Vivo Mobile Prices In Saudi Arabia And Full Specifications

Vivo is the fifth largest smartphone brand worldwide, owned by BBK Electronics, had founded in China in 2009 and had started its international expansion in 2014. The Company had reached more than 100 countries. Had inspired the young people around the world and embraced the confidence, Vivo had targeted the Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia. Vivo had started shipping Vivo mobile phones in Riyadh (KSA) in 2016.

Vivo Mobile Phones are very popular in Saudi Arabia, as the Vivo mobiles offer some unique experiences e.g. the first smartphone with an under-screen Fingerprint scanner, the Vivo X21 UD was launched by Vivo mobile in KSA.

The brand’s slogan is “Camera and Music” it is a big edge of Vivo mobiles for the KSA community. The Vivo says, ‘Photography is a way for users to express themselves and share their joy with others’. Vivo V7 Plus, with the 24MP Rear Camera, had been the famous Vivo camera smartphone in Saudi Arabia covers the company’s motto. The First Pop-up Selfie Camera phone in KSA, Vivo Nex S (with Full View Display) was as well launched by Vivo mobile.

Music is also a fantastic way to entertain others. For this intention, Vivo manufactures Hi-Fi chipset based smartphones for higher before the quality audio performance. The first smartphone having a Hi-Fi chip was Vivo X1, launched low to mid-range category smartphones, not high-end. Although Vivo mobile prices in KSA are reasonable as compared to their features, they are at a halt lower than Apple and Samsung mobile prices in KSA. You should select Vivo Y-series for a low-end smartphone, Vivo V, Vivo X, and Vivo Z series for a mid-range smartphone. For your ease in selecting a good quality Vivo smartphone, here we brought a list of the latest and the most popular Vivo Mobiles with their specs and Prices in Saudi Arabia.

Vivo X70 Pro+: The high-end Vivo smartphone, Vivo X70 Pro+ 5G has a 6.78-inches AMOLED Display of 1440x3200p (QHD+) resolution. The smartphone houses a Qualcomm SD888, an Octa-core processor coupled with an Adreno 660 GPU. The X70 Pro+ 5g offers a Quad Rear Camera setup including a 50MP main sensor. Also, there is a 32MP front-facing selfie shooter. The cell phone is fueled by a 4500mAh non-removable battery with 55W fast charging. Vivo X70 Pro+ 5g arrives in such RAM and ROM configuration, 8GB/256GB and 12GB/512GB respectively.

Vivo iQOO Z5x: The device brings a 6.58–inch IPS LCD Display of 1080x2408pixels (FHD+) resolution. The Vivo Iqoo Z5x 5g comes with Dimensity 900 chip and an Octa-core processor. Coming to the optics, the IQoo Z5x 5G carries a Dual Rear camera setup including a 50MP main sensor. There is also an 8MP Selfie Shooter. The cell phone arrives in 6GB/8GB RAM and 128GB/256GB ROM. Vivo IQoo Z5x 5G houses a 5000mAh non-removable battery with 44W fast charging support.

Vivo Y55s: It is a budget-friendly smartphone getting a 6.58 -inch IPS LCD Display of 1080x2408 pixels (FHD+) resolution. The Vivo Y55s comes with Dimensity 700, an Octa-core chipset, and a Mali G57 GPU. The Vivo carries a Dual Rear camera setup including a 50MP main sensor. There is also a 8MP Selfie Shooter. The cell phone arrives in 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Vivo Y55s houses a 5600mAh non-removable battery with 15W fast charging support.

