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Samsung Mobile Prices In Australia – Galaxy Phones AUS1

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Samsung has remained one of the most competitive and literally the only rival to iPhone in Australian smartphone industry. The Korean based smartphone manufacturer has ousted iPhones in many Asian and African countries, however, it still had to reclaim its dominance in Australian market.

A broaden look at Australian consumer preference for smartphones reveals that currently Android based smartphones are leading the market with 50% claim, while iOS is at second spot with 44% market shares, Windows mobiles remain disappointing with around 6% shares.

Among the Android based smartphones, Samsung leads the market with Huawei claiming the second spot in Android systems and third spot overall. Overall, the sluggish economic conditions resulted in drop of total sales volume for smartphones in Australia last year. It means that Australian consumers bought almost 1 million less smartphones in 2015, as compared to 2014. This also hit Samsung’s smartphone sales in the country where its overall market shares drop from 34% to 33%.

Despite slow down sales for Samsung mobiles in 2015, experts predict that the company will recover its lost grounds in 2016 as they designate 2015 as slow odd year. The recent launches of Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7 are all set to reclaim lost territories for Samsung mobiles in Australian smartphone market.

2016, is set for a fierce competition among smartphone brands in the country as iPhone will be competing Samsung for market dominance. Latest releases of S7, S7 Edge and Note 7 has already seen surge in sales and it is expected to grow in coming years. Experts predict strong sales especially for Galaxy S7, as they describe the smartphone a powerful, robust platform packed with high-end features and upgradable memory option. Though the phone is priced higher than many smartphones – but then the flagship Samsung product comprise of some high-end features that you wouldn’t find in many mobiles.

Australian customers are quite loyal when it comes to smartphones and this will in turn help Samsung to gain grounds. This means that users of earlier versions of Galaxy are expected to switch to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – further establishing the authority of Samsung in market. The addition of smart gears with mobiles have also attracted many consumers to opt for Samsung mobiles for others. Inclusion of Virtual reality headset with mobiles have already started giving dividends to the company. Smart gears might haven’t reach their peak, but they have certainly started to captivate user attentions in past few years and this is only to grow in coming years.

Overall, Samsung has remained a strong player in Australian smartphone industry. Given the strong reputation and backing of established market, the company is all set to claim its dominance in the country. However, Samsung would need a lot more innovation and novelty in order to claim its dominance in a market that has traditionally been dominated by iPhone over the years.