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Lenovo Mobile Prices In Armenia – Lenovo Phones Armenia

Lenovo K10 Plus Lenovo K10 Plus AMD 72,750
Lenovo A6 Note Lenovo A6 Note AMD 48,500
Lenovo ZP Lenovo ZP AMD 208,550
Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G AMD 218,250
Lenovo K10 Note Lenovo K10 Note AMD 94,575
Lenovo Z6 Lite Lenovo Z6 Lite AMD 77,600
Lenovo Z6 Lenovo Z6 AMD 130,950
Lenovo K6 Enjoy Lenovo K6 Enjoy AMD 97,000
Lenovo Z6 Pro Lenovo Z6 Pro AMD 208,550
Lenovo S5 Pro GT Lenovo S5 Pro GT AMD 97,000
Lenovo Z5s Lenovo Z5s AMD 97,000
Lenovo k5s Lenovo k5s AMD 58,200
Lenovo K5 Pro Lenovo K5 Pro AMD 72,750
Lenovo K9 Lenovo K9 AMD 43,650
Lenovo S5 Pro Lenovo S5 Pro AMD 111,550
Lenovo Z5 Pro Lenovo Z5 Pro AMD 145,500
Lenovo Z5 128GB Lenovo Z5 128GB AMD 92,150
Lenovo A5 Lenovo A5 AMD 38,800
Lenovo Z5 Lenovo Z5 AMD 72,750
Lenovo K9 Note Lenovo K9 Note AMD 43,650
Lenovo K5 Lenovo K5 AMD 72,750
Lenovo K5 Play Lenovo K5 Play AMD 58,200
Lenovo K520T Lenovo K520T AMD 92,150
Lenovo S5 (64GB) Lenovo S5 (64GB) AMD 87,300
Lenovo S5 Lenovo S5 AMD 72,750
Lenovo K320t Lenovo K320t AMD 33,950
Lenovo Phab 2 Plus Lenovo Phab 2 Plus AMD 106,700
Lenovo Folio Lenovo Folio AMD 305,550
Lenovo K8 Lenovo K8 AMD 63,050
Lenovo K8 Plus Lenovo K8 Plus AMD 67,900
Lenovo K8 Note Lenovo K8 Note AMD 48,500
Lenovo Vibe B Lenovo Vibe B AMD 33,950
Lenovo P2 Lenovo P2 AMD 111,550
Lenovo ZUK Edge Lenovo ZUK Edge AMD 169,750
Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus AMD 126,100
Lenovo A6600 Lenovo A6600 AMD 38,800
Lenovo A Plus Lenovo A Plus AMD 38,800
Lenovo K4 Note Lenovo K4 Note AMD 87,300
Lenovo K6 Lenovo K6 AMD 87,300
Lenovo Zuk z2 Lenovo Zuk z2 AMD 87,300
Lenovo Vibe A Lenovo Vibe A AMD 29,100
Lenovo Phab2 Lenovo Phab2 AMD 111,550
Lenovo Phab2 Plus Lenovo Phab2 Plus AMD 116,400
Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Lenovo Phab 2 Pro AMD 218,250
Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro AMD 194,000
Lenovo Zuk Z1 Mini Lenovo Zuk Z1 Mini AMD 242,500
Lenovo K5 Note Lenovo K5 Note AMD 38,800
Lenovo Phab Plus Lenovo Phab Plus AMD 97,000
Lenovo Lemon 3 Lenovo Lemon 3 AMD 53,350
Lenovo K4 Note Lenovo K4 Note AMD 87,300
Lenovo A7010 Lenovo A7010 AMD 82,450
Lenovo Vibe P1m Lenovo Vibe P1m AMD 126,100
Lenovo Vibe P1 Pro Lenovo Vibe P1 Pro AMD 194,000
Lenovo Vibe S1 Lenovo Vibe S1 AMD 169,750
Lenovo K80 Lenovo K80 AMD 150,350
Lenovo S60 Lenovo S60 AMD 82,450
Lenovo Vibe P1 Lenovo Vibe P1 AMD 121,250
Lenovo Vibe X3 Lenovo Vibe X3 AMD 194,000
Lenovo Vibe Shot Lenovo Vibe Shot AMD 118,825
Lenovo P70 Lenovo P70 AMD 77,600
Lenovo S90 Sisley Lenovo S90 Sisley AMD 106,700
Lenovo K920 Lenovo K920 AMD 257,050
Lenovo S850 Lenovo S850 AMD 126,100
Lenovo S860 Lenovo S860 AMD 94,575

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