Vivo Y36t
ViVo Y36t
SAR 389
Vivo Y200t
ViVo Y200t
SAR 629
Vivo Y200 GT
ViVo Y200 GT
SAR 833
Vivo Y18
ViVo Y18
SAR 407
Vivo Y200i
ViVo Y200i
SAR 921
Vivo Y38 5G
ViVo Y38 5G
SAR 999
Vivo T3x 5G
ViVo T3x 5G
SAR 592
Vivo X100S Pro
ViVo X100S Pro
SAR 2,553
Vivo Y18e
ViVo Y18e
SAR 407
Vivo Y200 Pro
ViVo Y200 Pro
SAR 1,110
Vivo Y100T
ViVo Y100T
SAR 666
Vivo Y200e
ViVo Y200e
SAR 888
Vivo X100 Ultra
ViVo X100 Ultra
SAR 3,326
Vivo V40 SE
ViVo V40 SE
SAR 1,184
Vivo V30 SE
ViVo V30 SE
SAR 999
Vivo G2
ViVo G2
SAR 618
Vivo Y28 5G
ViVo Y28 5G
SAR 625
Vivo Y36i
ViVo Y36i
SAR 629
Vivo Y12 4G
ViVo Y12 4G
SAR 518
Vivo Y100i
ViVo Y100i
SAR 814
Vivo T2 4G
ViVo T2 4G
SAR 1,036
Vivo Y100 5G
ViVo Y100 5G
SAR 907
Vivo V29E 5G
ViVo V29E 5G
SAR 1,203
Vivo Y55T
ViVo Y55T
SAR 500
Vivo Y27s
ViVo Y27s
SAR 574
Vivo V30 Lite
ViVo V30 Lite
SAR 1,961
Vivo V30E
ViVo V30E
SAR 1,240
Vivo V30 Pro
ViVo V30 Pro
SAR 2,109
Vivo V30
ViVo V30
SAR 1,813
Vivo Y17s
ViVo Y17s
SAR 537
Vivo Y78t
ViVo Y78t
SAR 759
Vivo Y77t
ViVo Y77t
SAR 703
Vivo X100S
ViVo X100S
SAR 2,054
Vivo Y27 5G
ViVo Y27 5G
SAR 925
Vivo X Fold 3
ViVo X Fold 3
SAR 3,589
Vivo Y27
ViVo Y27
SAR 574
Vivo S18 Pro
ViVo S18 Pro
SAR 1,672
Vivo S18
ViVo S18
SAR 1,203
Vivo Y78 5G
ViVo Y78 5G
SAR 944
Vivo S17T
ViVo S17T
SAR 1,591
Vivo Y36 5G
ViVo Y36 5G
SAR 925
Vivo S18e
ViVo S18e
SAR 1,092
Vivo Y36 4G
ViVo Y36 4G
SAR 873
Vivo Y78m
ViVo Y78m
SAR 1,018
Vivo V29 Lite
ViVo V29 Lite
SAR 1,425
Vivo Y02T 4G
ViVo Y02T 4G
SAR 444
Vivo Y100A
ViVo Y100A
SAR 1,221
Vivo X90S
ViVo X90S
SAR 2,054
Vivo X100 Pro
ViVo X100 Pro
SAR 2,590
Vivo X100
ViVo X100
SAR 2,035
Vivo iQOO 11s
ViVo iQOO 11s
SAR 1,943
Vivo iQOO Neo9
ViVo iQOO Neo9
SAR 1,184
Vivo iQOO Z9
ViVo iQOO Z9
SAR 888
Vivo V29E India
ViVo V29E
SAR 1,210
Vivo V29 Pro
ViVo V29 Pro
SAR 1,776
Vivo V29
ViVo V29
SAR 1,943
Vivo Y200
ViVo Y200
SAR 925
Vivo T2 5G
ViVo T2 5G
SAR 851
Vivo Y100
ViVo Y100
SAR 1,110
Vivo Y53t
ViVo Y53t
SAR 537
Vivo Y35m
ViVo Y35m
SAR 740
