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Xiaomi Mi5 Preview

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 Xiaomi has made its name in the market in very short time and has catered for the markets in the nearby countries in providing smartphones and tablets of good quality and excellent performance.  Its past history of success has given it lot of confidence to expand its market in other regions of the world. It has so far sold about 6 million devices in the different markets of the world which is a marvelous job.


Now it is at par with big companies of the world and can effectively completed with them and will increase its scope of production and sale of its devices. In the past they launched Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 in many countries of the world including the largest market for mobiles, India. It is planning to launch Mi5 and it is awaited all over the world. Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 have already built a reputation for the company and now Mi5 will make its place in the market very conveniently. Similarly Xiaomi would like to exploit its vantage position and by launching standard products, Mi5 would like to make the best of it.


Seeing the photos of Xiaomi Mi5 is designed to compete Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 and iPhone 6 Plus. It will be almost bezel less smartphone having big QHD screen, slightly bigger than 5 inches. It bears Xiaomi logo on the front side at top left and in appearance it will more or less Mi4. Its designed features have been improved for effectively making it capable of fighting the battle with other rival smart phones.



Xiaomi Mi5 is coming with 5.5 or 5.7 inches screen with QHD display quality having 1440x 2560 pixels resolution, good enough to stand in competition with iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 and also upcoming LG G4 and Galaxy S6.  The screen is going to be IPS Capacitive touch screen and the size of the screen might give the place to the device in phablet line.        

Operating system, Processor and Memory

Xiaomi Mi5 runs the Android 4.4 KitKat Operating system and will be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 64 bit Octa Core processor with 2.5GHz speed. Out of the 8 core 4 are Cortex A57 and 4, Cortex A53 cores. This processor enables streaming of ultra HD 4k videos with best quality graphics. It will also be powered with 4 GB RAM and three options of on board memory that is 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. However it is not extendable externally. This seems to be reasonable configuration to handle all requirements in the daily life and moreover is capable of high speed streaming of videos.  


Previously Xiaomi claimed to provide Xiaomi Mi4 with 20.1 mega pixel camera but it was missing and now the company is determine to equip Xiaomi Mi5 with ISOCELL 20.1 mega pixel rear camera. Xiaomi has to do it if it has to effectively fight the competition because camera is an important component of any smart phone or a phablet judge by the users before spending money on this. This will not be a very big achievement to provide 20 mega pixel camera because Sony Xperia Z1 already has 20.7 mega pixel and Nokia Lumia 1020 has a powerful camera of 41 mega pixels. The ISOCELL chip enhances the capability of camera in image quality particularly under adverse light conditions. The main camera features are autofocus, LED flash, Geo tagging and optical image stabilization. Xiaomi Mi5 is also provided with 8 mega pixel front facing camera having 1080 pixels density and 30fps video recording capability.


 With all the features described above the device certainly need the powerful battery to function well and smoothly. It is energized with 3500mAh battery which is sufficient in power to give reasonable backup to the device. However, the weak point about battery is that it is non removable.  

Expected Features

Finger Print Scanner:

 Xiaomi Mi5 has finger print scanner in the home button similar to touch ID feature.


Water Resistant:

Xiaomi previous devices lacked the feature of water resistance. The other rival devices did have this quality thereby giving a preference over Xiaomi. Now Xiaomi Mi5 is going to have this feature to be at par with Sony Xperia Z series and Samsung devices.

Mobile Gaming: 

 Xiaomi Mi5 has the combination of 4K HD video streaming and Generation Next IR Blaster it can connect with Ultra HD big screen for a real good gaming experience.

Xiaomi Mi5 Expected Price

Xiaomi Mi5 has been loaded with lot many features and yet is not very costly device. it has to keep the balance between the high specs of the device and the market price for the users  as the previous trend goes it would be mid range phablet. The expected price of Mi5 is around $450 in China and nearby markets. From price aspect it will meet the competition with Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One Series which are more costly presently in the market compare to Xiaomi Mi4.

Mi5 Xiaomi price in China: 1850 Yuan

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Russia: 15000 Ruble

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Hong Kong: 2400 HKD

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Singapore: 430 Singapore Dollar

Mi5 Xiaomi price in USA: 450 Dollar

Mi5 Xiaomi price in Europe: 300 Euro

Xiaomi Mi5 Expected Release Date

Recently Xiaomi has launched LTE version of Mi4 in many countries and are establishing themselves better in many markets. Taking the benefit of this release it is expected that Mi5 would be released at least in China in March 2015. However the company may like to sell Mi4 in bigger quantity before it launches Mi5 and in view of this launching of Xiaomi Mi5 may be delayed.

List of Countries With Expected Release Date of Xiaomi Mi5 

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in China: March 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in Indonesia: March 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in Singapore: March 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in Thailand: June 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in Malaysia: June 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in Spain: June 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in US: June 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in India: September 2015

Xiaomi Mi5 release date in Germany: September 2015


Xiaomi has learnt from its past experience of Mi3 and Mi4 and has certainly improved Mi5 in many aspects. It is a highly well configured phablet and users maybe waiting for this quality product. Considering the price and the configuration ratio users will not hesitate spending money on this new phablet. Traditionally Xiaomi would launch it in China initially before moving to other markets of the world. Hopefully it will be a successful device and would bring good business to the company and pleasing experience to the users. 


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