HTC Mobile Phone Prices In Australia And Full Specifications

HTC had remained a pioneer in mobile phone manufacturing across the world. The company was known for its technological innovations and flawless designs that attracts millions of customers before iPhone and Samsung hit the market. However, over the years the company seems to lose its appeal and magic and we saw a blunt decline in sales for HTC mobiles globally.

Today, HTC is one the course to reclaim the lost grounds in smartphone manufacturing and has launched some great smartphones with seamless designs and premium specifications. The company has been able to men some of its fences, still there’s a lot more that needs to be done to abolish the damage completely and bring back its glory days.

It even gets harder for HTC to compete in an industry that’s already saturated, like Australian industry. Australian smartphone industry is known for its hard to break loyalty and diversification. The market has traditionally been dominated by lights of iPhone and Samsung, however, many small players are making their inroads in the market. HTC has been present in the Australia’s smartphone market for quite a long time and has remained that quirky little player that consistently holds up small shares for a long time. Previously HTC holds the 3rd spot overall in Australian market and second spot in android based devices, after Samsung. However, since 2015, that position is taken up by Chinese tech giant Huawei with its scintillating and premium smartphones.

However, since HTC has launched its flagship series of HTC One, the company has gain some grounds with respect to sales volume in Australia. HTC One is an intelligently designed series of brilliant smartphones that integrates beauty with premium features and great software. The series has been received well globally and is expected to cover some lost ground for the company. Currently, HTC is ranked as number 3 in android based devices in Australia, after Samsung and Huawei. Since Australia is a saturated market for smartphones and moreover, a loyal market where consumers are less likely to switch between their platforms, HTC would require to go all out in order to acquire its due position in market.

According to experts, the low visibility and compatibility are key factors for decline in sales of HTC mobiles in Australia. Unlike some small players like Sony which have its compatibility of smartphones with PlayStation, HTC lacks any compatibility boosts to captivate users in Australian market. Similarly, the company also lacks adequate marketing so as to increase its visibility in market. Though, the latest HTC One M9 has seen some fierce marketing campaign from the company, it still needs to instill its resources in marketing of its products.


Overall, HTC mobiles are considered as great middle-tier smartphones with high reliability, smart features and affordability, still ground lost by company to iPhone and Samsung needs a ferocious efforts and technological innovations in order to reclaim its position. Only time will reveal the fate of the once pioneering smartphone manufacturer – HTC.