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iPhone has dominated the smartphone markets in American and European markets for years. The American tech giant company is known for its highly secured iOS operating system and meticulous designs. Apart from American and European markets, iPhone has also gained significant success in many Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Especially consumers of Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE etc. have been known for their loyalty and cravenness for iPhones. The latest release of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has seen a tremendous boost in sales with over 13million units sold within first week of launch. What really attracted consumers towards iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is their large screens. iPhone lovers across the world were waiting for the company to launch a big screen mobile, as their competition android based smartphones were producing since long. However, the company maintained a small screen policy until recent launch of iPhone 6S. Big screen iPhones produced immediate results for the company which saw a massive surge in demand of its phones globally.

Like in many other Middle Eastern countries, smartphone users in Oman have a traditional loyalty and charm for iPhones. iPhones have been the phone of choice for country users since the very first release of iPhone. iPhone 5S was one of the most successful and massively sold phone in Oman. Now iPhone 6S is all set to break that record making iPhone the leading smartphone in Oman. It is perhaps indicative of strength and loyalty associated with the brand that iPhone mobiles in Oman continue to lead the smartphone industry of the country.

However, one thing that have hurt iPhones in many places is the increasing demand for affordable mobiles. iPhone mobiles in Oman can be hampered by this ongoing trend where we see consumers preferring to go for buget smartphones with competitive specifications and technology. Android based smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Oppo, HTC etc. have been able make inroads due to this prevailing customer preference. iPhone mobiles in Oman on the other hand might start to lose its market shares, provided the current trend continue in coming years.

Recently, iPhone has launched its custom version namely iPhone SE. This can be seen as iPhone mobiles in Oman latest strategy to offer consumers with power pack smartphone with little extra affordability. Though iPhone SE price is still higher than many similar android based smartphones, still as compared to conventional iPhones like iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, this version is a much cheaper. iPhone SE basically packs the features of iPhone 6S in small body of 4.7-inch. This compact little dynamo is all set to captivate users who are looking for affordable smartphones, as well as users who love the traditional small screen iPhone.

iPhone mobiles in Oman has been successful in claiming majority of market shares up until now. However, the current trend prevailing in market for cheaper smartphones may hamper companies’ progress in coming years. As we know iPhone might never lower their price as much as we like, however, the company needs to instill some consideration at this aspect, if it wants to continue its reign of dominance in Oman.