Vivo Y35 5G
ViVo Y35 5G
SAR 629
Vivo V21s
ViVo V21s
SAR 1,369
Vivo V25
ViVo V25
SAR 1,369
Vivo iQOO Neo8
ViVo iQOO Neo8
SAR 1,314
Vivo S16e
ViVo S16e
SAR 1,110
Vivo S16 Pro
ViVo S16 Pro
SAR 1,739
Vivo S16
ViVo S16
SAR 1,332
Vivo iQOO 12
ViVo iQOO 12
SAR 2,035
Vivo X Fold 2
ViVo X Fold 2
SAR 4,847
Vivo Y52T
ViVo Y52T
SAR 685
Vivo V27E
ViVo V27E
SAR 1,073
Vivo Y03
ViVo Y03
SAR 307
Vivo V27 Pro
ViVo V27 Pro
SAR 1,702
Vivo V27
ViVo V27
SAR 1,476
Vivo Y77e
ViVo Y77e
SAR 981
Vivo Y16
ViVo Y16
SAR 444
Vivo Y35
ViVo Y35
SAR 944
Vivo Y02s
ViVo Y02s
SAR 407
Vivo Y30 5G
ViVo Y30 5G
SAR 870
Vivo Y78
ViVo Y78
SAR 740
Vivo Y02A
ViVo Y02A
SAR 433
Vivo Y01A
ViVo Y01A
SAR 407
Vivo X80 Lite
ViVo X80 Lite
SAR 1,624
Vivo iQOO 10
ViVo iQOO 10
SAR 2,035
Vivo Y33e
ViVo Y33e
SAR 670
Vivo T3
ViVo T3
SAR 888
Vivo Y73T
ViVo Y73T
SAR 740
Vivo Y72T
ViVo Y72T
SAR 810
Vivo Y75 4G
ViVo Y75 4G
SAR 995
Vivo S17 Pro
ViVo S17 Pro
SAR 1,610
Vivo S17
ViVo S17
SAR 1,295
Vivo S17e
ViVo S17e
SAR 1,110
Vivo T1X 4G
ViVo T1X 4G
SAR 592
Vivo X90 Pro
ViVo X90 Pro
SAR 2,590
Vivo X90
ViVo X90
SAR 1,924
Vivo iQOO 9T
ViVo iQOO 9T
SAR 2,353
Vivo T2 Pro
ViVo T2 Pro
SAR 1,073
Vivo iQOO Neo7
ViVo iQOO Neo7
SAR 1,388
Vivo S15e
ViVo S15e
SAR 1,147
Vivo S15 Pro
ViVo S15 Pro
SAR 1,846
Vivo S15
ViVo S15
SAR 1,480
Vivo Y21G
ViVo Y21G
SAR 699
Vivo iQOO Z6
ViVo iQOO Z6
SAR 777
Vivo X Fold
ViVo X Fold
SAR 5,435
Vivo X Note
ViVo X Note
SAR 3,696
Vivo iQOO 11
ViVo iQOO 11
SAR 2,017
Vivo iQOO 9 SE
ViVo iQOO 9 SE
SAR 1,698
Vivo T1 5G
ViVo T1 5G
SAR 740
Vivo Y33s 5G
ViVo Y33s 5G
SAR 740
Vivo Y75s
ViVo Y75s
SAR 999
Vivo Y75 5G
ViVo Y75
SAR 1,092
Vivo Y21A
ViVo Y21A
SAR 551
Vivo Y56 5G
ViVo Y56 5G
SAR 888
Vivo Y10
ViVo Y10
SAR 648
Vivo Y55 5G
ViVo Y55 5G
SAR 818
Vivo Y02
ViVo Y02
SAR 352
Vivo Y33T
ViVo Y33T
SAR 888
Vivo Y01
ViVo Y01
SAR 407
Vivo V25 Pro 5G
ViVo V25 Pro 5G
SAR 1,665
Vivo V25 5G
ViVo V25 5G
SAR 1,258
Vivo V23 Pro 5G
ViVo V23 Pro 5G
SAR 1,924
Vivo V23 5G
