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Samsung Mobile Prices In Oman – Galaxy Phones OMN

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Samsung – the Korean based tech giant is one of the leading smartphone manufacturer globally. The company drives its sales with their robust system, high end specifications and advanced technological innovations. The company is currently comfortably placed at the top smartphone brand for many Asian and African countries.

Though Samsung mobiles have competed fiercely against its top rival iPhone for dominance in Middle Eastern market – the scenario is fast changing now. In many Middle Eastern countries like Oman, where iPhone has persistently occupied the top spot, Samsung mobiles are now taking over the American tech giant.

A look at sales of Samsung mobiles in Oman tells us that the company has significantly improved its market shared over the last few years. Especially this year after the launch of its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7, the company has witnessed high surge in sales. Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are perhaps two of the most powerful smartphones that have been launched up until now. These aesthetic piece of technology and designs have mesmerized users across the globe, becoming the huge success for company. Moreover, the latest addition to Samsung’s famed “Note” series, the Galaxy Note 7 has also made some serious sales in global smartphone market, including Oman’s market. Galaxy Note 7 is certainly the best ever and most powerful Note ever produced by company. The S pen lovers had already fallen for this beautiful best that offer them power and elegance at the same time.

Like in any other market, Samsung mobiles in Oman is comfortably placed among the top brands as per sales volume. The company is only second to iPhone marginally – well perhaps, it might have overtaken iPhone when you are reading this. The success of Samsung mobiles in Oman lies in the brilliantly formulated strategy where the company follows the trails of customers’ preferences.

The prevailing trend in global smartphone market is mid-tier budget smartphones, and Samsung has delivered its customers exactly that. Apart from high-end premium smartphones, Samsung mobiles in Oman has introduced some intelligently made exceptional budget smartphones that delivers power and affordability to customers. Samsung J series is perhaps the best product offered to mid-tier customers by the company. The smartphones are very competitively priced with advanced specifications and powerful cameras. Apart from J series, Samsung mobiles in Oman has also launch its “A” series, which again is an affordable smartphone series, beautifully designed and intelligently integrated.

Overall, Samsung mobiles in Oman is definitely one of the most successful stories. The brilliance and wisdom of company to not only create technologically advanced smartphones but also some simple yet intelligently designed budget mobiles have nailed the success. The company is definitely on the right course to compete and dominate Oman’s market in coming years.