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Sony Mobile Price In Taiwan - New Sony Xperia Phone TWN

Sony Xperia 1
TWD 30,500
Sony Xperia XZ3
TWD 22,875
Sony Xperia 10
TWD 12,200
Sony Xperia XA2
TWD 9,455
Sony Xperia L2
TWD 5,490
Sony Xperia XZ2
TWD 19,825
Sony G8441
TWD 14,640
Sony Xperia XZ1
TWD 15,250
Sony Xperia L1
TWD 4,880
Sony Xperia Xa1
TWD 7,930
Sony Xperia XZs
TWD 15,250
Sony Xperia XZ
TWD 10,980
Sony Xperia XR
TWD 9,455
Sony Xperia E5
TWD 5,185
Sony Xperia XA
TWD 7,625
Sony Xperia x
TWD 16,470
Sony Xperia c6
TWD 7,015
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Sony Mobiles in Taiwan 

Sony is one of the most popular Japan Base Electronics manufacturing company and very famous in the production of High-quality Products like Smartphone, Tablets and Laptop etc, After the getting back their all shares from Ericsson Sony developing their Smartphone business almost in every reign of the World including Taiwan Taipei, Kaohsiung City, Taichung.

Sony Mobile is a popular brand in the Taiwan, Sony continuous Smartphone manufacturing with the Brand name of Xperia with Latest Android Operating System, Xperia z is the premium Smartphone series from Sony like Xperia Z, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z4, and recently released Xperia Z5 as well as Compact, Premium and some other version of these Smartphones.

Sony Xperia C, Xperia T, and Xperia M are midrange Smartphone series also available in all major markets of Taiwan. If you searching for a low price Sony Xperia Smartphone, then You can choose from the Xperia E series smartphones.

The mostly Sony Mobile Phone devices are fully loaded with all latest and Smart features Like high speed 3G, 4G LTE network, best quality Camera, premium display, larger screen resolution, combination of high speed CPU, GPU and Chipset, good amount of RAM for faster browsing and playing heavy games and internal storage and full metal body.