Mobile Phone Prices In UAE Dubai And Full Specifications

The United Arab Emirates or simply UAE is a tiny collection of seven Emirati kingdoms bordering the most significant Middle Easter Kingdom, Saudi Arabia. Now though Emirati might not be the largest in terms of population, we surely have one of the strongest, fastest growing and stable economy.

Emirati people especially Dubai people are known for their exquisite lifestyle and they love to live that way. People around here are crazy for style and extravagance and we have proven ourselves to be a tech-savvy nation. Like all other aspects of Emirati life, when it comes to smartphones we have shown our zeal for style, extravagance, and superiority. Unlike some other Asian countries where most people are attracted towards affordable Android-based smartphones, Emirati populace is engrossed with none other than the bold and profligate iPhones. iPhones with all their high mobile prices in Dubai and extravagance are passionately loved and chased by people across Dubai � the international city! However, Dubai also has many smartphones with low mobile prices in Dubai � for hundreds of millions of people working as immigrants in the city.

For many years, the iPhone has remained the single largest mobile phone purchased in Emirates and Dubai. Since the UAE market is not driven by smartphone affordability, mobile prices in UAEor mobile prices in Dubai don't bother Emirati populace to any extent. What really moves UAE smartphone users is the style statement and elegance of smartphones and we don�t see any other brand beating iPhone is this aspect.

Mobile prices in Dubai and across UAE are generally on the higher end, due to the tendency of companies offering highly customized and most prolific smartphones here. Many companies have launched enchanting gold versions of their premium handsets to attract royal and exquisite consumers. However, no brand has seen much success other than the iPhone. iPhone 6 mobile price in UAE vary between 17,00 to 19,00 AED, whereas, the mobile price in Dubai might be a little more, depending upon the version of your choice.

Apart from iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola and some other Android-based smartphone companies are competing for their due market share. Samsung with its Galaxy S series has been able to attract significant customers. Samsung mobile prices in UAE is somewhat on the lower end as compared to iPhones. The company is making its inroads into an iPhone dominated market slowly with its flagship Galaxy S series. Recently launched the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge has seen the surge in sales, however, the company still needs to gain much in a high-end society of Dubai.

Apart from Samsung, Huawei is another Android-based smartphone company that is making its inroads into the UAE market. The Chinese based smartphone manufacturer has swept markets across different Asian countries, however, the brand hasn�t seen such meteoric success in UAE. The company is devising a strong strategy to launch some customized smartphones with top-notch features and royal appeal in Emirates in its length to gain its market share in the country.

Nokia, HTC and many other companies are also struggling to hold their grounds into our market and have launched some seriously loaded smartphones and we hope to see them succeed in the UAE market.

So, mobile phone prices in UAE is not an aspect for the�manufacturer and they have the liberty to offer us their best bet. The only thing they need to consider is to offer their best smartphones that really captivates the sensuality in consumers.

New Mobile Prices in UAE Dubai

Model price
Oppo Reno6 AED 1,584
Oppo Reno6 Pro Plus AED 2,268
Oppo Reno6 Pro AED 1,980
Realme Narzo 30 5G AED 828
ZTE Nubia Z30 Pro AED 2,808
Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro AED 720
OnePlus 9 Pro AED 3,492