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Yota Phone 2 , Second Generation Phone For Second Generation Peoples

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Yota Phone 2 has been discharged .Yota Devices finished not surrender and have recently thought of the second-era Yota Phone, providing it with a 5" 1080p presentation and this time - a full touch-empowered e-ink screen.

Yota brought this working model to demonstrate to us what would we be able to anticipate from the Yota Phone 2 and it likewise uncovered arrangements to bring the device to the United States and other new markets.


         •             Android KitKat 4.4

         •             5.67 x 2.74 x 0.35, Weight 4.9 oz

         •             5 inches

         •             2.3 GHz Quad-core

         •             RAM 2 GB , Built In Memory 32 GB

         •             8 megapixels, Secondary 2 megapixels.

         •             Li-ion (2500 mAh capacity)

Outline And Design

Outline smart, the Yotaphone 2 is a gigantic change over the first one. Taking a gander at its front where the 5" 1080p shade presentation is we were immediately helped to remember the Nexus S, and that is a weird incident. Turn it around, however, where the e-ink screen is, and you get an inclination that you're taking a gander at a cutting edge device from some idea feature. Its bended shape with no catches makes it look straightforward and the e-ink showcase provides for it an one of a kind advance. Notwithstanding, as opposed to utilizing a case to give your telephone more identity, you can basically change the wallpaper on the constantly on e-ink show. The Yotaphone 2 is made out of plastic, however given that it has a screen both in advance and on the back, the plastic is detectable just on the sides and looks alright.

The Yotaphone 2 characteristics a 5-creep 1080p AMOLED show in advance and a 4.7" 540 x 960-pixel e-ink one on the back. The AMOLED screen looked fine and dandy on the model we were indicated, with incredible survey plots and eye-popping shades, yet it was the back screen that truly gotten our consideration. It shows up sharp and content on it looks much the same as paper. Above all, it is completely touch empowered and you can uninhibitedly utilize it like you utilize a standard screen. It's superbly readable outside and does not tire the eye to the extent that LCD or AMOLED screens.

The Yota Phone 2 will run on close stock Android 4.4 Kitkat, however numerous upgrades go under the hood. Yota has enhanced some Android applications so they can run on the back showcase, and it has made custom setups for the e-ink show that show your warnings, wallpapers, climate or whatever you pick. This is above all else to spare battery, additionally it will permit you to simply look down your telephone to look convenient data. In the event that it will help 4g LTE connectivity too.

Processor and memory

The Yotaphone 2 won't trade off on specs as it is required to ship with a quad-center Snapdragon 800 framework chip and 2gb of RAM. Remember, however, that it is required to land in retail store just around the end of the year when we ought to have all the more influential chipsets. Yota guarantees to reflect this all in the value and put an intense sticker on its device.

The handset additionally emphasizes 32gb of inward stockpiling, yet the extent that its arranged at this moment, there is no memory development card space.


The camera is one zone where we don't realize what's in store from the Yotaphone 2. Granted, it will have a 8-megapixel fundamental shooter with a solitary LED blaze and a 2-megapixel front camera, yet we don't know anything about the picture quality and Yota's adroitness around there.

Usres Desires

we're genuinely truly stoked about the Yotaphone 2. We adore the thought of having a constantly on enduring e-ink show on its back. Yota guarantees that in the event that you get used to utilizing the back showcase, you can anticipate that the Yotaphone 2 will last up to twofold what a consistent cell phone does. No all the more every day outings to the charger.

We additionally envision a lot of circumstances where the e-ink screen might be incredible, yet obviously it will be most increased in value by ardent book lovers who no more will need to convey two devices  and can do all their perusing on simply the Yotaphone 2. The handset ought to start universally by the end of the year, and it is going to the United States and China early one year from now.


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