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Vivo Y Mobile Phone prices in Chile

ViVo Y97
  CLP 170,800
ViVo Y71i
  CLP 73,200
ViVo Y81
  CLP 128,100
ViVo Y83A
  CLP 140,300
ViVo Y83
  CLP 134,200
ViVo Y53i
  CLP 73,200
ViVo Y71
  CLP 103,700
ViVo Y65
  CLP 103,700
ViVo Y75
  CLP 140,300
ViVo Y79
  CLP 189,100
ViVo Y69
  CLP 115,900
ViVo Y66
  CLP 109,800
ViVo Y53
  CLP 76,250
ViVo Y25
  CLP 61,000
ViVo Y55s
  CLP 103,700
ViVo Y67
  CLP 140,300
ViVo Y55L
  CLP 97,600
ViVo Y31A
  CLP 91,500
ViVo Y51
  CLP 97,600
ViVo Y929
  CLP 176,900

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