be called a Monster flagship smart-mobile-phone as to having a print on rear casing.

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Short Specification

Full specs selected for this are ripened up, it has obtained run on power by Snapdragon 855 chipset, some regions will enjoy Qualcomm SDM855 processor and the display comes with 6.4 inches AMOLED panel having the resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, aspects ratio 19.5:9 and very rich based 402ppi. OS platform is Android 9.0 (Pie), some of the configurations will meet to Funtouch 9 for OS purpose. Dual SIMs can bring under use if you don’t want to enhance memory on further tales Nano-SIM. Octa-core processor of which 1core Kryo 485 is clocking at 2.84 GHz speed 3 cores Kryo 485 are circling with 2.41 GHz clock rate, remaining Quad cores Kryo 485 are clocking at 1.78 GHz speed, most perfect graphical results are guaranteed via GPU of Adreno 640. Moreover, the Vivo iQOO receives energy for work out by 4000mAh battery which is gaining 44W Q charging. In the handset NFC is equipped, UD fingerprint reader, and face-unlock. There is trice of cameras on the rear as 12MP main optic with f/1.79 aperture; a 13MP optic is a wide angle and a tinny 2MP depth sensor.

The communication options are as WLAN with Wi-Fi 802.11, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, and hotspot; Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, and LE; GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, and BDS; NFC, Radio, and USB type-C with 1.0 reversible connector. Sensors features contribute with nearly all necessary in trends now like the UD Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, and compass. The four memory configurations are packed with the two striking colors the Optic Blue, and Lava Orange.


The Price for Vivo iQOO

The Vivo iQOO’s prices are moving in different circles according the memory configurations RAM & ROM respectively 6GB/128GB price for $549, 8GB/128GB for $599, 8GB/256GB for $649 and   12GB/256GB for $849. Our judgment brings the point out if the price of the smartphone competes to that of the high price tag according to features performance percentage going to be in sell outlets by iQOO.


The Design of Vivo iQoo

When we are on touching with first sight impression that the mindset turns to Vivo iQOO body, the gaming with a fine screen-to-body ratio of 91.7%, the infinity-O display is thanked by of water drop notch designation with narrow bezels on top and bottom of the display. The feel able narrow bezel on top front is for an earpiece, which comes to own identical place on the overall black color of the design. On overall looks it is the seem-less point to be quite narrow on top. To achieve the purpose of slimming down bezels the addition of LED from notification is missed by will.


The flip side of under psychiatry Vivo iQOO is sheltered with glass and made by Halo-light-strips which sparkle on the time when the mobile phone is putted for charging. The design is created by Knight Black, a 3D glass of Beast, and the carbonated fiber for surface, and the AG process for finishing; all these have produced a luminous quality with brightness beam, it receives a message for the calling to Jovi assistant and on game-winning stage this fresh feature twinkles for you. There is a vertical arrangement of three cameras on the right corner which multitude 12MP plus 13MP dual back cameras sensor of IMX 363, a tinny 2MP camera as the depth sensor, and below these a module for LED flashlight is fixed. On putting side by side the Xiaomi Mi 9’s the rear camera unit to iQOO, its scheme doesn’t find much apart. Coming to the left bottom curve, the iQOO logo is nicely stamped. The complete rear is not exposing fingerprint sensor, which is really UD sensor on the front panel.


At far distinctive from the exclusive Halo-light-strips on the flipside, the Vivo iQOO has come in company of two monstrous touch-able keys on the right frame face, which comes in use really during gaming to call up the stylish Jovi-assistant, just by pressing the A key which is fitted below the slot of  SIM card on the left side of phone, one key is the bright of orange colored is for power on/off, The Vivo has created innovation like rebellion by keeping iQOO’s 3.5mm earphone jack on top, which is placed on the top. The bottom as customary smartphones includes speaker, the Type-C port for charging and USB attachment port placed on. The two marks near the edge are added especially as game-playing keys.

Taken as a whole the design for the Vivo iQOO has made up it matchless to one side of vendors hustle and bustle, and it’s caused just by the method of a new-fangled color. The virtual keys on the side frame, the Halo-LED-strip on the flipside, considered curious features for a mobile phone in this sector.



Performance of Vivo iQOO

The Monster said by the brand also is by equipping on giant level for 5th generation experiences

As to be 2019’s Android, this is mainly powerful processor Qualcomm 855 has to conclude at last. The Snapdragon 855 smartphone platform approves a new 7nm method. The construction of CPU is promoted to Kryo 485. The work-out and effectiveness of the OS are highly developed because the alone 1 core is greatly improved the CPU 45% improved by the party.

