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Alcatel Mobile Phone Prices In Armenia And Full Specifications

Alcatel 3x (2019) Alcatel 3x (2019) AMD 97,000
TCL Plex Alcatel TCL Plex AMD 174,600
Alcatel Go Flip V Alcatel Go Flip V AMD 48,500
Alcatel Avalon V Alcatel Avalon V AMD 43,650
Alcatel 3c 2019 Alcatel 3c 2019 AMD 43,650
Alcatel 3L 2019 Alcatel 3L 2019 AMD 48,500
Alcatel 3v (32GB) Alcatel 3v (32GB) AMD 43,650
Alcatel 3 2019 Alcatel 3 2019 AMD 67,900
Alcatel 1v Alcatel 1v AMD 38,800
Alcatel 1s Alcatel 1s AMD 48,500
Alcatel Onyx Alcatel Onyx AMD 58,200
Alcatel 1x 2019 Alcatel 1x 2019 AMD 58,200
Alcatel LX Alcatel LX AMD 43,650
Alcatel IdealXTRA Alcatel IdealXTRA AMD 33,950
Alcatel Tetra Alcatel Tetra AMD 21,825
Alcatel 7 Alcatel 7 AMD 82,450
Alcatel U3 2018 Alcatel U3 2018 AMD 29,100
Alcatel 5X Alcatel 5X AMD 97,000
Alcatel 5V Alcatel 5V AMD 53,350
Alcatel 1 Alcatel 1 AMD 24,250
Alcatel 3L Alcatel 3L AMD 38,800
Alcatel 1c Alcatel 1c AMD 38,800
Alcatel Verso Alcatel Verso AMD 29,100
Alcatel 5 Alcatel 5 AMD 106,700
Alcatel 1x Alcatel 1x AMD 53,350
Alcatel 3v Alcatel 3v AMD 38,800
Alcatel 3x Alcatel 3x AMD 38,800
Alcatel 3c Alcatel 3c AMD 58,200
Alcatel 3 Alcatel 3 AMD 72,750
Alcatel U50 Alcatel U50 AMD 43,650
Alcatel Cameo X Alcatel Cameo X AMD 58,200
Alcatel A3 Plus Alcatel A3 Plus AMD 67,900
Alcatel A7 XL Alcatel A7 XL AMD 145,500
Alcatel U5 HD Alcatel U5 HD AMD 38,800
Alcatel A7 Alcatel A7 AMD 82,450
Alcatel Pulsemix Alcatel Pulsemix AMD 38,800
Alcatel A3 XL MAX Alcatel A3 XL MAX AMD 121,250
Alcatel A3 XL Alcatel A3 XL AMD 87,300
Alcatel Idol 4 Pro Alcatel Idol 4 Pro AMD 213,400
Alcatel A50 Alcatel A50 AMD 53,350
Alcatel A30 Plus Alcatel A30 Plus AMD 63,050
Alcatel Idol 5 Alcatel Idol 5 AMD 121,250
Alcatel Idol 5s Alcatel Idol 5s AMD 121,250
Alcatel Flash 3 Alcatel Flash 3 AMD 121,250
Alcatel X1 Alcatel X1 AMD 77,600
Alcatel A3 Alcatel A3 AMD 58,200
Alcatel A5 LED Alcatel A5 LED AMD 97,000
Alcatel U5 Alcatel U5 AMD 48,500
Alcatel A3 XL Alcatel A3 XL AMD 87,300

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alcatel Mobile Prices Armenia

alcatel Mobile has been serving in the field of technology for a couple of years in Armenia. Knowing the demands of Armenia people, alcatel produces and sells good quality smartphones. Not only this, alcatel mobiles provide with slim, gorgeous design, appropriate display size, good quality cameras for selfie and photography, sufficient battery life, and advanced connectivity options like 3G and 4G network, WiFi, GPS and NFC. alcatel smartphones often released with adequate RAM and ROM so consumers can play and store with ease. Moreover, alcatel mobile prices are quite reasonable so a consumer won’t hesitate when buying a alcatel smartphone in Armenia.

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