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ZTE GRAND X MAX + Review Cheap in Price

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

The big display smartphone with the well balanced hardware configuration is in the fashion now and users prefer to use them. Every user has a different requirement and there are lots of choices available in the market. Users’ who going to spend money on buying the cell phone they have a right to select the handset according to their personal liking.

ZTE is not targeting the market for the costly smartphones and the company concentrating the basic level handsets. The handsets of ZTE gives cheap look sometimes because of their made but adding the carrier name they are rebranded and they have proved that the entry level device can also have some quality and they are quite capable of competing with other mobiles.



 ZTE Grand X Max + have impressive design and give the impression of some cost mobile by way of its construction and the shape features. Although it is slightly thick but is manageable holding it in the hand. It is plastic made and has glass covering on both sides and yet it is light in weight, just 172 grams. The body is covered with carbon fiber like pattern that give the stylish look. According to the size the handset stand in the line of phablet.


However the screen resolutions are not very high but it seem enough to give the good results to the users. The screen of the handset measures 6 inches having 720x1280 pixels resolution which delivers 245 ppi without any complain while users view the websites on their ZTE Grand X Max + phablet. The screen has color temperature of 6747k which gives the maximum brightness to the display.

Software and User interface

Although companies do not pay much of attention to the entry level devices because of their price factor as same applies to ZTE Grand X Max +. It runs Android KitKat operating system and gives the full android experience as it is the entry level device therefore does not expect much from it. It is a big size device and users may consider phablet like enhance features but it does not have. It is like an ordinary mobile and has the icons in slightly bigger size. It does not contain anything special and has the normal interface.

Processor and Memory

It has basic platform operations and behaves in responsive manner. It has Quad Core 1.2GHz processor with Snapdragon 400 chipset and paired with Aderno 305 GPU for handling the graphical task. The ZTE Grand X Max + has the power of 2 GB of RAM along with 16 GB on board memory which can be further extended up to 32 GB via microSD card. However this is the basic device and this is only the reason for this limited processor and memory option according to the current trend. Users can store their data, games, music and other things in their handset and keep the data with them anywhere anytime.


This is the best what budget smartphone can deliver in every aspect. Camera is the passion of the users now a days and ZTE Grand X Max + is offering the good pair of camera with the best manageable camera apps. The camera has two basic options which give the new photographic experience to the users and they set the camera condition by changing the mode of camera easily. The ZTE Grand X Max + has 13 mega pixel rear camera which is well enough and able to capture the good quality images and has 5 mega pixel front facing camera for taking video calling and enhancing the experience of taking selfies. However ZTE Grand X Max + is the basic device but it is offering the well balanced and efficient camera features.


Placing the battery is one of the difficult tasks for the companies because users want the handsets with the powerful batteries. ZTE takes the wise decision and placed 3200mAh battery which is removable and users have a freedom to change the handset battery by themselves if anything goes wrong with the battery. The battery provides 860 hours stand by time to the handset and 6 hours 30 minutes talk time to the users. There is no doubt that the battery of the handset is powerful and keeps the handset on for an enough long time.

 Pros and Cons

Like any other ordinary handset the ZTE Grand X Max + have some good and some week points the good points of the handset are; Solid design & built as a budget smartphone, Battery life is impressive, Camera captures some sharp photos & videos and avaiable in $200 cost is extremely competitive and the negative aspect of the device are; Sluggish performance with heavier operations, Underpowered internal speaker and provides Basic Android experience.

 Price and Release date

 The ZTE Grand X Max + was took the official place in the month of January 2015 and immediately after taking the official place the handset was available in the market. Company sets $200 price tag on the handset which is not the cost for such type of big screen handset.


ZTE Grand X Max + is the basic level handset and has the plastic made body but it does not give the low price look to the device and fulfill all the requirement of the users. The hardware configuration of the device is good and well balanced and the most beneficial part of the handset is its powerful battery which really increase the popularity of the handset and the other main factor is its price which does not give burden to the users and users will enjoy the features of big size mobile in a competitive price.


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