The key frequencies of CPU are single core at 1.80 GHz, three cores at 2.42 GHz and quad 2.84 GHz correspondingly. With the calculation of the GPU snapdragon 855 are improved to Adreno 640, which has developed phone’s overall performance by 20% as evaluate to the earlier generation.


Bench Marks for performances


Overall performance in Angora Rabbit has scored 367559points. Single core test achieved 3526 points in Geekbench, and 11099 points in the multi-core test. Open-CL and Vulkan have graphed 5656 and 4927 points in 3D Mark for intense quality. This is proved quality for full Android performance.


Gaming for iQOO

Along with the other good names for this gorgeous handset new introduction comes to meet Gaming iQOO because of the best performance of the game. The Heat Control System as it is used in PCs, the benefit from the preface of iQOO is a super liquid-cooled, heat pipes are filled with a chemical which turned into a liquid when the heat reaches on a particular level, and it cooled it to downwards. This also increases the life of devices. The tight arrangement of iQOO’s CPU mainly depending for performances on Super Liquid Cooled. The iQOO has used 9.6 cm long heat pipe, which is frankly connected via the core to heat foundation of CPU and to the other minor temperature parts of the body. As the glass is considered heat control structure thus a huge diameter of 5D is used for, the iQOO effective heat rakishness is increased more than twice. Already some of the devices are using super-liquid-cooled like the Xiami Black Shark, Luma 950 XL, and Razor Phone. After long use the smartphone received only 1% more heat than the normal measure of temperature before use.

As a game mobile phone, obviously, with the accumulation of healthy performance, the iQOO has unpacked a lot of unique software optimizations, so as snapdragon 855 is accurately achieving the ultimate potential for the mixture of hardware and software.


The iQOO could be decided as a gadget box with the special experiences and creativity adding for gaming lovers. As far as the iQOO mobile phone’s display screen described, via firm-press on the right of frame side, were two character keys located, it will add two modes special mode and game space. It is the place where the process of free-interface could be accomplished, the gaming results and enjoyment improves to an amazing point to prove you as gaming specialist.  At the time when playing, a digital antagonism mode could be inserted, which will ice over the isolated hidden firepower, and you can meet the functions of a backstage hang up backstage calls, and yourself constructed 3D game encloses, and echo effects and much more.

This function is value-able to be revealed that the iQOO smartphone has added the Monster Touch as the pressure-sensing key, which can modify the function of two pressure sensing keys on the side of the frame. It will transport facility you to get control on game skill.


Battery life 

The big battery capacity is supporting Super Flash Charge. IQOO clutches Vivo’s Super Flash Charge for the mega fast flash charging and in actual grasp 44W keen fast power charging. The iQOO Super Flash Charge has used two charging pumps 97% of IC modification, FFC configuration for charge and IC design is separated in two ways hence to achieve a faster fill up in lower temperature for the superior experience friendly charging.



It is the first time that some vendor has made up and added 44W ultra-high power charging, therefore, particular tests are designed for this objective as

You can have a charge from 2% keeping in the purse of its juice, and it takes 60 minutes to fill the entire battery. This great charging speed before now is a good success for mobile phone holding powerhouse of 4000mAh battery cells. It returns the fluid back in veins of the battery on quick bases.

Where there are hidden features are under the prevailing investigation of consistency there is a lying slogan ‘Monster Inside’, is a picky veiled LED band of multi-color float floating between the body’s glass. Whenever the notification will appear the LED light-belt will auto light up. It smart arrangement could also be awarded to Vivo engineers that the iQOO body is posing a quite thin viewing affect when there is equipped a 4000 mAh battery and light-belt for LED all at once. The iQoo gifted 44W vivo super-flash charger. It will fill up a 4000 mAh battery within 45 minutes. It will satisfy because the consumers always put deep requirements for 3D gaming; both the transportability and game-play stamina could be measured when the battery will come under use.



Operating system

OS version for the sleek of high-class flagship is greatly improved and game optimizing on the peak of playing experience.


On the OS system, the version number for this iQOO is upgraded on a very big ground, the earlier NEX series Funtouch OS 4 toward the most modern Funtouch OS 9, the version based on to the latest Android 9 core.


The next change is in the UI of the OS system. Even though the version number has embraced great improvement, on the whole, UI mode remains the same before. The icon technique is additionally flat and conventional to those trends of the time. The drop-down menu bar has a firm change, it occupies the full screen when it comes on the open condition, and the controls of the functions happen tough to bring under rich use.


 Jovi AI has been promoted as the main function of Vivo mobile phones; Jovi AI provides important functional position. Jovi has received deep slot into the iQOO flagship with formal support for eight fixed functions to accomplish more intellectual dealing of diverse scenarios, like the photography, voice, gaming, and system presently.


