IPhone Mobile Prices In Nigeria, Apple Phones NGA

Nigerian smartphone market is one of the biggest and most vibrant markets in African continent. It was actually in top 25 large markets of the world last year with millions of smartphone untis shipped to country. The smartphone market of Nigeria can be termed as too crowded to designate any clear dominance for one player, rather we see a clumsy mixture of international and local brands competing for dominance in market.

One thing though that remains quite established in Nigerian mobile market is the fact the Nigerian smartphone users are looking for cheaper and powerful mobiles. The fact that the Nigerian markets are filled with local brands and Chinese brands smartphones is a clear indication that Nigerian consumers are after cheaper solution for their mobile needs. Nigerian smartphone users are too obsessed with large solid batteries for their smartphones. Perhaps a 4000mAh battery is a must for any smartphone to get any attention of Nigerian customers.

iPhone a global leading brand has been denounced to certain extent in Nigerian industry. Though the global leaders have its die-hard loyal fan following in the country, but still it lags far behind some of the cheap local and Chinese brands. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S has got some respect in the country, still the cost of these devices are too high for Nigerian’s liking. Moreover, iPhone would have to try to make relatable marketing in country. That means that Nigerian customers would like to see their identity and culture being promoted by the brand. This strategy can bore fruits of a company that leads smartphone industry globally, however, lag behind in the largest African market.

Overall, iPhones haven’t been able to captivate Nigeria’s smartphone users traditionally. The main reason of this failure has been high-cost which doesn’t seem to improve in coming years. However, for loyal iPhone consumers in the country, no price is too high for loyalty and elegance associate with iPhones.