Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy A50

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy A50

Have you ever seen a budget phone approaching to a mid-range smartphone? If not, here is a good example Redmi Note 7 versus Galaxy A50. Xiaomi is popular for developing the cheapest mobile phones, but who expect to mount up such heights by a Chinese phone. Let’s begin the rumble to pick up a better one for you.


Design and Display

Despite having U-shaped notch displays, the Redmi Note 7 and Galaxy A50 look different apart, and of course, it’s due to their unique manufacturing style and dimensions. A50 make you feel wider and larger than the opponent. On the other side, Xiaomi smartphone is bold at 8.1 mm while Samsung phone measures only 7.7 mm of thickness, slim and smart.

Both devices have vertical back camera alignment. The actual difference is the number of lenses - Redmi phone offers two while Galaxy handset boasts three.

Galaxy A50 shelters the Fingerprint Sensor in front screen. Sadly, FR migrated to the rear when it comes to Redmi Note 7, safe and secure though.

Those of two gadgets have a plastic frame and dual-sided glass protection – Gorilla Glass 5 shields Redmi Note 7 when A50 guarded by Corning Glass 3. In this round, Redmi is proud of being strong.

As a clever, sharp player, Samsung used to attract the audience with a 6.4inches display of AMOLED for deeper blacks and amazing contrast. However, Xiaomi mobile sports an insignificantly smaller 6.3inches touchscreen of IPS LCD ranks excellence for whites but not as splendid as A50’s crispy bright screen.


MIUI 10 Vs OneUI

A good smartphone interface refreshes the mind of consumers, delivers smooth performance, and offers extra stuff for convenient. But the increasing competition demands them to do more, that’s why every brand works hard to develop the best interface for their consumers, which make them proud among the other competitive brands. In this regard, Xiaomi and Samsung have also brought their MIUI 10 and OneUI.

MIUI 10 is faster in performance, but it lacks some quick to do features such as Shortcut to the Settings and App Drawer. On the other side, OneUI brings support for one-handed user, and a few nifty surprises like night mode, but OneUI is a bit slower.

Remember, both the Redmi Note 7 and Galaxy A50 have same system software standard, Android 9.0 Pie.


48MP Vs 25MP (Camera Fight)

Swing for the fences. Those two wrestlers played their best to win the title of champion for photography. Redmi Note 7 sponsors a dual while Galaxy A50 carries a triple back camera setup. Samsung gives that extra 8MP ultrawide shooter to knock out opponent, but that’s might not enough.

Xiaomi smartphone boasts a high-res 48MP lens of wide f/1.8 aperture, while the Galaxy handset comes up with a low-res 25MP lens but of wider f/1.7 aperture. Redmi Note 7 shows excellence for dynamic range of colors for splendid images, whereas the Samsung A50 captures more light for brighter shots. Both are two opposite sides of a mirror. In daylight, those pictures taken by Xiaomi Note 7 look more natural, saturated and impressive, whereas the Galaxy A50 delivers enhanced photography for low-light conditions. Well… it depends upon you, what you need more - a 48MP eye for amazing bigger perspective shots or a 25MP one for nice dark-themed photos.

Something is common here, a 5MP depth sensor. So, you are allowed floating to either side.

Video rec: Luckily, Redmi phone supports gyro-EIS and allows 1080p shooting at 30, 60 and up to 120 fps. However, Samsung cell phone does not feature any stabilizing and it limits FHD video recording at only 30fps.

13MP Vs 25MP

Game reversed and Xiaomi is again down to earth for the front camera after winning the battleground for video shooting. Redmi Note 7 has a mere 13MP selfie snapper while Samsung A50 assembles a 25MP selfie master. Two different lenses are of the same sized shutter, f/2.0. Redmi tried its best with nifty AI filters but still fail to catch the praise of Galaxy A50’ superb selfies.

With either one, user can make FHD video calls.

Snapdragon 660 Vs Exynos 9610

Finally, we come to the core difference, and so you can easily calculate which one perform better. Redmi Note 7 packs inside a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 (a 12nm chipset). Next to this, the Galaxy A50 is housing a 10nm Exynos 9610 processor. Samsung phone is theoretically more powerful, but that’s not happen in reality. The Xiaomi device directed by Machine Learning Algorithm offers incredibly smoother experience whether multitasking or gaming. With the A50, it feels any lag there in front of Redmi Note 7.

Let’s see what the benchmarking reports are saying. Galaxy A50 received 142,827 AnTuTu scores while Xiaomi Note 7 achieved 144,599 AnTuTu scores for overall efficiency. Such a cheap device leaves a mid-end behind as a result of accelerating hardware as well as software - that’s cool.

Graphical performance is better for Samsung mobile with Mali-G72 graphics card that that of Xiaomi mobile with Adreno 512 GPU. Get ready to enjoy Fortnite, PUBG and other hot Android phone games.

Galaxy A50 arrives in only two 4GB and 6GB RAM options with 64GB and 128GB storage, whereas the Redmi Note 7 is offered in three entries 3GB, 4GB and 6GB RAM respectively along with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal memory. MicroSD slot is available for both gadgets.



Samsung’s A50 and Xiaomi’s Note 7 are powered by the same Li-Po Battery of 4,000 mAh. So you have no need to worry much about handset life, and there is negligible difference for endurance ratings. If Redmi gives longer talk time, at the same time A50 delivers more hours of watching and playing.

What differ them is actually their Fast Charging capability. Redmi Note 7 is compatible with an 18W Quick Charge; however, the Samsung A50 allows a slight downgraded 15W Fast Charge.



It is surprising how far the two phones are from price perspective. Redmi Note 7 price is merely $150, while the Galaxy A50 is priced at $250. However specs-wise, how close those two devices are. If you can manage to compromise on A50’s AMOLED Display, 8MP ultrawide and 25MP selfie cam, honestly there is no need to buy A50, and alternatively you can purchase the Xiaomi Note smartphone meanwhile you are getting a big screen, 48MP photography cam with EIS support, better executing performance, and an ample powerhouse with more capable fast charge.

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