The Jovi can collect the information in an intelligent way to help you to use in daily life. It digs up the forgotten points of history in your phone memory by wise searches


Also, Jovi's voice becomes a good assistant. After the firm holding down onto the A button located on the left corner side of the phone, on wake up of the Jovi voice assistant, you carry on to ask the questions you wish to know, the appropriate answers appear on quick point. Jovi tells about the weather, tickets, games present in his goal, and Jovi also works as a reminder.


Wisdom Mapping with Jovi is, on the whole, a preferred feature when bringing under use. It recognized you demands from end to end by a camera. Just by using the Jovi Wisdom Map mode, it instantaneously identifies and collects information where the object is stored, price, features, and even that which you don’t know. Jovi voice will supply easy help to translate, the very precious and necessary function for those who found themselves poor for the foreign language understandings talent.


We are going to write down the relative extraordinary functionality of NFC on Vivo flagship. On iQOO you are finding the use of full features of NFC. Very soon after the activation of Vivo folder, you will be connected to the bus-card having facilitated by the brand pact, so there is an easy way to use the NFC card to journey on the national bus in most of the country cities. Along with the vivo folder is supporting the function of attachment of the banking cards. Could be used there where is the Union-Pay supports, how many authentic functions does iQOO mobile phone keep in its pocket?

 Cameras for iQOO

The brave iQOO mobile phone in addition to its outstanding performances in the game, who were claiming the mobile camera with strong game performance, is only suitable for the scanner? IQOO mobile phones completely break this inertial thinking.

The complex specification for brave iQOO is developed to get a ride from many misperceptions. As was claimed that healthy gaming is impossible only through scanner, now in 2019, next-generation iQOO mobile phone include feature with three cameras, first the main camera holds 12MP, rich-pixel dual core for initial focusing; second 13MP ultra wide angle camera which is offering the ultra-wide-angle range to 120 degrees, and a 2MP f/2.4 aperture camera as depth sensor. All three cameras lend helping hands to each other for shooting larger landscapes; and again the brand has tagged surprise to oblige with an ultra-clear-night Scene 2.0, AI scene for the camera, could auto adjust the light with the help of Jovi feature day and night.


Selfie Camera


In the front face, there is lying selfie camera of the 12MP, attached with iQOO by vivo is a well base to beauty algorithm and bodybuilding configurations, allowing buyers to feed glow in the click-picks for a complete day. Sportingly, it is required to be important, for now, the modern trend of popularity, the attractiveness of dumpy video applications, and Beauty Camera function where would not only be used in captivating shots, but also for big videos shooting.


The quality wise images are quite good of iQOO mobile phone in the casing of satisfactory light. Due the iQOO is careful to adjust the sensor of quality master Sony IMX363 and became extra helpful with the AI scene-scanning of the camera, the captured shoots are on glory-point of goodness. The AI scene-scanning camera of the iQOO mobile phone becomes extraordinary in the scene- recognition, clicking-speed, and image-accuracy, which is in sequence to that of the location for its flagship level smartphone.

Receiving help with the prop-up of an ultra wide-angle optic, the effectiveness of iQOO cell phone in photography is extended. The real noticeable extension is in shape of some tapered spaces added with the ultra-wide angle optic; this joint position is more authoritative for viewing with wide-angle when you are making the photographs finds the more outstanding the field of visualization.


The central camera with 12MP is together with professional virtual optic and first-rate put up of the shutters ability, the close-up shoots via iQOO smartphone are with very strong aptitude, even when you are going to enlarge the photo, and the particulars of the photo with good graphics and AI-tech are more clearly visible.


For night shooting, it is the encounter of previous vivo NEX night shooting, which is having progress with the maturity of the super-night scene using the dual-screen. The iQOO have achieved fruition to the Super Clear Night scene version 2.0, the night shooting proved much easier than ever now.


Talking about Selfie visual rendering, vivo proves its expertise as the talking head. An extreme position of the iQOO phone, it can take fantastic Selfies with the aid of self-timer for good posture in photos. The natural optimization has been brought under experiments with all beauty effect in low-light, sunshine time, even the clouds shoot come not perky or embellished because the AI is here and there.


Our decree

A commanding flagship smartphone with coldness in outer looks and inner fittings has come in real experience.

Being an independent brand iQOO bestows buyers a superb realization. iQOO is in now with its first-rate patterns, handsome design swiftly grab visibility of eyes.


Having counting in recent of 2019 flagships, iQOO is some tightfisted about configuration. Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset, trio of flipside cameras and actual giant memory of 12GB could easily be said bit by bit coming on to awarding the top performance club member.


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