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All OLED Display Smartphone In Afghanistan, Price And Specs

Sony Xperia 5 Sony Xperia 5 AFN 56,250
LG G8X ThinQ LG G8X ThinQ AFN 52,500
LG G8s ThinQ LG G8s ThinQ AFN 37,500
Nokia 4.2 Nokia 4.2 AFN 11,250
LG V50 ThinQ 5G LG V50 ThinQ 5G AFN 67,500
Huawei P30 Pro Huawei P30 Pro AFN 52,500
Huawei P30 Huawei P30 AFN 41,250
Google Pixel 4 Google Pixel 4 AFN 50,250
Huawei Nova 5 Huawei Nova 5 AFN 30,000
LG V40 ThinQ LG V40 ThinQ AFN 33,750
LG G8 ThinQ LG G8 ThinQ AFN 30,000
vivo Z1i ViVo Z1i AFN 21,000
Sony Xperia XZ3 Sony Xperia XZ3 AFN 56,250
Huawei Mate 30 Huawei Mate 30 AFN 41,250
LG V30s ThinQ LG V30s ThinQ AFN 54,000
Nokia 8 Sirocco Nokia 8 Sirocco AFN 52,500
Google Pixel 3 Google Pixel 3 AFN 45,000
Razer Phone Razer Phone AFN 56,250
Oppo A79 Oppo A79 AFN 27,750
LG V30 Plus LG V30 Plus AFN 30,000
Alcatel A7 Alcatel A7 AFN 12,750
Sharp Z3 Sharp Z3 AFN 19,500
LG V30 LG V30 AFN 27,750
Lenovo K5 Note Lenovo K5 Note AFN 6,000
Meizu Metal Meizu Metal AFN 15,000
LG G Flex LG G Flex AFN 23,250
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All latest and Best OLED Display Mobile Phone with prices in Afghanistan and Full Specifications.