ViVo V23 5G
SAR 1,480
Vivo Y21e
ViVo Y21e
SAR 629
Vivo Y33
ViVo Y33
SAR 1,147
Vivo Y32
ViVo Y32
SAR 810
Vivo V23E 5G
ViVo V23E 5G
SAR 1,443
Vivo Y76 5G
ViVo Y76 5G
SAR 1,147
Vivo Y55s 5G
ViVo Y55s 5G
SAR 999
Vivo S12 Pro
ViVo S12 Pro
SAR 1,795
Vivo S12
ViVo S12
SAR 1,628
Vivo Y50T
ViVo Y50T
SAR 814
Vivo Y77
ViVo Y77
SAR 722
Vivo iQOO Neo6
ViVo iQOO Neo6
SAR 1,628
Vivo T2X
ViVo T2X
SAR 925
Vivo T2
ViVo T2
SAR 1,476
Vivo T1
ViVo T1
SAR 1,277
Vivo T1X
ViVo T1X
SAR 925
Vivo Y71T
ViVo Y71T
SAR 1,036
Vivo Y21T
ViVo Y21T
SAR 814
Vivo Y20T
ViVo Y20T
SAR 759
Vivo Y22s
ViVo Y22s
SAR 740
Vivo Y22
ViVo Y22
SAR 592
Vivo X80 Pro 5G
ViVo X80 Pro 5G
SAR 3,108
Vivo X80
ViVo X80
SAR 3,249
Vivo Y15s
ViVo Y15s
SAR 662
Vivo Y21s
ViVo Y21s
SAR 999
Vivo Y21
ViVo Y21
SAR 703
Vivo Y33s
ViVo Y33s
SAR 888
Vivo Y12G
ViVo Y12G
SAR 555
Vivo iQOO 8 Pro
ViVo iQOO 8 Pro
SAR 2,849
Vivo iQOO 8
ViVo iQOO 8
SAR 2,165
Vivo V25E
ViVo V25E
SAR 1,147
Vivo V23E
ViVo V23E
SAR 1,388
Vivo Y53s 4G
ViVo Y53s 4G
SAR 1,106
Vivo S10 Pro
ViVo S10 Pro
SAR 1,961
Vivo X60t Pro+
ViVo X60t Pro+
SAR 2,860
Vivo Y12A
ViVo Y12A
SAR 518
Vivo iQOO Z5
ViVo iQOO Z5
SAR 1,092
Vivo Y54s
ViVo Y54s
SAR 999
Vivo S10e
ViVo S10e
SAR 1,388
Vivo S10
ViVo S10
SAR 1,591
Vivo Y70T
ViVo Y70T
SAR 851
Vivo Y73 2021
ViVo Y73 2021
SAR 1,166
Vivo V21e 5G
ViVo V21e 5G
SAR 1,221
Vivo Y52 5G
ViVo Y52 5G
SAR 814
Vivo Y76s
ViVo Y76s
SAR 1,036
Vivo V21
ViVo V21
SAR 1,443
Vivo iQOO 9 Pro
ViVo iQOO 9 Pro
SAR 2,905
Vivo V21E
ViVo V21E
SAR 1,073
Vivo X60T
ViVo X60T
SAR 1,961
Vivo Y30G
ViVo Y30G
SAR 851
Vivo Y72
ViVo Y72
SAR 1,203
Vivo S9e 5G
ViVo S9e 5G
SAR 1,369
Vivo V21 5G
ViVo V21 5G
SAR 1,554
Vivo X Flip 5G
ViVo X Flip 5G
SAR 3,219
Vivo Y12i
ViVo Y12i
SAR 481
Vivo S9 5G
ViVo S9 5G
SAR 1,739
Vivo S7t
ViVo S7t
SAR 1,480
Vivo Y20G
ViVo Y20G
SAR 740
Vivo iQOO Z3
ViVo iQOO Z3
SAR 962
Vivo Y51A
ViVo Y51A
SAR 925
Vivo X70 Pro 5G
ViVo X70 Pro 5G
SAR 2,461
Vivo X70
ViVo X70
SAR 2,128
Vivo Y20A
ViVo Y20A
