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Samsung Mobile in UAE Dubai, Prices News, Review & Specs

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Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
Galaxy J2 Pro

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro
Galaxy On5 Pro

  AED 555
Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro
Galaxy On7 Pro

  AED 629
Samsung Galaxy J Max
Galaxy J Max

Not Yet Released.
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy S7 active
Galaxy S7 active

  AED 2,775
Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro
Galaxy J3 Pro

  AED 555
Galaxy Note7
Galaxy Note 7

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)
Galaxy J2 (2016)

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy C7
Galaxy C7

  AED 1,480
Samsung Galaxy C5
Galaxy C5

  AED 1,295
Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini
Galaxy S7 Mini

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy S7 CDMA
Galaxy S7 CDMA

  AED 2150
Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro
Galaxy A9 Pro

  AED 1,850
Galaxy Note 6
Galaxy Note 6

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016
Galaxy J3 2016

  AED 500
Samsung Galaxy A9 2016
Galaxy A9 2016

  AED 1850
Samsung Galaxy J7 2016
Galaxy J7 2016

  AED 850
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016
Galaxy J5 2016

  AED 800
Samsung Galaxy J1 2016
Galaxy J1 2016

  AED 481
Samsung Galaxy A8 2016
Galaxy A8 2016

  AED 1,295
Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini
Galaxy J1 Mini

  AED 300
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016
Galaxy A7 2016

  AED 1250
Galaxy Golden 3
Galaxy Golden 3

  AED 2,146
Samsung Galaxy 3
Galaxy J3

  AED 500
Samsung Galaxy Z3
Galaxy Z3

  AED 370
Samsung Galaxy A9
Galaxy A9

  AED 1850
Galaxy Mega On
Galaxy Mega On

  AED 851
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
Galaxy J1 Ace

  AED 316
Samsung Galaxy ON7
Galaxy ON7

  AED 650
Samsung Galaxy ON5
Galaxy ON5

  AED 555
Samsung Metro B350E
Metro B350E

  AED 151
 Galaxy S6 Edge+
Galaxy S6 Edge+

  AED 2,220
Samsung Galaxy Folder
Galaxy Folder

  AED 629
Samsung Galaxy A8 32GB
Galaxy A8 32GB

  AED 1442
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Samsung mobiles have been dominating international smartphones industry for quite a while. The Korean based company is seen as the closest rival to American based APPLE Inc. What we have seen so far is that the Korean based company has been able to hold on to the nerve of users with different needs.

Mobile57 has been observing fluctuations in UAE smartphone industry since the start of this year. The company has been able to hold on to its market position as second to iPhone only. However, with the latest launch of S7 and S7 Edge, the company is all set to push for the absolute supremacy in UAE.

Few factors that have helped Samsung mobiles retain its leading position in UAE’s smartphone industry include its reliability, brand name, premium features, class and ultimately comparatively low end prices as compared to iPhones.

Samsung mobiles UAE is known for their reliability and its brand recognition. The company has introduced some of the most astonishing and accomplished smartphones that had been able to attract customers. Samsung mobiles latest launch Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are among the best looking smartphones in market today. Samsung mobiles UAE currently lead the market in android based smartphones, whereas, the company ranks second overall – first position is still occupied by APPLE Inc.

We have been closely watching Samsung mobile phones sale in UAE market. Apart from its premium Galaxy S series, the company has recently also launched relatively mid-range “J” series. When compares to prices from some other premium android based smartphones available in UAE market, Samsung mobile prices in UAE can be term competitive especially “J” series is meant to further bring down the Samsung mobile prices in UAE and bite some extra market shares from affordable category.  We have been tracing this latest move by Samsung and so far the move has paid-off for the company.

Samsung mobiles have remained only second to iPhones in UAE market. However, given the latest release of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, trend might tilt over in favor of Samsung mobiles in UAE. Galaxy S7 Edge specifically is a smartphone to be experienced. It has been designated as one of the most exquisite and beautiful smartphone in industry today. Apart from its design, S7 Edge packs some of the most premium features that are sure to optimize your user experience. Moreover, to further compete with mid-price category smartphones, Samsung has introduced its “J” series, a series aimed to target mid-end users attracted to lower Samsung mobile prices in UAE.

We will be keeping an eye over performance of latest Samsung mobile UAE and will be updating our customers with latest trends in UAE’s smartphone industry. 

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