Australia is a developed and growing economy. The Australians take pride in their love for advancement and technology and that�s why we see so much happening across the scientific and technological research everyday in Australia. Our country is also among the top destinations for experienced professionals willing to excel their carriers with passion and zeal. Smartphone industry of our country is one industry with a lot of potential and expectation. Australian smartphone industry is among few industries in the world that is not really dependent upon the prices. This doesn�t mean that our industry is not at all dependent upon mobile prices in Australia, but actually it doesn�t entirely depend upon it and has its own standard criteria and standards.

Smartphone industry of Australia is a complex web where different national and international players try to achieve dominance over others. For years, Australia has been an important smartphone market for international manufacturers and they have been making their way into our markets for their due share. Given a strong and booming economy, mobile phone prices in Australia might look at a higher-end, this is because most Australians prefer going after technologically advanced and best smartphones available in market. Thus as said, mobile prices in Australia is not the only aspect, rather we prefer going after standards even if it means spending a little more.

Two of the most relevant global players in smartphone industry; Samsung and iPhone has maintain their supremacy in Australian market. Both mobile phone manufacturers have been in a fierce battle of complete dominance, however, we have seen some interesting swings in consumer�s behavior and choices for smartphones. Mobile prices in Australia for both these players are significantly higher than others, still Australians always go for standard and not prices!

iPhones � the American based tech giant has dominated most North-American and European markets against all odds. The brand takes it pride in being the only manufacturer of iOS based smartphones � the product of APPLE Inc. America. Since very beginning, APPLE was able to capture the interest of Australian consumers � a bond that still resonates well in our society. iPhones is the single most used smartphone brand in Australia with nearly 38% to 40% market shares. iPhone�mobile prices in Australia goes well above all other brands, still the company has been successful in keeping the loyalty of costumers. iPhone 6 price in Australia is 600 AUD to 700 AUD, whereas, iPhone 6S price in Australia is 1,000 to 11,00 AUD, again a price higher than most smartphones from other brands. iPhone 6S Plus prices in Australia is 12,00 to 15,00 AUD , a price only iPhone can account for!

Apart from iPhones, Samsung is the second largest shareholder in Australian market. Samsung is a world leader in android based smartphone manufacturers and currently at the top spot as a percentage of market share in many Asian countries including huge markets of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The smartphone manufacturer has been able to cut deep into Australian market and access the loyalty of our customers. Currently, Samsung Galaxy S6 price in Australia is 500 AUD to 600 AUD, whereas, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge price in Australia is 800 AUD to 900 AUD � though lower than iPhones, it still stands higher than many other android based smartphone manufacturers. Similarly the latest Galaxy S7 price in Australia is 799 AUD, whereas its advance version . These prices might seems at a lower-end when compared to iPhones, still are significantly higher than their android counterparts from other brands.

Overall, Australian smartphone industry is a vibrant and lively market with much potential left to be tapped.

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