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HTC Mobile Prices In Saudi Arabia – HTC Phones KSA

HTC U11 Eyes
SAR 1,700
HTC U11 Plus
SAR 2,550
HTC U11 Life
SAR 1,462
HTC U11 Red
SAR 2,720
SAR 2,414
HTC U Play
SAR 1,326
HTC Ocean Note
SAR 2,550
HTC U Ultra
SAR 1,564
HTC One X10
SAR 1,088
HTC 10 evo
SAR 1,190
HTC One A9s
SAR 612
HTC Nexus 2016
SAR 2,210
HTC One S9
SAR 1,598
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Saudi Arabia is a strong and growing smartphone market and HTCmobiles have been doing fair bit to increase its presence and visibility in the Middle Eastern kingdom. The Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer is one of the biggest brands of the world, competing closely with Samsung and other android based smartphone manufacturers.

Market shares for HTC mobiles Saudi Arabia has been on the rise since 2014 and our analyst believe that the trend seems to continue for coming years. HTC mobiles is a highly reliable and reputed brand in smartphone industry, something that has paid well for the company in a market where people ferociously follow branded things.

Mobile57 has been doing surveillance for Saudi Arabia smartphone market and we believe that the tremendous growth potential and love of expensive and reliable things makes it a perfect playing field for top smartphones manufacturers.

Our analyst has observed that, “HTC mobiles have significantly invested in branding, marketing and visibility of their top notch smartphones in the desert kingdom”. The company seems to be interested in investing even more to connect with the elites of Kingdom while simultaneously building its brand name.

The latest launch of HTC One M9 Plus has just added to the growing charm and craze for HTC mobiles in Saudi Arabia. HTC One series has become the icon for aesthetics, charm and sheer quality for the company and ever since HTC has been launching its newer versions with ever growing features. Keeping in view the aspirations of Saudi people with gold, the company has previously launched Gold version of HTC One M8 which has seen massive popularity in the rich kingdom.

We believe that the company will soon be launching Gold version of HTC One M9 too. Higher HTC mobile prices in Saudi Arabia isn’t something to worry about as the Kingdom is known for its extravagant and lavish riches. In fact, we believe that higher HTC mobile prices in Saudi Arabia will actually help company to build its reputation as a reliable brand – because Saudi people love quality and standard more than anything else.

Our last verdict is that the ever increasing population, a rock solid economy and love for latest technology makes Saudi Arabia a highly competitive, strong and level playing field for smartphones manufacturers.

Some of the latest launches from HTC mobiles in Saudi Arabia include:

HTC One M8

HTC M8 is the previous version of HTC M9 from HTC’s iconic One series. HTC One series has created a shock wave in smartphone designs and aesthetics. HTC One M8 has been a massive hit with respect to sales in Saudi Arabia as well as in other parts of the world.

Currently HTC One M8 is available in Saudi Arabia at price range of 2000 to 2400 SAR. Apart from magnificent design, M8 comprise of 5-inch screen at 1080 x 1920-pixel resolution, 4MP rear camera, 2GB Ram and 2600mAh battery.

HTC M9 Plus

M9 Plus from HTC is an extended version for company’s highly talked M9. HTC M9 Plus is the latest smartphone by the company and has been able to retain magnificence of its previous versions. The HTC mobile price in Saudi Arabia ranges at 2500 to 2700 SAR and has been doing some wonders in sales output for the company.

M9 Plus packed features comprise of 5.2-inch large screen at stunning 1440 x 2560-pixels resolution, 20MP rear camera, 3GB Ram and a solid 2840mAh battery.