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All 13MP Front Camera Smartphone In Afghanistan, Price And Specs

Oppo Realme 5s Oppo Realme 5s AFN 10,500
BLU Bold N1 BLU Bold N1 AFN 15,000
BLU XL5 BLU XL5 AFN 11,250
LG K40s LG K40s AFN 15,000
LG K50s LG K50s AFN 18,750
BLU G8 BLU G8 AFN 11,250
Oppo Realme 5 Oppo Realme 5 AFN 9,375
Oppo Realme 3i Oppo Realme 3i AFN 8,250
LG K12 Max LG K12 Max AFN 12,000
Vivo iQOO Neo ViVo iQOO Neo AFN 19,500
LG X6 LG X6 AFN 21,750
Coolpad Legacy CoolPad Legacy AFN 9,750
BLU G9 BLU G9 AFN 11,250
Lava R3 Prime LAVA R3 Prime AFN 10,500
LG K50 LG K50 AFN 21,000
HTC Desire 12S HTC Desire 12S AFN 12,750
Oppo Realme 3 Oppo Realme 3 AFN 9,000
Nokia 8.1 Nokia 8.1 AFN 24,000
Lenovo K9 Lenovo K9 AFN 6,750
Lava Z81 LAVA Z81 AFN 6,750
BLU Vivo XL4 BLU Vivo XL4 AFN 11,250
Vivo Z3 ViVo Z3 AFN 14,250
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All latest and Best 13MP Front Camera Mobile Phone with prices in Afghanistan and Full Specifications.