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Getting a place in the market and taking your reputation to every home needs lot of background work. This is particularly so when there are so many companies in the field of mobile making and each one competing so hard in the market share. ZTE is also doing the same and has the reason to believe in their hard work and quality of product with their ZMAX device. it is believed that the opinion of people about  ZTE that it is trying to build from a very low level and by making the low budget tablets. It may not be correct. The company is trying to make economical devices within the reach of every consumer and provide them a quality product that is complete in itself and yet within the affordable limits. When the cost of tablets is going high ZTE is trying to provide a tablet in $252 and this low price factor may capture the attention of the people looking for a quality tablet in low price.

Make and Appearance


The ZTE ZMAX has a very primitive and basic looking shape and design. At the first very look it may not inspire your aesthetic sense and give the impression of a simple design. It has straight lines and a plastic body, the edges of which are tapered. Though the size of the tablet itself makes it difficult to operate with one hand like all other tablets. Moreover all plastic body of ZTE ZMAX makes it rather slippery to hold in the hand. So it is difficult to operate it single handed.

The buttons have been placed suitably around the tablet and are logically and conveniently located. The power button is located on the right and volume controls are located on the left. The other ports provided in the body are around it and they include micro USB port, different microphones, SIM slot and microSD slot. They have decided to opt and to place the phone with capacitive Android buttons rather than incorporating them in the interface. However this how they thought of it. 



It has a big size screen and some good qualities in it to appeal to the user’s attention. Though, the specs are not very impressive.  The tablet is equipped with big size 5.7-inch 720 x 1280 TFT display. The size of the screen certainly falls in the category of tablets. However in this size of screen we have plenty of space to work or enjoy any other application. This resolution does not produce very sharp display when looked at it very close. It is only 258ppi and not suitable for very crisp presentation of the visuals, however at a normal viewing distance, pictures look normal and acceptable. It has a good color temperature of 700k and has acceptable 441 nit brightness, and 2.05 gamma value. There is an effect of distortion at wide angles therefore the color presentation does not remain perfect. Never the less the display qualities are acceptable and nothing seriously objectionable, therefore we find it quite a reasonable display for this configuration and this low price.

Software, Interface and Functionality

The tablet is pre installed with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. ZTE ZMAX has used this widely tested and approved software in the device to make it defect free and smooth in functionality. It contains all the simple functions of Android software. This shows the flexibility of ZTE to accommodate the new upcoming operating systems compactable with the existing operating system and to accept the new updates to keep it always current. There is an impression that ZMAX is equipped with the simplest form of Android and would not be accepting the updates. 


Some users are also of the view that the tablet may not be moving forward with new updates and be in step with the developing technology of the future. The users may be restricted only to what is there provided in the tablet. To some extent the large size of the screen compensates for the limitations of the software. However that is no compensation for the restricted software. 

The typing of the messages is really convenient and easy because of the specious Android keyboard and the responsiveness of the touch system is pretty good. The user enjoys entering the data which is really very pleasant and easy and its responds to the speed of input.

 Processor and Memory

The placed hardware is not very high quality but just sufficient for this type of low price tablet. As we already know that this is the affordable tablet so there is nothing shocking in the phablet. It is equipped with basic level hardware. ZTE ZMAX is featured with Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 8926 system on chip and for graphics Adreno 305 GPU is placed in the tablet. ZTE puts 2 GB RAM inside the phablet along with 16 GB on board memory. Users are able to use 11.6 GB space of storage, remaining capacity is consumed by handset itself but users can increase the on board memory by insertion of microSD card externally.

Comparing it with the level of tablet and the price the tablet is accomplished with reasonable hardware and suitable processing and memory assets.

 Internet and Connectivity

Though it is a basic sort of device and not a very highly configured tablet yet it performed all the basic functions required of a smart device of the modern time. Similarly ZTE ZMAX performs reasonably well while you want to surf the web. The 4G LTE connectivity and large size display give it the qualities of effective control in navigation. The users do not find any difficulty or irritation while enjoying internet surfing on this tablet. It satisfies need of an average user and provides full utility of the internet connectivity.

This is GSM enabled phablet and has the connectivity on all the networks. We find it a useful device, though less generously provided and also economical in price.  It has connectivity on Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, and NFC. Surprisingly it also provides the feature of Wi-Fi calling through T-Mobile.


 This tablet is also complete in all respects including the photographic aspect as well. It may not boast on its excellent photographic equipment because it is not specifically provided with a high quality camera. It has a basic component that fulfills the functions of photography and gives reasonably acceptable results. It is equipped with 8 mega pixel main camera located at the rear and we cannot call it something excellent but it does prove its worth when we see the result of the images capture by this component. It is a non Android camera. It has manual control and has many options for the user to handle it and set it as he desires to see in the results. It has the normal features like HDR and panoramic view and some secondary modes like interval and blink detection.


Generally the results are good, though not excellent because of some lacking features. It is slow in focusing and slow in capturing the image because of slow shutter speed and sometimes images are not very sharp but give a blurry look. It also lacks in dynamic range causing some areas of the picture over exposed and others neglected. It does not perform well under poor light conditions.


ZTE is a big phone and certainly needs more power having a big battery. Incidentally it is provided with a big battery and has longer life. For fulfilling the battery purposes the ZTE placed 3400mAh battery inside the tablet. If users have a normal use of tablet then they are able to use the tablet for 2 days after full charged. There is no doubt that this time period is good and well enough and users can enjoy the features of the tablet to their maximum extent.


Having viewed all aspects of the tablet we have a reserved sort of opinion. We found it modestly furnished in hardware and also limited capacity of software. The camera aspect does not speak very high of it and the results are not as fine as in case of some other highly configured devices. However we find a big screen providing lot of space to work and enjoy the visuals. We certainly do not mean to speak ill of this product. ZMAX is a complete tablet missing no essential feature. It satisfies any user with an average use of the device. Generally we always perceive of something extra ordinary and an ideal in every respect. While our demands are very high and we have all the good intentions to possess fantastic equipment but when we see the price tag all our intentions and determinations get damp with the high figure inscribed on the price tag and we think of some suitable alternate to satisfy our desire to have a good tablet. Here are two big consolatory factors that do satisfy us and convince us to buy this good product by ZTE. These two factors are bid screen and low price.   



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