SAR 555
Vivo Y31s 5G
ViVo Y31s 5G
SAR 962
Vivo Y31
ViVo Y31
SAR 851
Vivo iQOO U5
ViVo iQOO U5
SAR 740
Vivo iQOO 7 5G
ViVo iQOO 7 5G
SAR 2,220
Vivo Y53s
ViVo Y53s
SAR 981
Vivo Y52s
ViVo Y52s
SAR 888
Vivo S7e 5G
ViVo S7e 5G
SAR 1,106
Vivo Y3s
ViVo Y3s
SAR 629
Vivo X51 5G
ViVo X51 5G
SAR 2,405
Vivo Y11s
ViVo Y11s
SAR 666
Vivo Y20s
ViVo Y20s
SAR 703
Vivo V20 (2021)
ViVo V20 (2021)
SAR 1,221
Vivo Y74s 5G
ViVo Y74s 5G
SAR 1,332
Vivo Y73s
ViVo Y73s
SAR 1,110
Vivo X60 Pro 5G
ViVo X60 Pro 5G
SAR 2,220
Vivo X60
ViVo X60
SAR 1,961
Vivo X50e 5G
ViVo X50e 5G
SAR 1,739
Vivo Y12s
ViVo Y12s
SAR 481
Vivo Y51
ViVo Y51
SAR 740
Vivo V20
ViVo V20
SAR 1,221
Vivo V20 Pro
ViVo V20 Pro
SAR 1,702
Vivo V20 SE
ViVo V20 SE
SAR 958
Vivo Y20i
ViVo Y20i
SAR 574
Vivo Y20
ViVo Y20
SAR 611
vivo S1 Prime
ViVo S1 Prime
SAR 1,036
Vivo iQOO 5 5G
ViVo iQOO 5 5G
SAR 2,549
Vivo Y51s
ViVo Y51s
SAR 1,106
Vivo Y1s
ViVo Y1s
SAR 444
Vivo S7
ViVo S7
SAR 1,739
Vivo V19 Neo
ViVo V19 Neo
SAR 1,406
Vivo Y70s 5G
ViVo Y70s
SAR 1,110
Vivo iQOO U3
ViVo iQOO U3
SAR 833
Vivo iQOO U1
ViVo iQOO U1
SAR 629
Vivo iQOO Z1
ViVo iQOO Z1
SAR 1,073
Vivo Y30
ViVo Y30
SAR 629
Vivo V19
ViVo V19
SAR 1,258
Vivo X50 Lite
ViVo X50 Lite
SAR 1,184
Vivo X50 Pro
ViVo X50 Pro
SAR 2,220
Vivo X50 5G
ViVo X50 5G
SAR 1,776
Vivo S6 5G
ViVo S6
SAR 1,221
Vivo NEX 3s
ViVo NEX 3s
SAR 2,331
Vivo Z6 5G
ViVo Z6 5G
SAR 1,221
Vivo Y70
ViVo Y70
SAR 1,073
Vivo Y50
ViVo Y50
SAR 925
Vivo iQOO Neo 3 5G
ViVo iQOO Neo 3
SAR 1,739
Vivo iQOO 3 5G
ViVo iQOO 3 5G
SAR 1,665
Vivo S5
ViVo S5
SAR 1,295
Vivo iQOO Neo
ViVo iQOO Neo
SAR 1,110
Vivo Y19
ViVo Y19
SAR 740
Vivo Z1 Pro
ViVo Z1 Pro
SAR 629
vivo Z1i
ViVo Z1i
SAR 1,217
Vivo Y83A
ViVo Y83A
SAR 851
Vivo X21i
ViVo X21i
SAR 1,110
Vivo Y83
ViVo Y83
SAR 629
Vivo Y71
ViVo Y71
SAR 481
Vivo Y85
ViVo Y85
SAR 703
vivo X21 UD
ViVo X21 UD
SAR 1,328
Vivo X21
ViVo X21
SAR 1,328
Vivo V9
ViVo V9
SAR 777
ViVo V7
ViVo V7
SAR 703
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